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OA – Civil Rights Please listen and follow directions carefully.

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1 OA – Civil Rights Please listen and follow directions carefully

2 Sting of Discrimination Debriefing Questions Answer the following questions, thinking about the exercise you just participated in: 1.Do you think the way the pretest was handled was fair? Why or why not? 2.How did you feel about the materials you were given? Why? 3.How did you feel as a member of the underprivileged group? As a member of the privileged group? 4.How did you end up in the privileged or unprivileged group? How is this similar to how people have historically ended up in such groups?

3 Read 1.2C and answer the following questions: 1.What was the earliest group who felt the sting of discrimination? 2.What strategies were used to exterminate the group discussed in question above? 3.Name at least three other groups of immigrants who experienced discrimination? 4.Which group faced the most severe discrimination of any group in the U.S.? 5.What were Jim Crow laws and how were they used to discriminate against African Americans in the south? Give at least one example.

4 Connecting What We Know & Learned In Class Experience Back of class - Angry, confused, frustration Front of class – priority, loved, included By last name – classroom set up Historical Discrimination & Segregation Many groups faced discrimination ex. Jewish, African Americans, Native Americas, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Italian Segregated facilities created inequality – privileged & nonprivileged People had no control over their ethnicity, race – but basis for discrimination


6 Discrimination – Written Response Can you think of any times other than in this activity from Friday when you have been discriminated against? In what way did you face discrimination? How did it make you feel? Can you think of any times when you have been afforded privileges that had little to do with your efforts? What accounted for those privileges? How did you feel about them? Textbook Assign. Read pgs. 700-707 answer #2-5

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