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Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting ITU Expert Group Meeting on M-Health Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Geneva, September 25-26, 2012 Success Stories.

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1 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting ITU Expert Group Meeting on M-Health Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Geneva, September 25-26, 2012 Success Stories and Country Case Studies

2 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Sustainable M-Health – much more than technology

3 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting M-health is the most rapidly expanding market for ICT solutions Source: Roland Berger Consultants, 2009 E-/m-health market forecast for the EU (billions of Euros) +105% +38%

4 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Stakeholders Health informatics system integrators Healthcare staff Other staffPhysicians Biotech Equipment manufacturers and vendors Pharmacies Regulators Governments Regulators Employers Insurance companies Governments Patients or “ customers ” Payers Ambulatory care Home care Caregivers Telecom Vendors + Operators Patients Healthcare delivery Suppliers Address the right stakeholders in the value chain

5 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting The winning combination for sustainable m-health implementation Sustainable Implementation

6 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Quantification of variables Impact „conservative“ Impact „realistic“Impact „ optimistic“ I. Savings in total healthcare spending 5%15%20% II. Savings in total number of medical interventions 5%10%20% III. Reduction in average cost of a medical intervention 15%20%30% IV. Degree of health resource utilization 10% increase20% increase30% increase V, Savings in cost of adverse drug / tretament events 2% of hospital admissions 4% of hospital admissions 5% of hospital admissions Identify the right business variables and estimate the m-health impact

7 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Ericsson Mobile Health – EMH version 3.0 overview ECG 3/6/12 lead Communication Device PEF SpO2 Blood pressure ECG 1 lead + event recorder Operator EMH Back-end system EMH Clients Digital Weight Scale Source: Ericsson

8 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Health kiosks in occupational health Healthcare solution in SaaS Health Service Provider (TPA) Individual Enterprises Provide solution in SaaS model Provide medical services to Enterprises (3500 companies, 5 million lives) ”Health Room” for employees ROLE ASSETS NEEDED Application in cloud Operations resources Mediassist education Medical staff Health Service Packages Training/Education Patient Unit Health Room facilities Trained personnel Booking Remote Monitoring Video Conferencing Patient Records Source: Ericsson Solution Provider

9 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Remote monitoring after myocardial infarction – key processes Contact Center (Support and Procedures) City Hospital Patient Payer / Insurer Day-to-day monitoring and consulting according to schedule. First-line patient support. Initiation of emergency processes according to protocol rules. Data analysis. Discharge, inclusion and training of patients. Decision on monitoring schedule. Regular review and follow-up of patients‘ condition. Collection and input of medical data. All according to protocol. Training. Second-line technical support 8/5 CET. Operation, hosting, maintenance. Provision of EMH equipment. Exchange of equipment (warranty terms). Training of hospital staff. Referral of patients to hospital staff in case of needed medical intervention according to protocol rules. Overall project management. Connectivity (SIM cards) for EMH equipment. Additional network services (t.b.d.) Input to pilot protocol, especially health-economic endpoints. Participation in data analysis. Preparation of every-day-use- case. Source: Ericsson Mobile Network Operator Solution Provider

10 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Content: 1. SMS Quiz text 2. SMS answer, e.g ”D” 3. SMS response (link-SMS) - Provide jpg-pictures You are about to order your beverage for lunch - Which of the following would be your healthiest choice? A. Soft drink B. Mixed fruit drink C. Energy drink D. Water Functionality: - SMS-request -SMS-subscribe -SMS answer handling - User database - SMS-Quiz database Health campaigns for behavioral & lifestyle changes Messaging Platform (hosted service) Source: Ericsson 1. SMS Quiz to registered users 2. SMS Answer 3. SMS Reward

11 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Patient Messenger Service Patient / User Content Content Analysis SMS / MMS Reply Rewards Mobile Operator Service Provider Content Provider Sponsoring of Preventive Health Campaign Healthcare Payer (e.g. Insurance) Health Clubs Dietary Centers Health Food Sports Equipment Other Sponsors Prevention Motivational Wellness Health campaigns for behavioral & lifestyle changes Source: Ericsson

12 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Listlessness Missing social environment Drug side effects Slow onset of therpay success Direct patient contact and motivation Interaction and patient dialogue Continuous patient monitoring Continuous patient feed back Barriers for therapy success Factors for therapy success Missing Compliance Terminaton of Therapy Patient compliance in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disease

13 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Messaging solution to improve patient compliance The solution is based on SMS messaging Patients using a particular drug will receive SMS messages up to 4 times daily at predefined times: SMS drug reminder („Please remember to take your drug“) SMS drug check („Have you taken your drug?“) with a Yes/No answer requested SMS well-being check („How are you feeling today?“) with a multiple choice answer requested SMS motivational / fun message („Well done“) Patients who do not answer will be flagged and brought to the attention of the doctor for special follow-up A web-based user-interface is avaiable where doctors can easily follow up and monitor patients as well as include new ones A web-based user-interface for system managers is available

14 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Patient compliance – pilot trial summary 71% of compliant responses (to >10,000 messages) The technology was well accepted and performed perfectly More than 50% of the physicians felt that the system enhanced patient compliance 43% of Physicians used the system more frequently than required by the protocol – even from home Most would recommend the system to patients

15 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Vision – an integrated m-health service platform Patient domain Service Platform Provider Service Provider Domain Medical Devices / Equipments Data Collection, Normalization, Translation Storage Device Mgmt SIM Mgmt M2M PLATFORM Analytics Policy Provisioning Subscription Mgmt Id Mgmt Security Payers Healthcare Providers Nurses & Health Coaches Communication services Communication Service Delivery platform Basic Communication Charging / Billing Business Process Integration Conferencing PresenceScheduling Application Platform PortalsAnalytics Patient Mgmt Claims MgntRulesApps Rules Service Orchestration M-Health Service Platform

16 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Preconditions for a successful m-health implementation Properly address the value chain: – Who are the main stakeholders driving implementation – Who enjoys the benefits – Who holds the funds – Who has the power to facilitate implementation Establish a sound business model for all value chain members Come up with end-to-end solution and service offerings: – Processes and wokflows – Change management needs – System integration architecture – Legal and policy framework Generate sound validation data and involve clinicians in defining validation goals and endpoints

17 Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Contact Rainer Herzog Healthcare Consulting Mail: Mobile: +49 178 534 0067

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