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Kazakhstan grid of technology transfer Murat Akshalov Regional Technology Park of Astana.

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1 Kazakhstan grid of technology transfer Murat Akshalov Regional Technology Park of Astana

2 The essence of creation a Technology Transfer grid Technology Transfer Network - is a service tool implements an expedited process for finding, sharing and implementing the most suitable technological and innovative solutions needed to produce competitive goods and services. Network supports the uniform flow of meaningful exchange of information on technologies among a large number of participants in different directions. Network to transfer innovative products for consumer markets. The first network of technology transfer began to exist in the 90's at once with the advent of the Internet and database management systems (DBMS). Note that in the history of most networks of technology transfer has been a rapid increase in the number of participants and their interaction in the form of technology transfer. Providing small and medium-sized businesses with qualitative information about new technologies and know-how is the root cause of the emergence of new innovative companies, creating jobs and attracting investment into the country. For existing businesses network of technology transfer provides an effective modernization of production, based on reengineering.

3 Existing international network of transfer Existing national network of transfer European network of Technology Transfer IRC - in 2008 merged in the EEN (European business network); International Network for Technology Transfer Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO Exchange; Franco-Russian Technological Network (RFR); Shanghai International Center for Technology Transfer (Shanghai Co-way); NASA Technology Transfer Network Russian Technology Transfer Network (RTTN) Network of the republican center of technology transfer Belarus (RCTT)

4 The prospect of integration into the global network of transfer Russian network RTTN Network NASA The Japanese group of technology transfer Network of Network EEN http://www.enterprise-europe- Chinese network Shanghai Co-Way Nordic Technology Transfer Network Kazakhstan network KSTT Asian and Pacific Centre for Technology Transfer (APCTT) Malaysian Science and Technology Park

5 Relay Centers in Europe - members of the network EEN Southern Germany Western Switzerland North Rhine-Westphalia Malta ENN network includes more than 33 countries (EU, Central and Eastern Europe, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland), 71 Innovation Transfer Center, 250 partner organizations Regional relay centers - the powerful scientific and technical centers to develop technologies and know-how. Including active innovative business. England France Luxembourg Trier-Saarbruecken Netherlands Iceland Israel Cyprus

6 Kazakhstan net of Technology Transfer Kazakhstan network of technology transfer (hereinafter - KSTT) is among the suppliers of tools for the transfer (transfer) of technology and knowledge in Kazakhstan. KSTT integrated in the national information space of the republic and the international network of technology transfer. Operator KSTT - Joint stock company "Center of Engineering and Technology Transfer" (hereinafter - JSC ETTC). JSC ETTC was established by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 775 dated August 1, 2003 to implement a number of problems "Strategy of Industrial-Innovation Development of Kazakhstan for 2003-2015" is a service institution and development of Kazakhstan. KSTT mission - to provide the institutional transfer of advanced technology, innovation and know-how in the real economy to modernize production facilities in Kazakhstan. Providing small and medium-sized businesses with qualitative information about new technologies, innovation and know-how "is the root of the modernization of existing enterprises, opening of new innovative companies, creating jobs and attracting investments into the Kazakh economy.

7 AO ETTC is the operator of Kazakhstan network of technology transfer (KSTT), which provides several important advantages for the economy of Kazakhstan: Increasing access of small and medium-sized businesses to global markets. Getting information about what new products and services are produced in Europe, Kazakhstan innovative business will be more precisely oriented in their outlook, especially export- oriented production. Knowledge of technology development in the world provides insight into the development of world market as a whole. The work tool of real modernization of production facilities. Will provide the institutional involvement of new, not outdated technology and know-how. Opens a stream for trade Kazakh intellectual resources. Kazakhstani scientists and engineers will be able to effectively execute and freely sell their scientific and technical developments in both domestic and foreign markets.

8 Problems of KNTT Transmission / transfer of technology between academia and the real economy. Search for partners among local and foreign companies to create new competitive industries, the respective market needs. Monitoring (on a permanent basis) the needs of the domestic industry in the technological modernization of production facilities. Analysis of opportunities for involvement of Kazakhstan and foreign technologies. Database integration development institutions, enterprises, universities, research institutes, financial institutions, international and foreign organizations to create a common information space of the transfer of knowledge and experience. Creating a Web portal KSTT, in real time, acting as a "single window" for the collection of innovative proposals to provide broad access to information on technologies, reflecting the current situation in innovation, etc.

9 Expert advice to support innovation at JSC CETT Map of Natural Resources of Kazakhstan Map of industrial enterprises Prospective investment projects technical, staff support JSC CETT Online database International Organization for innovation Development institutions in Kazakhstan Enterprise Education System Community Business Association The regional parks Participants at the regional and FROM FEZ Commercial banks, venture capital funds Current Projects Innovative enterprises Map of technological development in Kazakhstan Map of socio-economic indicators Foreign development Kazakhstan's development Monitoring and analysis of supply / demand technology needs Informational units og CETTf Main clients of CETT: technological expertise Experts in the sections on the priority areas Organizational Structure of KNTT

10 Technology Transfer net: Storage, search, information proccessing Technology and know-how sources Universities Inventors IP Exchange Development of Industry and Trade Middle class Small business New businessmen New opportunities to prevent the consequences of economical. crisis in the existing production Timely to refocus production in promising areas Start a new competitive business Institutional transfer Technology and knowledge transfer The technology transfer scheme of KNTT

11 Technology Transfer Proccess 1. Search of requirements 2. Choice of technology 3. Commercialization 2. Choice of technology In which niches are competitive potential? Analysis of the state of the industry. Identify their weaknesses To negotiate with consumers transfer and conclude agreements on transfer of technologies Identify the sources of the necessary technology Request from the sources of technology commercialization plan Review plans for the commercialization and choose the best according to the approved evaluation criteria An agreement on the commercialization Create a business plan Development of DCPs Bring technology to the desired line (patent, license, right) Obtain the endorsement of the investor Purchase, construction, equipment installation Control over the quality Utilization of production Starting the production line, training Increased capacity

12 The process of technology transfer through KSTT developed in the Special Design and Technological Bureau Market Overview Product Engineering Foreign and Domestic Design Office Consumer Product SKTB Development of new types of products acquisition Technical Documentation and adapt it to mechanical engineering businesses Machine-building enterprises: 1.Transpornoe 2.Neftegazovoe 3. Gorno- metallurgicheskoe4. Agricultural 5. Instrumentation Mechanical engineering production Issuance of technical documentation Analysis KNTT - search technologies and subjects of the transfe Purchase of documentation

13 Work is in progress and international cooperation KNTT in priority areas №DirectionСтрана-партнер 1Development of metallurgyJapan (Japanese TT Group) 2Development of chemistry and ioi-chemistryNordic net of ТТ (Finland, Norway, Holland) 3Recycling of agro productionFrench and Italian nets of TT 4Development of building industryNet (USA) 5Development of tourismItalian net of TT 6Development of light industryShanghai net of TT 7LogisticsIndian net of TT 8Development of fuel-energy complexFrench net of TT, Nordic net of TT 9Development of timber productionNordic net of TT 10Development of mechanical engineeringJapan (Japanese TT Group) Сеть (США)

14 Expanding the network (the network members): Platform KSTT on the basis of JSC "ETTC" Technology parks, with the participation of JSC "ETTC" old and new Other industrial parks Socio-entrepreneurial corporations (SEC) European net of TT Russian net of TT Chinese net of TT Japanese group og TT JSC Center for Engineering and Technology Transfer " RGP center of chemical and technological studies; RSE National Center for complex processing of mineral raw materials; RSE National Center for Biotechnology; NGO "National Academy of Engineering; Ltd. Technopark «UniScienTech», Karaganda; Ltd. Technopark "Algorithm", Uralsk; JSC "Park of nuclear technology", Kurchatov; JSC "NC" STI ", Almaty; AO KazAgroInnovation ", Astana; ULE CAP "KAZKA, Almaty; ULE Atameken, Astana; Taraz State Institute. Dulati The current members of KNTT: Kazakhstn net of TT Pacific net of TT Индийская сеть Aindian net of TTТТ Nordic net of TT

15 JSC “Centre of Engineering and TechnologyTransfer” Thank you for attention! Murat Akshalov Director Tel.: +7 701 997 42 70 E-mail:

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