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ITU Regional Forum on Broadband ITU-D Activities in Europe FORUM 2012 Tirana, Albania Regional.

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1 ITU Regional Forum on Broadband ITU-D Activities in Europe FORUM 2012 Tirana, Albania Regional Approaches in Europe

2 2 2.4 billion Internet users in 2011* 5.9 billion Mobile cellular subscriptions in 2011* Global ICT Developments, 2000-2011 1.19 billion Mobile broadband subscriptions in 2011*

3 Europe Leads the Broadband Race In 2011 Some of the CEE Countries Amongst 25 Top Broadband Economies 3 Europe leads in broadband connectivity, with fixed- and mobile-broadband penetration reaching 26% and 54%, respectively. A number of developing countries have been able to leverage mobile-broadband technologies to overcome infrastructure barriers and provide high-speed Internet services to previously unconnected areas. In Africa, mobile-broadband penetration has reached 4%, compared with less than 1% for fixed-broadband penetration. The world’s top broadband economies are from Europe and Asia and the Pacific. In the Republic of Korea mobile-broadband penetration exceeds 90%.

4 Fixed Broadband Development in Selected Countries of South Eastern Europe Fixed Broadband Subscriptions per 100 inhabitants and Internet Users Source: ITU World Telecommunication Indicators Database

5 Mobile Broadband Development in Selected Countries in South Eastern Europe Mobile BB: Mobile Cellular Subscriptions with Access to Data Communication at Broadband Speed Source: ITU World Telecommunication Indicators Database

6 Accompanying Countries Broadband Broadband Case Studies – 2012: Albania – 2012: Macedonia – 2012: Romania NLP-BBI – 2011 Joint ITU–Poland Project on New Legislative Paradigms for Broadband Infrastructure Development – Broadband Commission – 2 April 2012, Ohrid, Macedonia – European Commissionaires: EU Commissionaire, Serbia, Macedonia Regional Forum on Broadband – 6/7 September 2012, – 6/7 September 2012, Tirana, Albania

7 Accompanying Countries Cybersecurity ITU - IMPACT – Country Assessments Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro – Montenegro 2012: Computer Incident Response Team Curriculum for Executive Master Studies on Cybersecurity – 2012: Montenegro Meetings – Regional Seminar for CIS/EUR on Children Online Protection April 2011, Odessa, Ukraine – Cross-regional Seminar on Cybersecurity for EUR/CIS/ASP March 2012, Odessa, Ukraine – Regional Cybersecurity Forum 23-25 October 2012, Bulgaria

8 Accompanying Countries Broadcast./Telecom/Others Albania – Development of the National Broadband Plan – Tender for Setting up a Spectrum Monitoring Center – Strategy for National Numbering Plan Development Serbia – Within the framework of the PP-10 Resolution 126 on rebuilding the broadcasting infrastructure ITU accompanies JP ETV, and carries out series of activities facilitating reconstruction process

9 Regional Initiatives ICT applications, including e-health Regional initiative comprises of 3-years activity to share best practices in the implementation of e-applications, including e-health. To this end it aims at assisting countries in the capacity of building an e- healthcare delivery service using the potential of telecommunication and ICT’s applications, in particular focusing on the mobile technologies. Project document has been elaborated and consulted with the member states. Series of actions have been proposed as follows: – i. Elaboration of comprehensive report based on two background documents (mid-2012) focusing on technology, business and regulation as well as results of the experts group meeting, including case studies (September 2012), – ii. web-platform/e-repository of m-health case studies and best-practices (2012), – iii. policy and regulatory self-assessment toolkit (2013), – iv. twinning programme facilitating transfer of knowledge between European administrations (2013), – v. direct assistance to countries (2013/2014).

10 Regional Initiatives E-accessibility in Central and Eastern Europe (Internet and digital television) for blind people and people with visual impairment problems Regional initiative comprises of 3-years activity to provide assistance to Member States in order to offer e-accessibility (including Internet and information access) for blind people and people with visual impairment problems. Based on the information collected via a questionnaire a background material has been elaborated and consulted with the European administrations in order to ensure that the activities proposed within the framework of the RI correspond to real needs of countries. Project document builds upon three components, as follows: – creating best practice – creating best practice: pilot projects in at least three CEE countries leading towards establishment of the ICT Assistive Technology Telecenters for All as well as provision of equipment (specialized hardware and software) in five national/public libraries and schools for blind (2012/2013), – building capacities – building capacities: a workshop for CEE administrations to build their capacities on e- accessibility and twinning programmes (2013), – wide-spreading adoption of access services – wide-spreading adoption of access services via digital television: hands on training for relevant TV program producers and digital TV engineering staff on planning, production and offer of audio description/audio captioning services.

11 Regional Initiatives Digital Broadcasting Regional initiative comprises a 3-years activity to assist countries in Central and Easter Europe to perform smooth and successful switchover from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in period June 2011 – June 2014. It will provide assistance in resolving regulatory, political, technological and economic challenges which the beneficiary countries of Central and Eastern Europe are facing with regard to Migration from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting. Experiences and best practices will be shared and recommendations on the way forward for implementation of the Regional Initiative in the region and related countries will be formulated. Set of activities has been elaborated based on the information provided via a questionnaire about the actual situation and Administration Round Table (Gyor, 2011). List of activities include the following: high-level round table – a high-level round table at the ministerial level and regulatory workshop/seminar (Seminar and Regional Development Forum on Transition to Digital Broadcasting, Borderline Frequency Coordination and Digital Dividend, 7-9 May 2012, Republic of Poland), seminar and technical workshop – follow-up seminar and technical workshop (5-7 November 2012/2013), – country assistance – country assistance (set of regional experts have been identified and series of twinning programmes are planned for 2012/2013), – knowledge database and discussion forum – knowledge database and discussion forum (dedicated ASO/DD website to be promoted in coordination with Romanian Administration), seminar and administration round table – closure seminar and administration round table (planned for mid-2014).

12 Building Capacity Center of Excellence ITU Centres of Excellence These are institutions sharing expertise, resources and capacity-building know-how in telecommunications and ICTs training/education, distributed around the world. Designed to offer continuous education to ICT managers in the public and private spheres through face-to-face or distance learning programmes, the Centres serve as regional focal points for professional development, research, and knowledge sharing, as well as providing specialist training services to external clients. Recent Trainings – March 2012: Digital Dividend, Greece (face-to-face) – June 2012: Future Internet (online) – November 2012: Mobile Broadband: LTE/LTE-Advanced, WiMAX and WLAN (online) European Nodes – Greece: INA Academy – TFYR Macedonia: St. Cyril & Mathody Univeristy – Poland: NTI (National Telecommunication Institute) – Turkey: Turk Telekom Academy

13 Promoting Public and Private Partnership and New Membership Promotion of ITU aimed at identification of new members in particular amongst European private sectors and academia Closer work with Academia – Academic Experts Group Meetings – Identification of Academic networks – November 2012

14 Accompanying Region in Global Actions Girls in ICTs Day / 26 April 2012 – Celebration of international day – Promotion campaign across the region – Hundreds of events celebrating Girls in ICTs Day in 31 European countries – Showcasing held at the WSIS Forum 2012, Geneva 16 May 201

15 Accompanying Region in Global Actions World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) – 3-14 December 2012, Dubai Global Symposium for Regulators – 2-4 October 2012, Sri Lanka TELECOM – 14-18 October 2012 WSIS Process

16 WTDC-14 2014 World Telecommunication Development Conference – March/April 2014 – Sharm el Sheik, Egypt European Regional Preparatory Meeting – 25 to 29 November 2013 – Republic of Serbia Common European Proposals – What recommendations may be put forward? Broadband?

17 Europe Coordination, ITU Thank you very much for your attention!!!

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