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International Civil Aviation Organization The Larger Picture – an ICAO Update Michael Hohm Secretary AIS-AIMSG Briefing to AIS-AIMSG/4 Bordeaux, France.

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1 International Civil Aviation Organization The Larger Picture – an ICAO Update Michael Hohm Secretary AIS-AIMSG Briefing to AIS-AIMSG/4 Bordeaux, France May, 2011

2 Moving Forward 2 Global ATM Operational Concept has a target implementation horizon of ATM requirements expand the OC and provide the basis for ATM development

3 ATM Operational Concept 3 7 inter-related concept components Describes a “vision of achievable benefits” Information is a overarching dimension linking all components CDM is a key process

4 What we have been doing…..  2008 – NextGen / SESAR Conference in Montreal – AIS-AIMSG/1  2009 – Gap Analysis of NextGen/SESAR/ICAO – Established Standards Roundtable – AIS-AIMSG/2 – AIS to AIM transition roadmap  2010 – Harmonisation of NextGen and SESAR – Introduction of CARATS – AIS-AIMSG/3 – Amendment 36 to Annex 15 4

5 Work 1.Harmonise NextGen and SESAR 2.Engage other ATM improvement programmes 3.Identify the international interoperability elements 4.Make them available to all. 2.Outcomes 1.Global ATM 2.Investment certainty for Manufacturers, ANSPs and Operators on infrastructure and avionics 3.Safety at reasonable cost 12th Air Navigation Conference

6 6 Part of a larger Picture……. Operational Improvements ATMCNSAIMMET PBN CDO Reduced separation Continuous Climb Operations (CCO) FF-ICE UAS integration RCP and RSP Data link Operational Approval Information exchange requirements dNOTAM Data Quality / Integrity / Resolution SWIM eTOD IVATF Numerous improvements spanning the spectrum of ANS operations Requires a new approach to keep pace with current developments

7 7 NextGen/SESAR Analysis 1500 entries evaluated revealing; 150+ changes which are clearly defined 120+ changes which will require concept development. Divided into 16 focus areas. Concept development work is the real challenge. Requires work by Standards-Making organisations Often Multi-disciplinary Requires “new method of working” to meet NextGen/SESAR schedules. >300 changes to SARPS, PANS and Guidance Material

8 8 Assembly Decision CNS Roadmaps “…….. proposed that ICAO develop and maintain a global communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) technology roadmap, to provide guidance to all stakeholders in making their investment decisions for CNS equipage.

9 9 Traditional WayATMRPP ASTF AISAIMSG ACPP ASP NSP Build 1 Build 2 Build 3 Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 9

10 12th Air Navigation Conference10 Aviation System Block Upgrades

11 Technical Team 11 Participants – SESAR JU – Eurocontrol – EASA – EC – FAA – JPDO – IATA – IFALPA – CANSO – IFATCA – RTCA – EUROCAE – ICCAIA – IAOPA

12 Technical Team 12 Meetings: – Meeting 1, Montreal 18/19 Jan General understanding and taxonomies Strategic direction Working method Template trials – Meeting 2, Brussels 01 – 04 Mar Block 0 Baseline Agreement on Module content for Blocks 1, 2 & 3. Identification of work effort Allocation of tasks – Meeting 3, Montreal 27/28 April Review Block and Module content Agree on rework Consider global trial and pilot implementation initiatives Develop a communication Plan – Meeting 4, Washington 31 May/01 Jun Finalise content for consideration Confirm communication plan Agree on presentation/s …….There will be more

13 Contents of ASBU 1.Nominate intended performance improvement Include metrics which determine success 2.Determine necessary procedures, air and ground 3.Identify technology, air and ground 4.Outline the business case 5.Propose a regulatory approval plan 6.Define any necessary transition strategies 7.Nominate any global demonstration trials that relate to the intended operational improvement package 12th Air Navigation Conference

14 14 ASBU Template Agreed template for ASBU definition. To be developed by Tech Team members. Reviewed by All. Definition: ____________________________ Narrative: what, why, how ___________ _____________________________________ Procedures: _______________________ _______________________ Technology: _______________________ _______________________ Standards: ________________________ ________________________ Business Case: ____________________ ____________________ Regulatory Approval: ________________ ________________ Transition Strategy: ________________ ________________ Demonstrations/Trials: ________________ ________________

15 15 Aviation System Block Upgrades …. a work in progress…….. Block 1Blocks 2 and 3 1. IMPROVED FLIGHT DESCENT PROFILE 1.CDO 2.PBN Procedures 3.Airspace Planning* 1.Traffic Synch using RTA 2.Sequencing 3.CCO 4.Linked AMAN/DMAN 5.Automated A/G Datalink 6.Enhance Surface Situational Awareness 7.Wake Vortex Separation 8.Early ASAS Apps 9.ATFM 2. IMPROVED EN-ROUTE PROFILES 1.Flex Tracking 2.CDM for En-Route Airspace 3.PBN 4.FUA 5.Airspace Planning 3. RUNWAY ARRIVAL SEQUENCING 1.Tailored Arrivals 2.AMAN 3.DMAN 4. OTHERS 1.Ground Integration - AIDC

16 16 Outcomes for Blocks 1, 2 & 3 1.Harmonise NextGen and SESAR 2.Incorporate other ATM Improvement Programmes in the Global Plan 3.Overt roadmap for CNS/AIM 4.Consensus on Global Interoperability 5.Investment certainty for States and Operators on infrastructure and avionics 6.Safety at reasonable cost 7.Efficiency with a positive business case.

17 17 ASBUs are a vertical Slice Integrated Traffic Synchronisation Interoperable Systems Global ATM International Trajectory-Based Operations Greener Efficient Airports Block 0 (2013) Block 2 (2023) Block 1 (2018) Block 3 (Long-Term) PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT AREAS

18 18 Roadmaps are a horizontal slice GANP 5yrs10yrs15yrs20yrs + Communication Navigation Surveillance AIM AVIONICS

19 Progress 1.We have convened Technical Team – We have scheduled first 4 meetings and had the first 3 2.We have convened (most) of Challenge Team – First meeting in 1 st or 3 rd week of May 3.We have done the preparation work for the GANIS 4.We have agreement from ANC for AN Conf/12 State Letter – Broad agenda has been agreed 12th Air Navigation Conference

20 20 Next Steps 1.Populate templates for Block 0 2.Agree on template contents for Block 1 3.Populate templates for Blocks 2 & 3  Present at GANIS for comment 4.Draft Roadmaps for GANP  In collaboration with Panels and SGs then ANC for approval 5.AN-Conf/12 endorsement of ASBUs and GANP with Roadmaps  Report to 38 th General Assembly

21 GANIS  GANIS 21 – 23 September ’11 (Harmonizing Air Navigation Development Symposium) – Outline strategic direction CNS/AIM Infrastructure and Avionics Roadmaps Consolidate SWIM Requirements Industry input to systems and technology – Itemise ASBUs – Forecast GANP Appendices – SitRep on global trials

22 22 Significant events DateEventMilestone Sept 2011GANISIndustry feedback on provisions concept and utility of PANS-AIM Sept 2012ANC 12Present Global AIM and SWIM concept and outline of ICAO provisions (SARPS and PANS) [ANC review of ANConf/12 paper - April 2012] Nov 2013Annex 15 Amendment 37 restructuring of Annex 15 to separate data from services and publications Sept 2014MET – AIM Divisional Meeting Advance view of restructured Annex 15 (2016) Present draft PANS-AIM Nov 2016 Annex 15 Amendment 38 PANS-AIM 1 st edition

23 23

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