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Slide 1 Annex 15, Amdt. 38, Ch 6. The Pro’s and Cons’ of Thematic Data Sets.

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1 Slide 1 Annex 15, Amdt. 38, Ch 6. The Pro’s and Cons’ of Thematic Data Sets

2 Slide 2  FR - easier for providers to implement;  UK – less costly on industry to fund;  ECTL - Well tailored to the needs of the commercial data publishers;  ECTL - Cheaper for AIS/States;  ECTL - Might strengthen the business case for SWIM- compliant services (query/reply, notification, etc.); some could be value-added. Single Data Set – Pro’s

3 Slide 3  FR - Too far reaching (all data needs to be available) - little room for stepped approach;  FR - The single dataset may in practice be made of different data sets (eg AIP data + terrain data + eTOD) because of practical aspects (size, format, etc.);  FR - How do we deal with existing provisions (eTOD and AMDB) ?; Single Data Set – Con’s 1.

4 Slide 4  SV - The State has a responsibility to provide information, to make it available in only single datasets will decrease the accessibility compared with the situation today  UK - There may be three data sets, AIP, Terrain An Obstacle.  UK – Costs of refining single data set lie with 3 rd party providers. Single Data Set – Con’s 2.

5 Slide 5  ECTL - Other users will need to filter out a lot of unnecessary data;  ECTL - Against the current general IT/Internet trends of providing just what is required and not to dump (and overload) all;  ECTL - Band-width and file processing problems due to files that can be several hundreds of MB in size;  ECTL - Data in datasets will not be provided in a single format (e.g. terrain and topography in geofile and obstacles/AIP in AIXM Single Data Set – Con’s 3.

6 Slide 6  FR - Continuity with current Annex 15 (at least for eTOD and AMDBs);  FR - Easier for the users to get data of immediate interest;  FR - In line with a stepped approach: terrain and obstacle data can be a "shall" since it is already one in the current SARPs, other data sets may be "shoulds" first then "upgraded to shalls“;  FR -The updates may be more relevant per theme than globally (eg nav data update do not imapct terrain, obstacles, etc.). Thematic Data Set – Pro’s 1.

7 Slide 7  SV - Digital data distribution is the best way to decrease the costs in the AIS production and thematic datasets are more adopted to individual user needs;  UK - More choice for bulk data users in industry;  ECTL - Better fits the needs of individual users (e.g. ATC does not need all);  ECTL - Easier to deal with the current Standard/Recommended Practice provisions of e.g. ETOD/AMDB ;  ECTL - Gives the possibility to AIS to understand who and how is using the digital data. Thematic Data Set – Pro’s 2.

8 Slide 8  FR - Puts some constraints on providers (multiple data sets to be released every AIRAC cycle);  UK - Benefits e.g. costs savings will not be passed on to the end user;  UK - More costs on industry; Thematic Data Set – Con’s 1.

9 Slide 9  ECTL - More work for AIS  ECTL - More work for this group also to investigate the needs of the various groups and to identify the data set content  ECTL - Might weaken the business case for value added value services, such as on-line query/reply services Thematic Data Set – Con’s 2.

10 Slide 10  SV - From a flight safety perspective it is important that datasets are available in a format that fits the needs of individual users and without extra charges;  UK - Thematic data sets could only be a recommendation and introduced in a phased approach;  ECTL - It is suggested to limit the number of thematic datasets and to provide guidance on how to provide filter-query functionality (to avoid 200 different implementations) Other Comments

11 Slide 11 Questions

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