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European commission DG Energy and transport

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1 European commission DG Energy and transport
“3rd liberalisation package” ERI CEE SG Meeting 7.November 2007 Matti Supponen Electricity and gas unit

2 EU energy policy in construction
Under preparation: Climate change policy with emissions trading Renewable targets and support mechanisms Energy market package

3 North sea depleted, nuclear?
Background North sea depleted, nuclear? Bottlenecks Price regulation Long term contracts Big four Suez Reform in process EdF Enel Lack of capacity Market concept not implemented Not gas for everybody

4 ETSO Generation adequacy forecast (UCTE, Nordel, UK, Ireland)

5 Cross-border flows

6 Ownership unbundling

7 Share of congestion revenue reinvested in interconnection
900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 Ownership unbundled TSOs Vertically integrated TSOs Share of reinvested congestion revenue 33.3% 16.8% 387 129 104 623 Congestion revenue (2001-6/2005) It should be noted that these results need to be interpreted with caution because, firstly, interconnector investment is influenced by a number of factors and not only by the unbundling, secondly, investment planning and implementation takes some time and, thirdly, situations in which an ownership unbundled TSO at one side of the border faces an integrated TSO at the other side of the border can be an obstacle to investments. This being said, these caveats apply to all TSOs in an equal manner and should not systematically influence the above findings. Interconnector investment Source: Energy sector inquiry

8 TSO co-operation

9 TSO co-operation Common tasks: Organisation:
Draft technical and market codes Operate the network Prepare 10-year investment plan Co-ordinate research Organisation: ENTSO

10 Congestion management methods in 2008
Use of implicit auction Explicit auction only PX No congestion in the region Pool Pool PX PX PX Power exchange with implicit auctioning AO PX PX PX PX AO? AO AO PX PX Auction office PX PX Special features PX AO? PX PX Pool

11 Omistuksellinen eriyttäminen

12 Regulators

13 Regulators More powers Co-operation Selectively new powers
Single authority Co-operation European Energy Agency

14 European Energy Agency

15 European Energy Agency
Tasks Individual decisions on issues provided for in the EU legislation Monitoring the market and the co-operation between TSOs Advice the Commission Organisation About 50 permanent staff Regulatory board Location ?

16 Summary

17 Summary

18 Market information

19 Market information Objective: Current legislation
Better access to market for small players Current legislation For example load, network and production capacity data already requested but badly respected Transparency for OTC-trading Record keeping Possibility for authorities to investigate for example market manipulation

20 Retail market

21 Retail market Opening: Content
Legislation until now concentrated on wholesale markets DSO unbundling and consumer protection already on board Content Harmonisation Objective at least regional retail markets “Retail forum” á la Florence and Madrid Smart metering

22 Regional energy markets in the EU
Moderately concentrated Highly concentrated Very highly concentrated congestion

23 Thank you for your attention
End of the story Thank you for your attention

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