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International Civil Aviation Organization

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1 International Civil Aviation Organization
INFORMATION PAPER ACP-WG-M21/IP-05 July 17 – 18, 2014 AERONAUTICAL COMMUNICATIONS PANEL (ACP) 21st MEETING OF WORKING GROUP M Montreal, Canada July , 2014 Agenda Item: 5 a VDL Mode 2 Standards Harmonization Aspects (Presented by: Peter Muraca, FAA) SUMMARY This information paper is intended to provide the harmonization aspects of the VDL Mode 2 standards by highlighting collaborated work efforts between the RTCA SC-214 VDLSG / EUROCAE WG92, AEEC DLK, and ICAO ACP WG-M committees.

2 Agenda Background ICAO Doc 9776 edition 2 history
ICAO Doc 9776 edition 2 Publication Plan Harmonized / Standardization Process Timeline 2 2 2

3 Background VDL Mode 2 Multi-frequency enhancements support NextGen and SESAR programs implementations RTCA SC-214 VDLSG / EUROCAE WG-92 / AEEC DLK collaborated to update the VDL Mode 2 Standards to include the “multi-frequency” operation as established within the AEEC 631 Supplement 6 characteristics Such Standards include: AEEC 631-6 DO-224C (RTCA Minimum Aviation System Performance Standard) DO-281B (RTCA Minimum Operational Performance Standard) ED-92B (EUROCAE MOPS) ICAO Doc 9776 VDL2 Technical Manual

4 ICAO Doc 9776 Edition 2 History
ICAO Doc 9776 Amendment Proposal (AP #310) was initiated in WG-M/17 (Feb 2011) EUROCONTROL reported VDL2 multi-frequency validation activities and results (IP5, IP6 and IP7) in WG-M/18 (July 2011) Based on validation results, and RTCA/EUROCA/AEEC further review of AP #310, an update to this amendment was necessary This was presented at WG-M/19 (June 2012), and accepted AP #310 was incorporated into ICAO Doc 9776 to produce an “Edition 2” final draft Edition 2 was submitted and presented to ICAO ACP in the WG-M/20 meeting (January 2013) At this meeting, the WG-M committee recorded meeting minutes, which suggested that ICAO would begin its publication process for Edition 2 of ICAO Doc 9776 The meeting minutes also noted that supportive validation material towards the Edition 2 modifications (specifically for the addition on multi-frequency) would be beneficial towards the publication approval process

5 ICAO Doc 9776 Edition 2 publication plan
A validation activity summary letter was created in support of the Edition 2 approval process (reviewed 7/2013 AEEC DLK Seattle meeting) Such a letter was submitted to ICAO, which also included the supportive validation material towards the Edition 2 modifications Most recent correspondence from ICAO indicates a publication target of ICAO Doc 9776 Edition 2 to be 3rd Quarter of this year

6 Harmonized / Standardization Process Timeline
2011 2012 2013 2014 A /11 Rockwell Validation Inputs 4/13 MASPS, DO-224C FRAC Rels 4/11 FRAC Resol 10/11 Publication Apprvl12/11 Change 1 to MASP MOPS Inputs to Change 1 MOPS, DO-281B (ED-92B) FRAC 11/13 SC-214 Appv’d 1/14 PMC Appv’d to Pub 3/14 Eurocontrol Validation inputs 5/11 FRAC Rels 10/11 FRAC Resol 1/12 Publication Apprvl 3/12 ICAO Doc 9776 edition 2 EU inputs to ACP WGM-18, 7/11 AP # 310 ACP WGM19, 6/12 Final Ed. 2 draft ACP WGM20 WP7, 1/2013 Validation letter 9/13 Publication Q3/14 Eurocontrol VDL2 MF Validation Issues list for ARINC631 future versions P1 Lab test 9/10 P2 Flight trial Q4/10 P3 Airline trial Q4/11 Joint VDLSG/WG92/DLK, ARINC631-7&8 Miami, 7/12 London, 2/13 Seattle, 7/13 Melbourne 11/13 Brussels 6/14

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