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An Overview of OA’s Strategic Education and Outreach Plan An Overview of OA’s Strategic Education and Outreach Plan National Apprenticeship Implementation.

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1 An Overview of OA’s Strategic Education and Outreach Plan An Overview of OA’s Strategic Education and Outreach Plan National Apprenticeship Implementation and Leadership Forum August 12, 2009

2 2 Insert footer here Presenters Presented by: Joe Jenkins Office of Apprenticeship

3 3 Insert footer here Key Education and Outreach Materials  Registered Apprenticeship logos, templates and letterhead  One pagers and fact sheets  Case studies  Targeted Toolkits of materials –For states, youth, guidance counselors, businesses, parents, and community colleges  Annual Report (Program Guide)  Marketing Videos  Maps  Website and Community of Practice  Use of Social Networking Media

4 4 Insert footer here Logos for Specific Audiences

5 5 Insert footer here  How to get to the site: http://21stcenturyapprenticeship.workforc  Downloading: Watch the following demonstration of how to download a logo from the Community of Practice website Community of Practice Website

6 6 Insert footer here Under the “Resources” Tab: Select “Education and Outreach Materials”

7 7 Insert footer here Under Education and Outreach Materials: Select “Registered Apprenticeship Logos, Templates and Letterhead”

8 8 Insert footer here Select “Logos”

9 9 Insert footer here Select “Purple and Orange Logo”

10 10 Insert footer here Select “Download Now”

11 11 Insert footer here Type in your username/password (sign up here if you haven’t yet!)

12 12 Insert footer here The Registered Apprenticeship Logo

13 13 Insert footer here Toolkit: Case Studies

14 14 Insert footer here Targeted Toolkits: Select your audience (e.g. Business)

15 15 Insert footer here Targeted Outreach Toolkit (e.g. Business)

16 16 Insert footer here One-pager/Fact Sheet (e.g. Business)

17 17 Insert footer here What’s New? This top date/time indicates when the folder/file’s contents were last modified/updated This bottom date/time indicates when the file was originally created Finally, click here to subscribe to RSS and be automatically informed of updates!

18 18 Insert footer here Strategizing and Planning: SAAs Consultative/Sales Role  Review previous program strategies  Analyze the current program situation  Research and utilize the available resource/ information within OA  Detail a strategy for each program –Short-term (program-oriented) –Long-term (process-oriented)

19 19 Insert footer here Strategizing and Planning: The Role of the National Office  The OA Education and Outreach Team –Used research to determine education and outreach focus and markets – Explored new approaches to education and outreach based on more scientific research, white papers, etc. –Developed strategic plan, central messaging, and strategic implementation approaches –Developed and tested all new materials, including a new logo, look, Web site and central messaging format

20 20 Insert footer here Strategizing and Planning: The Role of the National Office –Developed recommendations from the four teams on the management of implementation strategies –Merged the four teams into owners of the implementation process –Reviewed and assessed organization focus on staff development based on strategic goals –Implemented outreach leverage plan that included utilization of existing employers, ACA members, and the Workforce Development System

21 21 Insert footer here Role of the National Office  National Office –Education and Outreach Team Develops and manages the evolution of the strategic communication plan Creates and distributes marketing materials Facilitates training on strategy and related materials Supports and promotes marketing activities in the field

22 22 Insert footer here What Changed?  How and why the Standards changed –Three methods for Apprenticeship Completion –Interim Credentials –Technology-based learning –Program Performance Standards –Provisional Registration

23 23 Insert footer here Benefits of the New Regulations  For Program Sponsors: A flexible, modernized apprenticeship system  For Apprentices: Increased program quality and portable interim credentials  For the National Apprenticeship System: Enhanced consistency and accountability  For the Public Workforce System: A framework that supports extended partnerships

24 24 Insert footer here “Regulation Materials”: Under “Resources” Tab on CoP

25 25 Insert footer here View of Available Regs Materials

26 26 Insert footer here Apprentice Brochure

27 27 Insert footer here View of Available Regs Materials

28 28 Insert footer here Brochure: How the Revised Regs Strengthen the National Apprenticeship System

29 29 Insert footer here Importance of Branding  The impact of a name reinforces the importance of branding when we promote our “product”  Characteristics: –Name (slogan/logo) should elicit feelings/emotions that are: Positive- Associated with value or high quality Unique- Explains how RA is different than other programs Consistent- Communicates one solid message

30 30 Insert footer here Do you recognize these?

31 31 Insert footer here Relatable Private Sector Example  Nike’s logo or slogan “Just do it” –Communicates strong, consistent message of “provides high quality athletic gear”  RA’s logo and all materials/messages –Should communicate that RA provides “high quality apprenticeship programs”

32 32 Insert footer here Technology and Apprenticeship  Dynamic changes in the workforce –Generation X and Y –New learning and training approaches Technology-based learning Simulations and simulators

33 33 Insert footer here Future of Apprenticeship  Managing the new generation of the American Workforce –Global Competition Talent development strategies Skill Education and technology Adapting to the “Green” environment and initiatives Preparing high-tech skill base for competitive advantage

34 34 Insert footer here Moving Forward  Enhancing relationships with key partners, including: –Labor unions, associations, employers, government agencies, and community- and faith-based organizations  Implementing real training on the new regulations and the benefits for stakeholders  Securing program champions

35 35 Insert footer here Submit your content to Workforce 3 One at: Share Your Ideas with Your Peers! Share your demand-driven strategic plans, models, innovations, resources, and ideas! Simply log on to Workforce 3 One and look for the “Share Content” link located on the Homepage.

36 36 Insert footer here Access to Webinar Resources Email & Password WEBINAR RESOURCES: Recordings and transcripts are available within 2 business days after the event.

37 37 Insert footer here Stay Informed, Get Connected! Workforce 3 One:  Communities of Practice Communities of Practice  Recovery Clearinghouse Recovery Clearinghouse  Live and Archived Webinars Live and Archived Webinars  Podcasts Podcasts  Monthly Newsletters Monthly Newsletters  Over 2000 User-Generated Resources! Over 2000 User-Generated Resources! For more information about the Workforce Investment System:  Visit  Call 1-877-US2-JOBS

38 38 Insert footer here Please enter your questions into the Chat Room! Question and Answer Period

39 39 Insert footer here Contact Information Joseph Jenkins 202-693-3781 National Apprenticeship Office

40 40 Insert footer here

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