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By M. Jarraud Secretary-General Geneva, 16 May 2011 Doc. 2.1 - Report of the Secretary-General Presentation to the Cg-XVI.

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1 By M. Jarraud Secretary-General Geneva, 16 May 2011 Doc Report of the Secretary-General Presentation to the Cg-XVI

2 2 Cg-XVI A High Level Segment (HLS) on 16 (PM) and 17 May for:  Strategic orientation  GFCS decision-making  Integrated budget and voluntary resources 3 key Congress documents: WMO Strategic Plan WMO Operating Plan Budget Proposal for the 16 th Financial Period

3 3 Four years marked by natural disasters Some major episodes between Cg-XV and Cg-XVI: UK & Mexico floods; Cyclones Gonu (Oman) and Sidr (Bangladesh) Hurricanes Gustav (2 nd New Orleans evacuation) & Ike; Cyclone Nargis (Myanmar); China winter & earthquake; Benin & Namibia floods Asia typhoons; Australia fires & heatwave; East Africa drought; Indonesia & Italy earthquakes; Samoan Islands & Tonga tsunami; Angola, Namibia & Zambia floods 2010 – Most active hurricane season since 2005; 5 major earthquakes (Haiti, Chile, China, Indonesia & Turkey); Australia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Pakistan, Southern Africa & Venezuela Floods; Russian Federation heatwave; Eyjafjallajökull eruption; Gulf of Mexico oil spill; Gansu (China) landslides 2011 – Brazil & Colombia floods; New Zealand & Myanmar earthquakes; Japan triple disaster

4 4 Consolidation of Secretariat restructuring Enhanced transparency & role of internal audit function Code of ethics & ethics function consolidated Risk assessment & staff training Continuing Audit Committee guidance 7 successive unqualified External Audit opinions Statement of internal control WMO IPSAS-compliant since 01 JAN 2010 Staff survey made by independent consultant EC documents now public FINAC now open to all Members Role of WMO Bureau now clearly defined Secretariat staffing: 270, down from 281 before Cg-XV Management priorities & achievements over the concluding Financial Period

5 5 WMO organigram during the 15 th Financial Period

6 6 WMO at all UNFCCC and other Convention COP sessions 4 th UN Conference on LDCs Co-sponsored programmes (IPCC, WCRP, GCOS) Collaboration with WMO Members and with other organizations WMO collaboration with UN System & regular participation in UN CEB events Regular briefings to Geneva Missions of WMO Members WMO in UN-ISDR

7 7 IPCC 27 th session (Valencia, Nov. 2007) approved IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) Nobel Peace Prize th IPCC Anniversary (WMO & UNEP co-established in 1988) IAC Independent IPCC Review finalized on 30 August 2010 Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) ongoing IPCC 4 Assessment Report & Independent Review IPCC 4 th Assessment Report & Independent Review

8 8 IPY (WMO & ICSU) Eyjafjallajökull eruption & its impacts on aeronautical meteorological services Some key issues over the 15 th FP

9 9 WMO-60 on 23 March st Conference of Ministers responsible for Meteorology in Africa (Nairobi, April 2010) MeteoWorld Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010 Other key events

10 10 A historic event

11 11 The High-level Taskforce has finalized its report

12 12 EC-LXII proposed key priorities for GFCS Capacity building WIGOS/WIS Disaster Risk Reduction Aeronautical meteorology

13 13 Budget proposals 2012–2015 (in kCHF)

14 14 Priority-funded voluntary resources ( )

15 15 Thank you MerciGraciasСпасибоشكرا 谢 谢

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