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Bulent Kanol PhD Founder and Executive Director of The Management Centre of the Mediterranean Institute of Development Policy and Management.

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1 Bulent Kanol PhD Founder and Executive Director of The Management Centre of the Mediterranean Institute of Development Policy and Management SED University of Manchester 14th November 2012

2 Global Trends of the late 20th Century: Free market principles and Economic liberalization The States have become less interventionist in economic activities (ie privatizations, deregulation etc) Multi-nationals/Trans-nationals are increasingly extending their influence and domination in the markets including those in developing and less developed countries-Globalization Fictitious profits, and capital Rerserves of Banks, Financial Institutions and Real Estate companies but real Executive Salaries/dividends have grown Technology and information revolution has accelerated

3 Technology and Globalization moving into fast track All societies need rapid reforms to adopt to fast track transition and global economic crises Those advanced economies who could not adopt faced recession and social unrest Those less developed faced stagnation and bloody revolutions

4 The Changing Status of the State More active in monitoring, coordination and control Less active in economic and social fields which are taken over by Private sector and the CSOs

5 Changing dynamics of Private sector More Corporate Social Responsibility More SME orientation More Entrepreneurship Less juggernauts (J. K Galbraith,1972)

6 Changing Role of the Civil Society Sector Introduction of the Service Providing CSOs Inclusion of CSOs to Decision Making

7 How do we Define Civil Society? Civil society is the arena outside of the family, the state, and the market where people associate to advance common interests (CIVICUS: CSI Index Report for Cyprus 2005).

8 Civil Society Organizations Membership Based interest Organizations Business Associations Trade Unions Rights Based Advocacy Organizations Gender- Environment-Human Rights Service Providing Non-Profits Capacity Building-Training-consulting Think tanks Health and educational services


10 The Management Centre of the Mediterranean Founded by the Cyprus Turkish Association of Managers. It was incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization in December 2003 and named as The Management Centre of the Mediterranean (MCM). The MCM was originally funded by the UNDP in Cyprus and UNDP continues to fund some of the projects.

11 VISION A pioneering institution providing professional management and sustainable development services at international standards

12 Mission Managing Change For Sustainable Development Contributing to the strengthening of Civil Society as a vital force engaged in advocacy, policy making and reconciliation processes Supporting civil society organizations through capacity building and project management Providing management and institutional development services Providing vocational training, work based learning and professional development for a more effective workforce Supporting economic development by research, analysis and policy recommendations Promoting European and International norms and best- practices

13 Programmes Civil Society and Reconciliation Institutional and Professional Development

14 Projects: CS&R ENGAGE Do your part for Peace Bi-communal Media Training Youth Camp (2011) Capacity Building and Training CSO Leaders in Azerbaijan (2009-2011) Networking with the European Union (2009-2011) Independent Media Centre (2009-2011) The Diversity Initiative (2007-2008) Environmental Education and Technology Integration (ENVETI) (2007-2008) Cypriot Civil Society Strengthening Programme (2007-2009) Monitoring and Evaluating the State of the Rights to European Active Citizenship (2007) Presidency Fund (2007-2008) Dissemination and Follow-up to the CIVICUS: CSI Study (2006-2007) Cyprus Island-wide CSO Directory (2006-2007)

15 Projects: IPD Shaping The Future of Dikmen Municipal Area Training of the Middle Managers Capacity Development of Vocational Training Teachers

16 Functions Training Consulting Research

17 Training Services Marketing and Sales MS Office and Computer Applications Computer Aided Accounting Office Management and Effective Secretary

18 Research Services Research into Social,Organizational and economic development Social and Public Opinion Polls Customer Satisfaction Survey Product/Service Oriented Research Media Research Corporate and Brand Images

19 Consulting Services Management Standards Consultancy Management Consultancy Strategic Planning and Management Project Development Risk Management CE Marking Economic Development Projects Economic Research Services

20 Service Units Research Centre Voluntary Centre Independent Media Centre Institute of Communication and Languages

21 Mission Driven Non-Profit Organization Mission Vision and Values Admin Support Programmes Service Units

22 Case Study: Active Dialogue Networks Facilitating a way forward in Cyprus The ENGAGE project which is implemented by the Management Centre of the Mediterranean (A Turkish Cypriot NGO) and the NGO Support Centre in Cyprus (A Greek Cypriot NGO) aims Wider outreach and public engagement for reconciliation; and, Enhanced advocacy efforts for reconciliation through the involvement of key people

23 Engage Phase 1 CIVICUS CSI Index Study Small Grants Programme Building Structures of Cooperation (Networks) Public Awareness Campaign

24 Gap Analysis Gap 1: Public information on reconciliation Gap2: Public involvement in reconciliation efforts Gap 3: Synergies between Civil Society and the Public and Private Sectors Gap 4: Impact of Civil Society on policy making

25 Intervention Tools Active Dialogue Networks Supported by a Small Grant Programme Engage on The Move Active Citizenship Campaign

26 Thematic Areas of ADNs 1. Gender and Diversity 2. Peace and Reconciliation 3. Sustainable Development 4. Civil Society Profiling and Governance

27 Multi sector composition of ADNs CSO leaders Academics Private sector representatives Local authority representatives Media

28 Methodology of ADNs Bicommunal ADN workshop Composition of Core Group Monocommunal ADNS (4-5 in each community) Consolidating Bi-communal workshop Prioritising main issues Writing the policy papers Support civil initiatives with Small Grants Round table with Policy and opinion makers One to one meetings with Decision Makers

29 Methodology of Engage on the Move Use the output of ADNs to produce promotional materials Participate in mainstream popular festivals and events around the island and specifically in rural areas Organize awareness activities around ADN themes

30 Methodology of Active Citizenship Campaign Use the mainstream media to promote citizen engagement by way of TV programmes and newspaper articles Use the social media to be involved in community issues and specifically to do with the 4 ADN themes Organize public events such as CSO Fairs to promote active citizenship

31 Contact me:

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