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1 Marie Curie Fellowships: Experiences of an Industry-Academia Partnership David Smith, PhD Research Director Biotie Therapies Corp.

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1 1 Marie Curie Fellowships: Experiences of an Industry-Academia Partnership David Smith, PhD Research Director Biotie Therapies Corp.

2 2 BIOTIE IN BRIEF Founded in 1996 in Turku, Finland by two Turku University Professors Drug discovery and development for first-in-class pharmaceuticals – Dependence disorders, inflammation, thrombosis Strong commercial partnerships, Roche, Seikagaku, Lundbeck, Britannia Capital raised to date: EUR 100+ million ~ 40 Employees Listed on Helsinki Stock Exchange in 2000 – (OMX: BTH1V)

3 3 Small molecule a2ß1 integrin inhibitor THROMBOSIS Recombinant bioheparin Small molecule VAP-1 SSAO-enzyme inhibitor INFLAMMATORY DISEASES Monoclonal VAP-1 antibody Pathological gambling Nalmefene DEPENDENCE DISORDERS Alcoholism Nalmefene Phase III Phase IIPhase I Authority- regulated preclinical Early preclinical Indication PIPELINE Registrat- ion

4 4 Biotie has considerable experience of EU funded research consortia 4th Framework Programme BRIGHS = Biotechnological Routes in Generating Heparin-Related Saccharides 1996-98 (partner) SWE (2), IT (2), UK (1), FIN (1) 5th Framework Programme BANG = Biologically Active Novel Glycosaminoglycans 2000-2002 (Coordinator) FIN (1), SWE (2), IT (3), UK (1) TUNEUP = Therapeutic Utilisation of a Novel Enzyme with Unique Adhesion Properties 2000-2003 (partner) FIN (2), UK (1), FR (1), ES (1) HEPARANASE = Heparanase inhibitors in antiangiogenic and antimetastatic cancer therapy 2002-2005 (partner) IT (3), IL (1), SK (1), FIN (1), SWE (1) 7th Framework Programme IMADI – Application (partner) 1-2 companies in each project

5 5 Marie Curie ToK-IAP Fellowships 6th Framework Programme Marie Curie Host Fellowships for the Transfer of Knowledge: INDUSTRY-ACADEMIA PARTNERSHIP ` create and develop real strategic and durable partnerships between the academic world and the world of enterprise....´ Funding level between 200k€ and 1200k€ Usual Marie Curie rules on fellows and trans-national exchange Living allowances, travel costs, overheads, some research costs, management costs.

6 6 Biotie’s Marie Curie Fellowship Programme: `Structuring the European Research Area – Human Resources and Mobility´ FP6 Marie Curie Host Fellowship for the Transfer of Knowledge Industry–Academia Partnership (TOK-IAP) Project: LEVITATES = Liver Endothelial VAP-1 In Tethering And Transmigration Experimental Systems Contract: MTK-CT-2005-029862 Partners: University of Birmingham, UK and Biotie Therapies Coordinator: Biotie Therapies 2006-2010. Start date: 1st October 2006 54 person months exchange of researchers Budget: 390 kEur over 42 months

7 7 Biotie’s Marie Curie Fellowship Biotie’s objectives in applying for Marie Curie funding –Strengthen links between a key academic collaborator and the company –Train personnel. ’Exposure to the outside scientific world’ –Further research in a core strategic area –Transfer certain key technologies to the company Partners perspective –Funding opportunity for an experienced researcher in the academic group –New skills brought in

8 8 Project outline Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4 Activity1-67-1211-1819-2425-3031-3637-42 Isolation of Human and Murine HSEC BIOTIE staff to UNI BHAM for knowledge transfer, 3 months Flow and perfusion adhesion assays Tuition by UNI BHA M for Fellow 1 Experimental phase for fellow 1, 24 months in total In vivo liver fibrosis model Tuition by UNI BHA M for Fello w 2 Experimental phase for fellow 2, 24 months in total VAP-1: Ligand interaction UNI BHAM staff to BIOTIE for training and studies, 3 months Identification of the VAP-1 ligand Exchange fellow at UNI BHAM performs experiments in parallel with UNI BHAM staff for duration of the knowledge transfer and training period

9 9 Key issues Establishment of Consortium Agreement - Long legal document but relatively straightforward to establish* Researcher Agreement - Long legal document, somewhat complicated to establish* - Lack of prior experience in Biotie and University with these type of agreements caused delay Practical issues that needed to be addressed - New situation for the company - Employment status of Biotie staff being transferred - Eligibility for transferred researchers share options - Accommodation and practical issues regarding transfer - Return of researcher and filling position in meanwhile * Difficulties in dealing with the University administration - More than 6 months to set up contracts and financial arrangements - Some frustration and bad feeling from researchers side

10 10 Current status and upcoming issues Fellow started 1.10.06 in Birmingham - Research and exchange according to plan (more or less.....) - Some integration difficulties but no major problems Face to face meeting at six monthly intervals to discuss progress and plans - Last meeting May 07. Three month Biotie to Birmingham transfer to start in 2008, slight delay over plan New hire probably needed for second researcher transfer Generally positive experience so far Lesson learnt – Make all arrangements early enough !

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