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Status given to a Teacher

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1 Status given to a Teacher
Vedic First Prayers… Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Achaarya Devo Bhava, Athithi Devo Bhava … Status given to a Teacher Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu:, Gurur Devo Maheshvara:, Gurur Saakshaat ParaBrahma, Tasmai Shree Gurave Namah…

2 Evolution of Education Process
Gurukul Classroom Evolution gives way to Innovation catching up with – is the way we are in the RACE. Ancient Way Remote -Online Computers

3 Would you like to … bridge the gap between academics & real time industry? have in place a interactive & real time practical approach to academics? measure & assess the students capabilities or strengths? enhance the skill sets of students required for the real time industry? 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

4 Scenario … Know Yourself !!
BE (Electronics) fresher, good at his academics, finds it hard to get a job due to lack of technical skill-sets required in the real time industry such as Matlab, Verilog, VLSI, Keil etc. Not realizing the fact that each of the skills as mentioned in the Resume are huge areas of unique expertise and domains, One eventually ends up in upgrading the required skill-sets by spending additional time & money. 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

5 We Make Students INDUSTRY READY 4/6/2017

6 We Define AIR as: Review & Development Recognizing & Developing
Realizing & Dreaming Realistic & Deployable Ready & Deemed fit AIR is associated to term – “R&D” – Research & Development … 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

7 People who know “WHY” can add more value than those who merely know “HOW”
- John Whitney All our activities are year long and will run in parallel with academic calendar 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

8 What is AIR ? We Guide… We train… Know Yourself !!
Objectives of AIR Program are: To Guide the Students in becoming Industry Ready , Employable or a Pioneer in various niche areas. To fill in a skill gap being increasingly felt by technology companies. To make a great Impact among the students in terms of arming them with Good Morals, Human Values, Social Ethics, Workplace Etiquettes, Technical skills, Managerial skills, Soft skills, and Industrial exposure. AIR program is a place where mind, body and style are synchronized to achieve the best in all aspects, be it at social events, home, work or travel. We Guide… We train… 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

9 Academics Industry Know Yourself !!
Emphasis is only on the knowledge content, on which examination is conducted. All other useful knowledge Like Philosophy of Life, Values and skills are vastly neglected. The knowledge students gain is mainly bookish and is not backed by practical experience Swami Vivekananda Academics Subjective Bookish Knowledge Theoretical vs. Practical - 80:20 Limited Resources Multiple Subjects / Applications Supervision Affordability Factor Industry Objective Applied Knowledge Practical vs. Theoretical – 80:20 Resources Abundant Single Subject / Application Vision Driven Expertise Factor 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

10 A Stitch in time saves nine
Our Focus Self Analysis Communicative Skills Personality & Attitude Technical Skills Course Expertise Industry Interface A Stitch in time saves nine 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

11 How AIR Works ? Know Yourself !! Runs in parallel to regular Academics
Evenly spread out for 2-3 years Real-Time Industry experience More of Practical approach Product Development Entrepreneur ship Vision, Mission, Goal setting 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

12 Technical Skills Program
MS Office (Word, XLS, PPT, Visio) LaTeX Software Engg. Applications Java, Dot Net My SQL, Oracle Technical Documentation Designing Skills CAD/CAM /CAE Matlab, Verilog, Keil, Embedded Technologies VLSI 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

13 INDUSTRY READY Conclusion …
Our passion, experience, guidance, & training will enable the students to visualize the real world and become INDUSTRY READY 4/6/2017 Know Yourself !!

14 4/6/2017

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