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Global Development Education at national level Ministry of Education & Culture Republic of Cyprus.

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1 Global Development Education at national level Ministry of Education & Culture Republic of Cyprus

2 Cyprus context Crossroad of civilisations (geographically) Recent independent Democracy (1960) Violent ‘division’ of the island (since 1974) Recent migration ( Central Europe, Asia, Arab countries) Strong and deep democratic tradition –Strong power of the political parties –Week civil society History of consecutive occupations / colonisations –Multi-cultural heritage –Strong Greek identity –Strong European identity Violent separation of the two main communities Major demographic changes in the areas non under the control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus Reflected within schools –Special programmes for integration of students –civic education

3 Global Development Education Main activity Global Education Week within the Global Education Programme Other programmes on relevant issues i.e. EDC – HRE (CoE)

4 Global Education Week Who is coordinating today? Ministry of Education & Culture (MOEC) OELMEK (Secondary Education Teachers Union)

5 Global Education in Cyprus The Ministry of Education & Culture “Global Education Week” Since 1999 History of the participation: 2 pilot schools-secondary education, 1999 - 2002 Increased number of secondary education schools interested Teachers Union involvement in 2003 Peer Review Process “Global Education in Cyprus”, GENE, 2004 Coordination by the head office of the MOEC since 2004 II 2006 GEW is announced to all schools since 2007

6 How we coordinate? A Committee for GE - members from all sectors (Since September 2008) engagement & responsibilities & cooperation & more ideas Coordination by the Permanent’s Secretary Office decision making process Important information to the Minister of E&C Dissemination of information and announcement of special activities Web page Direct communication with schools

7 How is the structure?

8 What does a centralized educational system means? Information from the Ministry arrives immediately to… 803 schools 121.441 students 11.885 educators

9 What does this mean for Global Education Week? Announcement of the GEW at the beginning of the school year Immediate information about activities and actions in all schools Collecting data from schools for the evaluation (evaluation form in the web-page)

10 Why GEW 2008 was more important than the previous years? Organization structure Webpage (kind of information) Liaison with other programs – earned experience (especially EYID 2008) Promotion - special campaigns & activities Beginning of a cooperation - synergies –CyprusAid –Other national authorities - services (i.e.PIO) –Civil Society – especially the NGDOs

11 Liaison with the EYID 2008 Cyprus NCB: Ministry of Education & Culture common theme - school year objective Take advantage of the structures formed for the EYID 2008 (synergies & good practices – wider body) –To use the media (i.e.CBC - national media sponsoring) –To cooperate with the civil society (ie Wider Body, Anna Lidht Foundation network, local authorities, diverse organisations) Take advantage of the whole discussion on ID within schools and within the society –To involve sensitized people in GEW –To connect GEW with already existing issues and activities

12 Example: Research project on xenophobia Students’ opinions Do you accept to share your desk with a student from another country Yes: 78% No: 8% School with Greek & Turkish Cypriot students

13 Example: Research project on xenophobia Parents’ opinions Do you mind if students from other countries study in the same school with your children NO: 62% YES: 36% Why there is so much distance between the parents’ and the students’ opinions?

14 Where was GEW within the EYID 2008? A.The Week took place in different ways in a great number of schools B. Special focus on “Global Solidarity” Two actions where announced on the theme “Intercultural Dialogue and Global Solidarity” 1.Creating photos 2.Creating a short movie No prices - awards

15 Solidarity

16 Help! We are all equal Come with me Stop poverty Intercultural Dialogue and Global Solidarity

17 Let us live…

18 Intercultural Dialogue and Global Solidarity



21 Education for equal opportunities for all for a multi-cultured society for peace in the world against racism for human rights for all for happy-healthy youth

22 global interdependence


24 Involving a multi-cultured group of students at school


26 Implementing GE issues & methodology in the classroom

27 What we do more with the produced photos and movies…? Decision through developed synergies Ministry of Education & Culture CyprusAid Civil Society NGO support centre NGDO platform Common actions What has been already done? Meeting - presentation – sharing (MOEC, CyprusAid, NGDOs, October 2008) First Teachers Training Seminar (MOEC CyprusAid, FWC, January 2009) An draft plan for further cooperation was decided (March 2009)

28 What is CyprusAid? Development Cooperation Service of the Governement of the Republic of Cyprus –Ministry of Foreign Affairs, –Ministry of Finance – Planning Bureau Development aid in 3 sectoral priorities 1.Infrastructure development 2.Social and services sectors 3.Environment

29 What kind of projects? 1.Development Projects through “Delegated Cooperation” Project countries: Autonomous Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Lebanon, Lesotho, Mali and Yemen Projects related to education Construction of a boarding house for girls studying in the Sekonyela High School in Mokhotlong, Lesotho (in partnership with Irish Aid) Refurbishment of 4 schools in the areas of Botha-Bothe in Lesotho (in partnership with Irish Aid) “Early Childhood Education Enhancement” in Egypt (in partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme) 2.Short term & long term scholarships Students from 15 countries

30 Partnership for awareness raising in Cyprus Study Visit to Hungary Delegation: representatives of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the Civil Society Regional Conference (November 2008) “Serving the Citizen: Promoting NGO-Public Sector Partnership” Conference: M. Richelle Koos (DG Europaid) - May 2009 in cooperation with the European Commission Representation –Workshop for policy makers –Seminar for school students

31 Partnership for awareness raising in Cyprus Reform of the legal and regulatory framework affecting NGOs in Cyprus in cooperation with the UNDP-ACT programme The whole legislation reform and modernization through a participatory process will contribute to the development of a climate of trust between the Government and the Civil Society and will ensure transparency and compliance with the rules of good governance.

32 Actual situation of NGOs A great number of humanitarian associations – organisations Week civil society in terms of Development Education Recent development: NGDO platform (2008) Future World Centre Ecognosia NGO support centre Cyprus Family Planning Association Meditteranean Institude of Gender Studies Volunteers Doctors – Cyprus Index Research Centre Cardet Laona Projects with schools directly Need of cooperation-partnership with national authorities

33 Draft plan for cooperation between MOEC & CyprusAid (& NGDOs) CyprusAid information materials in all schools Training programs for different stakeholders, involving the civil society Booklet for students –CyprusAid goals & activities & … –Global development education issues –MDGs (booklet distributed by the EIC) –Information by NGDOs Posters with students photos CDs with produced films Production-distribution of the game “food force” (WFP) for GEW 2009 Cooperate with the NGDOs on specific proposals …

34 How we may take advantage from existing & new structures ? –to set-up a strategy for Global Development Education, via partnership Or even –to draw a framework for a strategy Or at least –to improve our practices and to have more impact on specific target groups & –to set-up new projects human resources

35 Important structures within the Educational Reform Teachers’ Unions Parents’ Associations Students’ Unions Universities’ Representatives Inspectors Trade Union Political Parties Councils for Education Scientific Council MOEC Consultative process Council of Education: representatives from the main political parties Council of Ministers Parliament Decision making process

36 Important momentum within the Educational Reform Central Committee for reforming the Curricula Thematic Committees for reforming thematic areas of the Curricula New books & educational materials according to the new curricula

37 From the GE programme to a GE policy Global Education Recommendation + Global Education Guidelines + Consensus on Development Education + White Paper on ID challenge

38 Thank you for your attention… Ministry of Education & Culture, Republic of Cyprus

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