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© Copyright 2004, JPRS 1 Community and ccTLD in Japan Joint ICANN/ITU-T ccTLD Workshop July 24, Lumpur Hiro HOTTA Japan Registry.

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1 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 1 Community and ccTLD in Japan Joint ICANN/ITU-T ccTLD Workshop July 24, 2004 @Kuala Lumpur Hiro HOTTA Japan Registry Service (JPRS) http:// 日本レジストリサービス.jp/

2 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 2 History of JP Domain Names 1989 -Registration in the 3 rd -level domain name space –Organizational Type JP Domain Name,,,... –Geographic Type JP Domain Name,... –Restriction of “one domain name per organization” –Local presence required Spring 2001 – General-use JP Domain Name –Registration at second level - more than one domain name per organization - simpler, lower-cost registration procedures - short-lived domain names, such as those used in events demands

3 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 3 Redelagation of ccTLD Registry JPNIC - non-profit organization - IP addresses, domain names Demand for more flexibility in domain name registration service - finance - speed - competition JPRS - commercial company - domain names Needs of formal recognition and redelegation

4 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 4 Who is JPRS Established –December 2000 –ccTLD registry for.JP outsourced from JPNIC –completely delegated to JPRS in April 2002 Features –Private, for-profit company –Endorsed by Japanese Government as.JP registry –Contract with ICANN –Satisfaction of public interests public comment, Advisory Committee & other consultation –Autonomous service regarding.JP –Registry activities overseen by Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) and Japanese Government Japanese Government = Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecoms (MPHPT)

5 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 5 Agreement Procedure JPNIC (sponsor) Govern- ment JPRS ICANN IANA 4. reply to ICANN’s inquiry from Murai and JPG delegation 1986 5. Formal Agreement 2: letter (plan to admin to JPRS) Feb.2001 3. bilateral agreement with JPG’s endorsement letter to ICANN Jun Murai (admin, JPNIC President)

6 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 6 Governance of.JP ICANN Government JPNIC JPRS Local Internet Community Watch Advisory Committee Contract consult communication Consultation/ representation JPNIC, Registrar, ISP, Company, Academic, Internet Users

7 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 7 Basic Principles of Management of.JP Since its beginning…JPNIC has played roles for top priority on the interests of the Internet community in Japan –.JP serves for the community reliable and stable name services good relationship with JPG ICANN’s Model ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement was modified to reflect these principles

8 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 8 ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement (.JP)-1 Based on the Model Sponsorship Agreement… –ICANN obligations Recognition of JPRS as the Sponsoring Organization Maintenance of stable and secure Authoritative-Root Database –JPRS obligations Provision of nameservice for.JP in the interest of the Internet community in Japan Conformity to ICANN policies

9 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 9 ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement (.JP)-2 Different from the Model Sponsorship Agreement… –Respecting achievements made by the Internet community in Japan, the Agreement clarifies the roles of JPNIC and JPG in the management and administration of.JP top level domain –ICANN inquires to JPG whether it is Japanese Internet community’s consensus that JPRS would be the Sponsoring Organization for.JP top level domain = > Endorsement from JPG to ICANN ( 2002.1.30 ) –Based on the November 9 Memorandum executed by and between JPRS and JPNIC, JPNIC and JPG jointly ensure the public interest of the.JP top level domain management and administration = > Consultation process of JPNIC and JPG

10 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 10 Typical Differences from the Model Agreement 2. Definitions 2.1 Governmental Communication => Authoritative Communication - Communication among JPRS, JPG, and JPNIC 4. The Sponsoring Organization Obligations 4.3 JPNIC, as well as JPG, plays a role on behalf of Internet Community - Overseeing the policy and taking part in Registry Data Escrow Program 4.3 JPNIC, not JPG, signs the agreement concerning Data Escrow 6. Miscellaneous 6.2 When JPG notifies ICANN about the inappropriateness of JPRS as.JP sponsorship it needs consultation with JPNIC 6.3 When JPRS is disqualified, re-redelegee will be reassigned in coordination with JPG and JPNIC

11 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 11 Satisfaction of Public Interests registry data Board shareholders registrars ICANN Gov. overseer2 JPNIC overseer1 Direction (in case of defect) Advisory Committee consultation advice report Shareholders Meeting Partners meeting Escrow Agent Registrants /Users Explanation of Terms and Conditions consultation Committee member Board Public consultation ( Web, etc. ) Information (Annual Service Report,…) comment community Report on main activities Consultation meeting Report if redelegation needed Agreement of delegation JPRS

12 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 12 Achievement in 3 years First 'Partners Meeting' with registrars to discuss about the market/business Server-based resolution service for Japanese JP domain names Redelegation contracts with ICANN and with JPNIC establishment of Advisory Committee Initiatives for decreasing inappropriate DNS records More secure communication for domain name service communication Enhanced security in domain name service by powerful authentication of applicants Distribution of browser plug-ins for Japanese JP domain names LG.JP domain name space for e-government Contribution to IDN-related protocol standardization in IETF Unifying user contacts into one regardless of domain name classes Flexible usage of domain names in organization M&A (from the annual service report)

13 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 13 Achievement in 3 years – cont’d First orientation seminar for new registrars Standard-compliant Japanese JP domain names registration service Enhanced stability of DNS by geographical/network distribution Easier registration for organization before establishment Enabling mobile users to access web-pages with Japanese JP domain names DNS-based Japanese JP Navi service for Japanese JP domain names through community consultation Enhanced stability by introduction of anycast technology to Name Servers Contribution to worldwide DNSSEC deployment efforts (from the annual service report)

14 © Copyright 2004, JPRS 14 Thank you!!

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