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Julie Fletcher Manager Marine Observations, NZ Chair, VOS Panel PMO-III, 23-24 March 2006, Hamburg, Germany. Monitoring Procedures.

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1 Julie Fletcher Manager Marine Observations, NZ Chair, VOS Panel PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg, Germany. Monitoring Procedures

2 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 2 Outline  UKMO Quality Monitoring Tools for VOS  Onboard QM TurboWin Tool  The Value of Feedback

3 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 3 Delayed-mode UK Met Office VOS monitoring tools:  Monthly Monitoring Statistics  Monthly Timeliness of Receipt (TOR)  Coming….. Monthly time series plots UKMO Monitoring Tools

4 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 4 Monthly Monitoring Stats  Available from Exeter at start of each month  Compares SHIP data with UK model  Bias & SD Statistics prepared for a range of variables: Air pressure Air Temperature Wind Speed Wind Direction Relative Humidity Sea Surface Temperature  Example: NZ VOS Stats for February 2006NZ VOS Stats for February 2006

5 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 5 TOR for All VOS

6 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 6 TOR for National VOS

7 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 7 UKMO Monitoring Tools  Monthly Stats for individual National VOS are available on request from Gareth Dow  Since Jan 2006, the Monthly Stats for all VOS listed in Pub 47 have been published on the web by the UKMO normally available in 2nd week of each month useful extra - stats include list of ships for which Nil Obs recv’d  Monthly VOS TOR also available on web

8 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 8  Gareth advises that UKMO plan to have monthly Obs minus baseline(O-B) timeseries plots for each ship listed in Pub 47 available on line  planned start date June 2006 Future UKMO Monitoring Tool

9 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 9 Coming…time series plots

10 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 10 Onboard QM TurboWin Tool  From TurboWin Ver3.6 there is the ability for the PMO to view the Obs on screen in traditional logbook coded format whilst on board the ship  IMMT data not easily readable, but new option allows PMO to view the Obs for monitoring purposes

11 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 11 Move Ship Coded Log

12 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 12 group-00 = SHIP_report_identifier group-0 = call_sign_or_identification_number group-1 = day_of_month(YY)[UTC]-UTC(GG)-wind_speed_indicator(iw) group-2 = position_indicator(99)-latitude(LaLaLa)[degrees_and_tenths] group-3 = Quadrant(Qc)-longitude(LoLoLoLo)[degrees_and_tenths] group-4 = indicator_precipitation_group(ir)-indicator_weather_group(ix)-height_of_lowest_cloud(h)-visibility(VV) group-5 = total_cloud_amount(N)-wind_direction_true(dd)[tens_of_degrees]-wind_speed(ff)[units_see_iw] group-6 = group_indicator(1)-sign_of_temp(sn)[code]-air_temp(TTT)[degrees_and_tenths] group-7 = group_indicator(2)-sign_of_temp(sn)[code]-dew_point(TdTdTd)[degrees_and_tenths] group-9 = group_indicator(4)-corrected_pressure(PPPP)[omitting_thousands] group-10 = group_indicator(5)-characteristic_pressure_change(a)-amount_pressure_change(ppp) group-12 = group_indicator(7)-present_weather(ww)-past_weather(W1)-past_weather(W2) group-13 = group_indicator(8)-amount_low_clouds_or_medium_if_no_low(Nh)-type_low(Cl)-type_medium(Cm)-type_high(Cm) group-15 = selection_indicator(222)-course_made_good(Ds)-average_speed(vs) group-16 = group_indicator(0)-sign_and_type_sea_temp(ss)-sea_temp(TwTwTw)[degrees_and_tenths] group-18 = group_indicator(2)-period_wind_waves(PwPw)[seconds]-height_wind_waves(HwHw)[half_metres] group-19 = group_indicator(3)-1st_swell_waves_dir_from(dw1dw1)[tens_of_degrees]-2nd_swell_waves_dir_from(dw2dw2)[tens_of_degrees] group-20 = group_indicator(4)-1st_swell_waves_period(Pw1Pw1)[seconds]-1st_swell_waves_height(Hw1Hw1)[half_metres] group-21 = group_indicator(5)-2nd_swell_waves_period(Pw2Pw2)[seconds]-2nd_swell_waves_height(Hw2Hw2)[half_metres] group-22 = group_indicator(6)-type_ice_accretion(Is)-tickness_ice(EsEs)[cm]-rate_ice_accretion(Rs) group-23 = group_indicator(8)-sign_and_type_wet_bulb_temp(sw)-wet_bulb_temp(TbTbTb)[degrees_and_tenths] group-24 = concentration_or_arrangement_ice(ci)-stage_development_ice(Si)-ice_land_origin(bi)-bearing_ice_edge(Di)-ice_situation(zi) - group-00 group group-1 group-2 group-3 group-4 group-5 group-6 group-7 group-9 group-10 group-12 group-13 group-15 group-16 group-189 ……. BBXX callsign Year Month YYGGiw 99LaLaLa QcLoLoLoLo irixhVV Nddff 1snTTT 2snTdTdTd 4PPPP 5appp 7wwW1W2 8NhClCmCh 222Dsvs 0ssTwTwTw 2PwPwHwHw ……. BBXX SMMO //// 4//// 5//// 6//// ICE /////

13 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 13 QM Feedback to Ships  Vital that NMS provide feedback on Obs quality and quantity to National VOS  Real-time feedback via PMO visit, , or phone call is most effective as targets current observers  Feedback on problems should be done in a manner to encourage and assist observers  Most ships view feedback whether good or bad as positive as it demonstrates their Obs are being used  Always include some thanks and encouragement in feedback messages

14 PMO-III, March 2006, Hamburg. 14 Use of the Monitoring Tools and timely feedback to ships to correct problems will improve the quality and quantity of Obs provided by VOS

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