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Companies Publicly Known to be Doing Preliminary Implementation Work

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0 JVT-J009 Overview of Known Deployment Plans and Status for H.264/MPEG-4 pt. 10/AVC Gary J. Sullivan Document JVT-J009 of 10th JVT Meeting Waikoloa, Hawaii, December, 2003 (Contents are from public information only)

1 Companies Publicly Known to be Doing Preliminary Implementation Work
Amphion British Telecom Broadcom (chip) Conexant (chipset for STB) Deutsche Telekom Envivio Equator FastVDO France Telecom Harmonic (filtering and motion estimation) HHI (PC & DSP encode & decode; demos) iVast LSI Logic (chip, plus Videolocus acquisition demoing real-time FPGA+P4 encode, P4 dec) Mainconcept Mcubeworks Mobile Video Imaging Modulus Video (main profile levels 3 & 4 b’cast encoders & professional-use decoders) Moonlight Cordless Motorola Nokia PixelTools PixSil Technology Polycom (videoconferencing & MCUs) Radvision (videoconferencing) Sand Video (demoed 2 Xilinx FPGA decoder, encode/decode & decode-only chips to fab in ’03) Sony (encode & decode, software & hardware, including PlayStation Portable 2004 & videoconferencing systems) ST Micro (decoder chip in ‘03) Tandberg (shipping with all videoconferencing endpoints since July ’03, GW and MCU since Oct.) Thomson TI (DSP partner with UBV for one of two UBV real-time implementations) Toshiba UB Video (demoed real-time encode and decode, software and DSP implementations) Vanguard Software Solutions (s/w, enc/dec) (a division of Tut Systems) VCON CAUTION: All such information should be considered preliminary and should not be considered to be product announcements – only preliminary implementation work. It will be awhile before robust interoperable conforming implementations exist.

2 Product Plans Announced
Amphion Semiconductor Envivio Equator FastVDO France Telecom HHI iVast LSI Logic Mainconcept Mcubeworks Mobile Video Imaging Modulus Video Moonlight Cordless PixelTools PixSil Tech Polycom Radvision Sand Video Sony & ST Microelectronics Tandberg UB Video Vanguard Software Solutions (software encode & decode) VCON

3 Support Technology (Filtering, Motion Estimation, Stat Mux, etc.)
Harmonic Moonlight

4 Videoconferencing Systems

5 Polycom Product Highlights
The world’s biggest videoconferencing company (whether counting units or revenue) VSX™ 7000 “entry-level” set-top videoconferencing system announced October 10, 2003 iPower™ 9000, 9400 and 9800 group videoconferencing systems shipping some form of H.264/AVC since Q103 MGC™ multipoint conferencing unit “bridge” support Encoder operates up to 30 fps SIF / 25 fps CIF Planned availability as an option on the ViewStation® EX, ViewStation FX and VS4000™ models in early 2004. Profile in all of these products: Baseline profile Shipping products not yet interoperating with Tandberg

6 Tandberg Product Highlights
World’s second biggest videoconferencing company Entire product line (videoconferencing endpoints, MCUs, and gateways) supports H.264/AVC Videoconferencing endpoints have supported it since July 2003 Models 6000, 7000, 8000 group-use systems Models 880 & 2500 medium-size systems Models 550 & 1000 for small rooms & offices Up to 30 fps CIF (level 1.3 with some H.241 enhancements) MCU and gateway support since Oct 2003 Shipping products not yet interoperating with Polycom, although reportedly interoperating with some other pre-release products

7 Sony Videoconferencing Product Highlight
PCS-1 Series videoconferencing product announcement June 2003 at Infocomm, with plan for future support of H.264/AVC announced

8 France Telecom Product Highlight
France Telecom is developing new videotelephony / videoconferencing over IP services: Platform aspects integrating third-party components (MCU, Gatekeeper, etc…) Full software SIP/H.323 (3G-324M soon) end point: eConf Baseline profile, Levels up to 2 (CIF 30 fps) for mid 2004 Supported platforms: Microsoft OSes (98, Me, 2000, XP, CE) Other software and hardware platforms supported soon: Symbian OS, Linux, Mac OSX. For Enterprise and Mass Market services

9 Radvision Product Highlights
viaIP MCU 3.2 videoconferencing “bridge” product announced October 13, 2003 Plans for support across the videoconferencing product line

10 Consumer Electronics

11 Sony CE Product Highlights
Playstation Portable (PSP) announcement at Electronic Entertainment Exposition in Las Vegas July 2003 PSP to have an LCD about 4.5 inches wide, with 480x272 resolution Incorporates single-chip 90-nm process custom silicon Decode only World-wide availability planned for Q404

12 Custom Silicon & FPGA Prototypes

13 LSI Logic Product Highlights
Technology platform product announced with Sept 2003 availability for small-scale deployments VLE4000 Encoder VLD4000 Decoder VSA2000 Stream Analyzer Demonstrated at IBC 2003, Amsterdam, Sept. 2003 SDTV resolution & frame rate

14 Sand Video Product Highlights
New company based in Andover Massachusetts Advantage264™ chip family SV-C011 codec chip SV-D011 decoder chip Commercial sample availability Q104 September 2003 demonstrations at IBC Amsterdam: MPEG-2-to-H.264/AVC transcoding SVP-IP01 Real-time 720p&1080i HD H.264/AVC Main Profile decoding hardware licensable core design currently on FPGA Focus especially on PVR functionality deployment

15 ST Microelectronics Product Highlights
In-Stat/MDR: “For the fourth year in a row ST Microelectronics was the largest supplier of MPEG ICs, based on revenue, with 31%.” (“while ESS Technology leads in units.”) To ship H.264 in future Nomadik implementations (press release October 2003)

16 Pixsil Technology Product Highlights
Small company based in Newport Beach and San Diego System-on-chip hardware core designs Current focus on hand-held applications Future plans for additional applications

17 PC & DSP Software Solutions

18 Envivio Product Highlights Stated product offerings as of 10/31/03
PC-based 4Coder™ encoder (CIF resolution real-time, higher resolution offline) PC-based EnvivioTV™ player Hardware encoder (up to SDTV BT.601 resolution real-time) Hardware MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC transcode Hardware decoder

19 Heinrich-Hertz-Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik Berlin GmbH (HHI) Product Highlights
P4-based software decode SDTV (BT.601) resolution Real-time by end of 2003 Plan for ARM-based ASIC implementation – architecture to be finished by end of 2003 One version for mobile applications Another for set-top boxes

20 UB Video Product Highlights
UBLive-264-BP: "C" Source Code for Baseline Encode/Decode, for R&D and/or non-C64x-Based applications. UBLive-264-MP: "C" Source Code for Main Encode/Decode, for R&D and/or non-C64x-Based applications. UBLive-264-BP-C64: C64x- and DM642-optimized implementations of Baseline H.264 Encode/Decode, designed mainly for low-delay, real-time applications such as video conferencing, 64 kbps Mbps, up to 30 fps, progressive and interlace, up to VGA resolution. UBLive-264-MP-C64-Decode: C64x- and DM642-optimized implementations of Main profile Decode, designed for some Set-Top and streaming aplications, 1 Mbps - 5 Mbps, up to 30 fps, progressive and interlace, up to SDTV. Expected to support 10 Mbps in the future, likely with some hardware-assist. Also, pre-processing, post-processing, and error concealment capability

21 FastVDO Product Highlights
ANSI C++ Implementation for DSP & PC On 2.8 GHz PC, claims Encoder: 26 fps CIF Main profile, 40 fps CIF Baseline Decoder: 180 fps CIF Main, 200 fps CIF Baseline Target markets for Baseline: cell phone, PDA, videoconferencing Target markets for Main: broadcast, set-top, DVD

22 Moonlight Product Highlights
45-person company with R&D in Tel Aviv, IL and Tomsk, Russia SDK provider for encoder & decoder software fo PC Equator Nexperia/Trimedia Demonstration for cellular market in July, 2003 at ESEC (Embedded Systems Expo & Conference) in Tokyo: QCIF at 25 fps Demonstration for military surveillance market at Israel’s Military Technologies Show, July 2003 Demonstration at CeBit, March 2003: “industry first DirectShow encoder”: “VHS quality streams under 300 kb/s, full-frame rate” real-time SDTV (BT.601) decode

23 Mcubeworks Product Highlights
Providing H.264 solutions for mobile video applications Commercial VOD support with PDA by SKT in Korea (2Q, 2002) Commercial VOD support with cellular phone will be provided by SKT (4Q, 2003) XEPEG Live : H.264 Real time encoding server for cellular VOD service by SK Telecom(Korea) XEPEG Broadcaster : H.264 Real time encoding server for DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) service(Korea and Japan) XEPEG Embedded : H.264 decoder for wireless VOD

24 Vanguard Software Solutions Product Highlights
Primary target is Intel platform Real-time SD (level 3) encoding capability Plan to port it to different DSP platforms: Texas Instrument (C64 series), TriMedia (pnx1500 series) and Equator (BSP-15 series) and offer real-time Audio/Video encoding at D1 resolution (ITU-T CCIR-601 or VGA).

25 Broadcast Encoding

26 Modulus Video Product Highlights
AVE-SD: SD real-time encoding: Prototype now, pilot production expected 1Q04, full production 2Q04 AVE-HD: HD encoding: Off-line now, real-time under development AVD decoder: Main profile level 3 (SD) Stream analyzer

27 Current Licensing Situation
(Two distinct licensing authorities forming, final relationship between them is unknown, no obligation on IPR holders to join pools, comprehensiveness indemnification unlikely, “non-essential” IPR not pooled)

28 Via Licensing Pool Preliminary terms announced Oct 15, 2003
Ten companies (Apple, Dolby, FastVDO, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft eV / HHI, IBM, LSI Logic, Microsoft, Motorola, Polycom, and RealNetworks) announced preliminary licensing terms Oct 15, 2003 $US 15K initial fee (hardship terms for small orgs; waived for small deployments as defined below) No fees for small deployments (<50k devices & <0.5M$ revenue/yr) No royalties due for activities prior to 2005 “Encoder/Decoder” fees 25¢ per device for encoding and/or “permanent” decoding implementations (one price, even if multiple encoders and/or decoders implemented in the device); 0.25¢ for temporary dec Enterprise device fee cap: $2.5M for most products; additional $4M for PC SW also installed by OEMs “Replication” fees 2.5¢ per 90+ minute title for permanent sale of content 0.25¢ per (any length) title for temporary/pay-per-view content Replication fees are not capped

29 MPEG-LA Licensing Pool Preliminary terms announced Nov. 17, 2003
17 Companies (Columbia University, ETRI, France Télécom, Fujitsu, LG Electronics, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Robert Bosch GmbH, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, and Victor Company of Japan (JVC)) announced preliminary terms November 17, 2003. MPEG-LA is a private company not to be confused with MPEG or MPEG-IF (there is no formal relationship between these three organizations) No royalties due for activities prior to 2005 “Encoder/Decoder” fees: No fees for small deployments (<100k devices) 20¢ per device for encoding and/or decoding (10¢ above 5M devices/year) Enterprise device fee caps approx approx $4M for most products; additional approx $11M for PC SW also installed by OEMs “Participation” fees: 2¢ per 12 minute+ title or 2%, whichever lower, for permanent or PPV sale Subscription service use $0k to $100k depending on number of subscribers Over-air free broadcast $10k/yr per channel to 100k or more customers Internet free broadcast no fee (to at least 2010) Enterprise participation fee caps of approx $4M/yr Terms stated to be effective through 2010

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