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Frequentis and AMHS/SWIM, FPL2012 and VoIP

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1 Frequentis and AMHS/SWIM, FPL2012 and VoIP
SP/9 Frequentis and AMHS/SWIM, FPL2012 and VoIP ICAO Asia PAC AMHS/SWIM Workshop, Chiang Mai, March 2012

2 Topics About Frequentis AMHS SWIM FPL 2012 VoIP Summary

3 About Frequentis

4 FREQUENTIS Headquarters, Vienna
Facts and Figure Founded in 1947 Privately Owned Headquarters in Vienna, Austria Subsidiaries in USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Czech, Australia, Brazil,… 12% of operating performance in Research & Development: 900 Employees (more than ½ are engineers) Goal for 2015: No 1 company in the World in providing solutions for control and command centers FREQUENTIS Headquarters, Vienna More than 60 years of innovation & expertise in mission critical applications

5 Frequentis Markets/Products Portfolio
Defence Voice Communication System (3020X) ATM Civil Recording (DIVOS) Tower Automation Solutions (TAS) Deployable Systems Network Solu- tions (VCX) Safety Critical Solutions iSecCOM Common Product Platforms Electronic Flight Strips Maritime Communication System (MCS3020) Common Product Platforms: 3020 VCS VCX Network DIVOS Recording DICORA Dispatcher FR-AIS Research AMHS AIM (EAD) River Information Services Maritime GSM-Rail Solutions (FTS3020) Network (VCX) Rail Dispatcher Terminals (DICORA) Command & Control Centres (ICCS 3020) Recording (DIVOS) Public Transport CAD Public Safety


7 smartMessenger Price competitive solution High Performance
High Availability > % Easy to install, configure and monitor AFTN, AMHS and AFTN/AMHS Gateway components are fully integrated into one system All components are configurable and monitored through one application User Agent supports both AFTN and AMHS message formats within one application Seamlessly Interface with other Global Messaging Services (ie. Internet) Fully tested Mature solution Fully Comply with new EC Safety Standards (EUROCAE ED-153) Price competitive solution

8 Software Architecture

9 Common System Management Application

10 UA- AMHS Message Compose Window

11 UA- AFTN Message Compose

12 New AMHS Installations
Finavia, Finland IAA, Ireland (In Progress) LGS, Latvia NATA, Albania Naviair, Denmark ONDA Morocco (P3) Skyguide, Switzerland (P3)

13 International AMHS Connections Denmark, Finland, Latvia


15 Frequentis Involvement with SESAR/SWIM
Total of 15 Work Packages WP08 – Information Management & Modeling WP13 – Network information Management Services WP14 – System Wide Information Management

16 Technologies evaluated
CORBA, DDS, Message oriented middleware, Collaborative databases, Web services, Conventional data exchange protocols, REST, Open geospatial consortium (OGC)

17 SWIM Infrastructure Demonstration- Airspace Closure
Test Partners Frequentis, Eurocontrol, Thales, Selex and other SESAR Partners Test setup in a matter of days (would take weeks with today’s technologies) Test Scenario: Two flights going from Eastern to Western Europe First System issue a Digital NOTAM (ASHTAM) in the Middle of Europe using WBS and DDS Second system displays the trajectories of the flights before and after the issuance of the ASHTAM Third system, as a subscriber, receives the ASHTAM and calculates the New ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) based on the new flight path (available airspace)

18 Airspace Closure – SWIM Demonstration
Arrival TMA ATC simulator En-Route ATC simulator SWIM-SUIT HMI SWIM Node EAD Publ. EAD Cons. ATC Contr SWIM Node ATC Mangr SWIM Node EAD Cons. ATC User SWIM Node EAD Publ. EAD Cons. ATC Mangr ATC2ATC Manager/Publisher role Contr Contributor role User User role EAD Publ. EAD B2B Publisher role EAD Cons. Consumer role SMS WS API AIM server simulator SMS Service Airspace closure notification Request flight trajectory update

19 AMHS and SWIM Two infrastructures will co-exist in the future (AFTN/AMHS and SWIM) Some of the traffic (messages) currently going over AFTN/AMHS Infrastructure will be going over SWIM in the future There will be a need for a Gateway between these two infrastructures

20 Frequentis smartMessenger

21 FPL 2012

22 Frequentis Solutions Frequentis solutions support the FPL2012 requirements smartMessenger (UA Forms) smartstrips (Tower / Approach / En-route Flight Data Handling) smartAIM (Management of static & dynamic aeronautical information) Frequentis FPL2012 Converter = smartFPLconverter

23 Frequentis smartFPLconverter
Designed for the ANSP’s that choose not to upgrade their FDPS, user terminals or other systems before the November 15 compliance date. Operates with any manufacturer of AFTN/AMHS and FDPS Flexible design is capable of handling all variations of local and global flight plan formats and procedures Turnkey system including hardware, software, installation, configuration, local and external testing, staff training, and support. Cost-effective Solution Software Assurance According to ED-153

24 smartFPLconverter Configuration Options
Converter As An FDPS Gateway Converter As A National Gateway USA USA EUR EUR AsiaPac AsiaPac MHS FPL Converter Local Domain (Present) FPL Converter MHS Local Domain (Present) FDPS FDPS


26 Frequentis VoIP in ATM FREQUENTIS has market leadership in VoIP implementation: First company to implement ED137 standards in VCS, VCX-IP Gateway and DIVOS Recorder products First company to deploy ED137 standardized VoIP in operational Military and Civil ATC networks Outlook for 2012 Implementation of Voice over PENS using FREQUENTIS Voice Gateways Roll out of first countrywide VoIP based network using FREQUENTIS VCS and VCX-IP gateway components in Europe FABEC N-VCS: Networked VoIP based VCS for Eurocontrol MUAC

27 VoIP in Air Traffic Management
Incorporation of ED137A in ICAO doc 9896 July WGI finalised the draft edition 2 of DOC 9896 which includes direct references to the VoIP European Standard (ED137A) and supported its publication. Plugtests 2011: May 2011: FAA Plugtests (USA) June 2011: ETSI Plugtests (Europe) SESAR Work Package : PENS Validation performance tests for VoIP (radio and telephone) applications Update ED137B Enhancement after plugtest results & incorporation of further operational use cases

28 Summary

29 Summary Frequentis offers a comprehensive AMHS solution and has successfully implemented a number of new installations since the acquisition of GWDI As an active member of SESAR, Frequentis is at the forefront of the SWIM technology research and development Frequentis is offering a turn key solution for migration to FPL2012 Frequentis continues to lead in the Voice Communication market by offering the latest technology in VoIP solutions

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