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Hanoi Regional Forecasting Support Centre

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1 Hanoi Regional Forecasting Support Centre
SUSTAINING NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICES – STRENGTHENING WMO REGIONAL AND GLOBAL CENTERS Hanoi Regional Forecasting Support Centre Presented by Pham Van Tan Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam 19 June 2013

2 Presentation overview
1 Observation Network and Forecast Technology Initial results of Hanoi Regional Forecasting Support Center 2 3 Challenges, Opportunities

3 Hydro-Meteorological Stations Network
174 national meteorological observation stations 8 upper-air observation stations 764 rainfall gauges 248 national hydrological observation stations 17 marine hydromet stations

SaPa SonLa VietTri PhuLien HoangSa TamKy DongHa PleiKu NhaBe CaMau TruongSa RADA NETWORK IN VIETNAM Current Proposed

5 18 lightening detectors will be installed

6 Supports to Modernize Hydro-met system
WB, JICA, Finland WB ITALIA Government

7 Operational Numerical Weather Prediction
The NHMS utilizes the following NWP System: Short Range Ensemble Forecast (SREF): 17km, 15 members, multi-model multi- analysis, up to 60h Limited-area Ensemble Prediction System (LEPS): 22km, 21 members, HRM nested in EPS of GFS, up to 120h NWP Post-Processing: UMOS + Kalman filter

8 Hanoi RFSC Proposed in the 1st meeting of the SWFDP-SeA RSMT, Sep 2010 in Tokyo Selected by WMO mission to Hanoi in Feb 2011 as the lead regional centre under SWFDP-SeA project Participated by NMCs of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam Aimed to facilitate flow of all forecasting guidance inf. to participating centers through a password-protected website Roles are discussing & to be expanded in the future

9 Target domain

10 Target severe weather events
Tropical cyclone track, intensity, structure changes & landfall process (wind & gust, rainfall, storm surge) Heavy rain triggered by tropical cyclone, SW & NW monsoon, troughs & ITCZ migration, & orography; Thunderstorm & hail associated with severe convection; cold condition & frost; Extreme hot & dry conditions associated with fohn effect

11 Status of Hanoi RFSC Regional Subproject Implementation Plan has been developed The website has been developed and completed with suggestions/comments from participating countries Username: swfdp-sea Password: RA2 (case sensitive)

12 Current products provided via the RFSC
Contents Status Guidance Products issued by forecaster Short-range (1-2 days) Medium-range (3-5 days) Semi-Operation Satellite-based 0-24 Hour Products Satellite Image: MTSAT-2 Satellite-Based Rainfall (Qmorph) Convective Thunderstorm Forecasts Storm Tracks Real-time Global NWP Products GSM (JMA), GFS (NCEP), NOGAPS, GEM (CMC), GME (DWD), UM(KMA) Global EPS Products NAEFS Regional NWP Products WRF or COSMO Not yet Regional EPS Products LEPS, SREPS Tropical Cyclone Products Guidance Track and Intensity forecast Trike Probabilistic Under-developing RSMC Guidance Archive Blue products are always available

13 Example of Guidance Products Short range warning

14 Example of Global NWP Products For GSM (JMA), 24h accumulated rainfall forecast

15 Challenges: Infrastructure & Technology
Telecommunication infrastructures are still under-developed in the region Thin observation networks; many have not been modernized & not provided real-time data Limited data processing capacity and tools Limited ability and capacity for data and information assimilation Information dissemination needs improving Transfer of data from observation networks; data and information among countries, including feedback information require very good, stable, reliable telecom infrastructure. Observation networks need to be strengthened Data processing capacity and tools: currently using the high performance computing (HPC) system of NCHMF, not enough for running regional models when extreme event occur; do not have adequate of tools for severe weather warning Data and information assimilation: need to have powerful processing system and trained staff Information dissemination need be improved

16 Challenges: Human Resources
Number of trained staff is limited Further staff training needed in: Interpreting various NWP/EPS and guidance products Operational procedures/guidelines Feedback mechanism Model verification Use of related applications Public training are also needed

17 Challenges: Financial Resources
RSFC needs huge investment but countries in the region are facing economic difficulty Need supports from WMO, WB, developed partners; public and private investments

18 Opportunities Growing awareness on importance of weather forecast with sustainable development at all levels in countries and the region New technology makes complex weather forecast problems possible High demand of products due to economic growth and climate change Technical & financial supports from WMO, Global & Regional Centers, Donors

19 Opportunities: Strong supports from the government of Viet Nam
Agreed by the Prime Minister of Viet Nam Office space for the RFSC Enthusiastic & motivated staff Results from the modernization of the hydro-met programme, with hundred-millions-dollar investments Further contributions if required

20 Thank you for your attention

21 Further Contact Details:
At Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment: Pham Van Tan (Mr) Deputy Director General International Cooperation Department Tel: At National Center for Hydro-met Forecast: Vo Van Hoa (Mr) Deputy Director, NCHMF, NHMS of Vietnam Office tel: Mobile:

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