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WMO WMO TR (WMO-No. 49) WMO; OBS, Wenjian Zhang and Miroslav Ondráš.

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1 WMO WMO TR (WMO-No. 49) WMO; OBS, Wenjian Zhang and Miroslav Ondráš

2 TRs (Vol 1 – 4) Manuals (Annex 1 – 8) Guides Other reference docs (e.g., TR Manuals Vol II, WMO-No.9, Guidelines, etc.) Regulations Non- Regulations Prescriptive Descriptive Basic S & R (definitive) Relatively Conservative (stable) Mostly requirement-driven Approval by Congress (in principle) More detailed S & R Relatively Dynamic Mostly technology-driven Approval delegated to EC Implementation guidance Explanations Examples of good practice Flexible updates Approval by respective TC “Shall” and “Should” have specific meaning WMO TR: Composition & generic concept

3 WIGOS Regulatory material – proposal by TT-WRM-1 WIGOS Guide Tech. Regs WIGOS Guide &TM on GAW Guide &TM on GCWGuide &TM on GOSGuide &TM on Hydro

4 WIGOS Regulatory material - decision by ICG-WIGOS-2 WIGOS ManualWIGOS Guide Tech. Regs WIGOS Manual on GOSGuide &TM on GAW Guide &TM on GCWGuide &TM on GOSGuide &TM on Hydro

5 WMO ORIGINAL PROPOSED STRUCTURE OF WIGOS SECTIONS IN WMO TR: ORIGINAL PROPOSAL 1.INTRODUCTION 1.Purpose of WIGOS 2.WIGOS component observing systems 1.Global Observing System (GOS) 2.Global Atmosphere Watch (observing component of GAW) 3.WMO Hydrological Observations 4.Global Cryosphere Watch (observing component of GCW) 3.Collaboration with co-sponsored and non-WMO observing system 4.Governance and management 2.COMMON ATTRIBUTES OF COMPONENT SYSTEMS 1.Requirements 2.Design, planning and evolution 3.Instrumentation and Methods of Observation 4.Operations 5.Observational Metadata 6.Quality Management 7.Capacity Development 3.COMMON ATTRIBUTES SPECIFIC TO THE SURFACE-BASED SUB-SYSTEM OF WIGOS 4.COMMON ATTRIBUTES SPECIFIC TO THE SPACE-BASED SUB-SYSTEM OF WIGOS 5.OBSERVING COMPONENT OF THE GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE WATCH (GAW) 6.OBSERVING COMPONENT OF THE GLOBAL CRYOSPHERE WATCH (GCW) 7.GLOBAL OBSERVING SYSTEM (GOS) OF WWW 8.WMO HYDROLOGICAL OBSERVING SYSTEMS


7 To oversee, guide and coordinate WIGOS To facilitate and support the operation of WIGOS To plan, implement and evolve WIGOS component systems To ensure supply of and access to WIGOS observations Management of WIGOS Implementation Collaboration with co- sponsors and partners Communications and outreach Quality Management Standardization, interoperability & compatibility Operational Information Resource Capacity Development Design, planning and optimised evolution Data discovery, delivery & archival Observing system operation & maintenance WIGOS Key areas

8 WIGOS Web Portal OSCAR SORT Critical Review BASIC INFORMATION Benefits, Impacts Communication and Outreach Capacity Building WIP, WDIS, CONOPS… Data policies Etc.. OSCAR/ Surface OSCAR/ Requirements OSCAR/ Space OSCAR/Distributed E.g. GAW, JCOMMOPS, Radar DB etc Standardization of Observation Reference Tool Observing Systems Capability Analysis and Review Tool Implementers of Observing Systems Data users OSCAR User Interface WIS CPDB

9 Thank you for your attention

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