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TAMDAR: GLOBAL WEATHER SOLUTIONS. AIRDAT HISTORY © 2013. Proprietary and Confidential The TAMDAR goal: Deliver all metrics of weather balloons from commercial.

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2 AIRDAT HISTORY © 2013. Proprietary and Confidential The TAMDAR goal: Deliver all metrics of weather balloons from commercial aircraft Assure space-time data coverage for airports sector GPS stamp all data Add additional electronic pilot reports (icing, turbulence, temp) Initial focus on regional aircraft to provide better geographic coverage AirDat was founded in 2003 First STC and operational weather data in 2004 Assets purchased by Panasonic Avionics Corporation in 2013

3 Tropospheric Airborne Meteorological Data Reporting Delivers a unique real-time high resolution data stream for improved atmospheric analysis and weather forecasting Patented and operational on commercial aircraft since 2004 Goal: Deployment of TAMDAR and development of superior atmospheric information tools driven by the TAMDAR dataset Panasonic Avionics Corporation is expanding the TAMDAR network worldwide TAMDAR © 2013. Proprietary and Confidential

4 THE TAMDAR SYSTEM © 2013. Proprietary and Confidential Multi-function atmospheric sensor installed on aircraft (and UAS) Two-way real time Iridium satellite link Dedicated data center for quality monitoring, archiving, and distribution systems Development and integration of customized forecasts and weather applications Enhanced forecast models High-speed computing resources

5 TAMDAR GLOBAL COMMUNICATION © 2013. Proprietary and Confidential Iridium satellite constellation (global, secure, high availability) Autonomous communication to and from any TAMDAR-equipped aircraft, at any altitude or location worldwide (even on the ground) Low message latency (near real-time) Channel also available for:  Other data transmission  Text messaging to/from aircraft  Backup voice channel  Aircraft tracking


7 TAMDAR DATA QA and FORECAST MODELS © 2013. Proprietary and Confidential Panasonic’s powerful computing clusters run proprietary WRF/RTFDDA Multi-Layer automated quality assurance through proprietary algorithms Data distributed, archived, and ingested into proprietary weather models Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model with Real Time Four Dimensional Data Assimilation (RTFDDA)

8 Measures and reports: Ice presence Static pressure and pressure altitude Air temperature (Mach corrected) Relative humidity Indicated and true airspeed Winds aloft Turbulence (EDR, median and peak) GPS lat/long/alt/time THE TAMDAR SENSOR

9 Optimized for Unmanned Aerial Systems Reduced size, weight, and power Worldwide deployment options for improved local forecasts Innovative, light-weight materials TAMDAR-U

10 System is automatic, begins sampling during take-off Sampling rate flexible, changeable in real-time Uses an automatic pressure based sampling program: High resolution sampling on ascent/descent (~300’ intervals) Time based sampling in cruise (5 to 7 minute intervals) Triggered reports in dynamic conditions Custom reporting available 40,000+ observations and ~2500 soundings daily Real-time data access through the AirMap portal WEATHER DATA TRANSMISSION

11 Global SATCOM voice & data via Iridium Automated Out-Off-On-In times and other aircraft data Real-time global aircraft position reports Airborne datalinked weather Weather data downlink Auto-PIREPs Data base of all flight histories Asset tracking BENEFITS TO PARTNER AIRLINES

12 TAMDAR Probe SATCOM Transceiver and Aircraft Interface Unit Antenna TAMDAR AIRBORNE SYSTEM – 3 UNITS

13 Processing Unit: 3MCU, ARINC 600 installation Communications, data processing RS-232, RS-422, and discrete inputs/outputs ARINC 429 and 717 inputs/outputs Single SATCOM transceiver DO-178B level E software Aircraft audio Ethernet ON BOARD TAMDAR SYSTEM

14 Weather TAMDAR processing GPS position AirMap data ARINC 620 weather data Antenna Active GPS (TAMDAR) 2 Iridium SATCOM ON BOARD TAMDAR SYSTEM

15 ERJ-190 Integration Configuration



18 18 TAMDAR ® observation

19 TAMDAR winds

20 TAMDAR coverage in Mexico

21 TAMDAR in Europe


23 Background 23 Note: Over 100 daily soundings from LGA, JFK, EWR

24 The 2 images show TAMDAR data from flights into/out of BUF +/- ~3h from 10 pm. The solid triangles indicate icing, and the hollow triangles indicate icing with heaters activated. The TAMDAR heater remains activated throughout the descent, so the ice accretion rate is > 0.02” / min. BUF Crash site TAMDAR observations around the time of the Colgan crash

25 The first sounding, valid 9 pm, shows a substantial layer of saturated air below 6000' between -9 and - 2C -- the temperature window that most supports the existence of supercooled water. The second sounding, valid 11:20 pm, shows the sub-0C saturated layer has dropped to 3000' and below Both soundings suggest favorable conditions for supercooled water to freeze upon airframe contact. TAMDAR observations around the time of the Colgan crash

26 NextGen Aviation Weather Impact Data AirDat Augmented WRF Model Icing Impact Forecast WRF forecast model projections improved with TAMDAR icing observations. – 3-D weather impact poly-regions conveyed as Airspace Volumes of Interest.

27 End-to-End Impact/Alert Data Flow STARS display of AirDat derived Weather Volumes. Note two aircraft within altitude threshold predicted to enter volumes display a “WX” alert in datablock. STARS Icing Alerts NextGen Net-enabled Weather Icing Impact Alert Copyright © 2011 Raytheon Company. All rights reserved. 27 91 st American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

28 NEXTGEN: NNEW & NWP © 2013. Proprietary and Confidential Weather State Information High-Resolution Modeling Information Integration Information Displays ATM Decision Support Tools ATM Impact Analysis Tools Raytheon, AirDat, and Metron Aviation have teamed to support two major FAA NextGen weather programs with superior weather information, integrated displays, and decision support solutions: NextGen Network Enabled Weather (NNEW) NextGen Weather Processor (NWP)

29 WHY TAMDAR? Validated by NOAA via 4-year FAA-funded TAMDAR impact study* Temperature 3-hour forecast errors are reduced by up to 28%. Wind forecast 3-hour errors are reduced by up to 10%. Relative humidity 3-hour forecast errors are reduced by up to 50%. *William Moninger, 13th Conference on Integrated Observing and Assimilation Systems for Atmosphere, Oceans, and Land Surface American Meteorological Society, January 2009

30 30 Improvements in forecast skill: TAMDAR over without-TAMDAR, (RAOBs used as "truth“) NOAA's most optimized model for aircraft data is RUC AirDat 3D-Var WRF is essentially the same code as NCAR 3D-Var WRF AirDat RT-FDDA and 4D-Var WRF are best suited to utilize asynoptic observations TAMDAR IMPROVES ALL MODELS

31 TAMDAR CASE STUDIES © 2013. Proprietary and Confidential

32 32 Five-hour forecast - NO TAMDAR PEARSON INTL AIRPORT Five hour forecast - WITH TAMDAR a b PEARSON INTL AIRPORT Hazardous winds 1-h 10-m winds (kts, averaged from fcst hour 4 to 5) showing UPDRAFT (a) and DOWNDRAFT (b) regions. 1-h 10-m winds (kts, averaged from fcst hour 4 to 5) showing NW flow. Surface wind forecast comparison, Toronto Airbus incident (August 2005) TAMDAR IMPROVES WINDS FORECASTS

33 AirDat Old Tropical AirDat New Tropical NOAA GFSE Observed Track “Superstorm” Sandy

34 34 84 h forecasted track for Ike - AirDat, NCEP, and NHC (inset) 34

35 35 Successive AirDat WRF Runs 35

36 L Shortwave trough 2 Shortwave trough 1 L L Shortwave trough 1 Shortwave trough 2 Ridge Synoptic Overview (NCEP)Synoptic Overview (AirDat) 36

37 North Carolina Tornado Outbreak 16 April 2011



40 12 Hours Ahead AirDat (RTFDDA)NWS (NAM) 18z Actual Radar

41 12 Hours Ahead AirDat (RTFDDA)NWS (NAM) 18z Actual Radar

42 12 Hours Ahead AirDat (RTFDDA)NWS (NAM) 18z Actual Radar

43 12 Hours Ahead AirDat (RTFDDA) NWS (NAM) 18z Actual Radar

44 CONTACT INFORMATION © 2013. Proprietary and Confidential Jeff Rex Panasonic Weather Solutions 2535 South Lewis Way, Suite 203 Lakewood, CO, US 80227 +1 (303) 501-4359

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