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Agenda Introduction PPP in Poland – case study Agenda Introduction PPP in Poland – case study.

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2 Agenda Introduction PPP in Poland – case study

3 Agenda Introduction PPP in Poland – case study

4 Sector Country Town hallsAirportsDefence Social housing Health careICTPortsPrisonsRailRoads Education Schools Sport & Leisure Water management Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Greece Spain Netherlands Ireland North Ireland Lithuania Latvia Malta Germany Poland Portugal Russia Romania Slovak Republic Slovenia Scotland Switzerland Hungary United Kingdom Italy PPP in various sectors across the Europe Executed,doneUnder preparation

5 Agenda Introduction PPP in Poland – case study

6 total length of severage 4.005 km total length of backbone network 1.547 km total length of backhaul network 3.687 km number of core nodes 31 number of backhaul nodes 576

7 distribution points core node distribution network backbone network borders

8 Name and subjectWiMax Wielkopolska Broadband Network Public partnerWielkopolska Marshal Office Private partnerINEA S.A. Risk sharing structure Build, demand and availibility risks – all private partner. Private partner ensured in the contract that will cover certain (agreed) percentage of the whole community with the internet. Value of the project 407 mln PLN (6 contracts) 334 mln PLN of elibigle EU funds Duration15 years (till 2023 roku) Technical details All area of the Wielkopolskie Voievodship, frequency 3,5 - 3,7 MHz (exclusive right to use the frequency) External advisoryNo external advisory Duration form the start of the project till signing contract 24 months Public consultationsYes

9 Public sector retains strategic impact on the project and (secured in the WSS S.A. statue), Private sector investors bring in the capital necessary to ensure the own contribution and project realization through taking over shares of the WSS SA, Industry investors was selected in tender procedure fulfilling EU requirements. rent

10 Thank you for your attention Bartosz Mysiorski Bartosz Mysiorski, Chief Specialist in PPP E-mail: E-mail: Mobile: +48 519 138 517 Centrum PPP is an independent unit and its aim is to significantly accelerate private investments in meeting these public needs, for which the state lacks financing. More investment in public infrastructure, together with simultaneous improvement in the quality of its positive impact on the economic growth will improve the quality of everyday life. Centrum PPP was founded in 2008 by more than 40 public and private entities including banks, law firms, consulting companies, firms, regional development agencies, foundations, associations, chambers and business agencies. The Centrum is given government support from Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Infrastructure, as well as the local authorities.

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