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Energy management of Municipality of Velenje Peter Virtič Faculty of Energy Technology, University of Maribor Dresden, October 15th, 2012.

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1 Energy management of Municipality of Velenje Peter Virtič Faculty of Energy Technology, University of Maribor Dresden, October 15th, 2012

2 Municipality of Velenje 5th largest Slovenian city inhabitants In 1959 Velenje became the City City of Velenje has made tremendous efforts to revitalize ruined landscape because of coal exploitation and to turn that handicap into advantage. Strong economy with major company "Gorenje“ (domestic appliances) and "Coal mine Velenje" are along with the youth of the city the main reasons for pleasant and healthy living conditions.

3 Shares of heating Municipality of VelenjeTotal Heat MWh Heat equivalent of fuel oil931 l heat oil/person a Share of heating (private): Wood12,9 % Fuel oil7,9 % District heating from the Coal Thermal Powerplant in the neighboring municipality of Šoštanj74,0 % Other (liquified natural gas…)5,2 % Main heating system in the Municipality of Velenje Private: 56,8 % use of energy Industry: 30,2 % use of energy

4 District heating system in Šaleška Valley Second largest district heating system in Slovenia: Velenje and Šoštanj, with suburban's: Podkraj, Pesje, Lokovica and Topolšica. CHARACHERSITICS: MW installed power, km od pipelines,

5 Solving of energy problems Reducing the impact of Climate Changes: Rational use of energy Renewable energy sources Energy management

6 Energy management of Municipality of Velenje 2004: Energy concept of the Municipality of Velenje; 2006: Establishing of the Energy Agency KSSENA; 2007 – 2011: -Operational plan for energy reconstruction of public lightening in the Municipality of Velenje; -Energy audits, analyses, energy bookkeeping, energy reports (consumption and costs), etc; -Action planed for RES and RUE; -Implementation of RES and RUE process.

7 What is KSSENA? Established in 2006 within the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Founders: Municipality of Velenje (MOV), Municipality of Celje (MOC), Municipality of Slovenj Gradec (MOSG) and Public utilities company (KPV) Number of employees: 6 Expert organisation specialized in the field of energetics, with the emphasis on RES and RUE, and project management. Professional bridge between potential users (emphasis on the public sector) and suppliers of specialized energetic services and products.

8 Energy Audits More than 100 energy audits in Velenje (KSSENA): -Energy supply and consumption analyses, -Processing of energy data, -Determination of optimal measures, -Preparation of RES and RUE action plan for each particular building.

9 Energy Act - All public buildings with over 500 m 2 of netto heat surface Energy bookkeeping MAIN FUNCTIONS: - managers recognize their energy consumption; - invoice management (advanced energy bookkeeping), - energy and financial data management, - analysis, - financial and energy planning, - energy and financial reports, - financial and energetic planning for energy efficient measures, - monitoring, - all buildings connected in one comprehensive energy- informational system. 35 buildings in Velenje

10 CHP of Primary School Škale - Before Preliminary heating: Fuel oil (consumption over l) Obsolete and outdated boiler Energy number : > 200kWh/m 2 (in 2007) - Reconstruction of the heating system Implementation of cogeneration of heat and electric power system 2 units (5,5 kW e and 12,5 kW h ) Other Reconstructions: Replacement of windows Replacement of the door Replacement of blinds

11 PV power plant: Municipality of Velenje Installed Power: 17,4 kWp Estimated annual electrical energy production: 17,4 MWh Estimated annual production in EUR: € 6,600 Selected contractor: BISOL, d.o.o. The completion of works: July 2010

12 PV power plant: Primary school Livada Installed power: 49,68 kWp Estimated annual electricity production: 50 MWh Estimated annual production in EUR: € 19,000 Selected contractor: Antim, d.o.o. Completed: December 2010

13 Small PV power plant on Primary school Gustava Šiliha Installed power: 46 kWp Estimated annual electricity production: 46 MWh Estimated annual production in EUR: € 18,000 Selected contractor: Antim, d.o.o. The completion of works: December 2010

14 Free public transportation Lokalc Free public transport has a direct impact on the environmental burden through the exhaust and noise. We assume the potential saving of CO 2 emissions of at least 169 tones of CO 2 per month, at the annual level this means of 2034 tones of CO 2 emissions. (Source: ‚‘Lokalc‘‘ Survey in 2009 conducted by the Municipality of Velenje and the Energy Agency KSSENA among the users on the bus and the local population).

15 In 2008 the Municipality of Velenje, Utility Company of Velenje and the Institute of District Energy established the first district cooling system in Slovenia The installed power of cooling is 970 kW The system is designed in three phases - it is expected to be completed by 2012 The advantage of cooling Utilization of excess heat from the thermal power plant Reduced energy use for cooling by 16% (comparing to the individual cooling units) District cooling system in Velenje

16 District cooling in Velenje Number of building: BuildingSurface [m 2 ] Required power for cooling [kW] HO 1-1. PHASEMunicipality of Velenje HO 1-2. PHASEAdministartive unit of Velenje HO 1-2. PHASEGallery of Velenje96037 HO 1-2. PHASECultural centre of Velenje HO 1-2. PHASERestaurant DK HO 1-2. PHASECourt House of Velenje HO 1-2. PHASENew bus station HO 1-2. PHASESport hall Red hall * HO 1-2. PHASESteklena direkcija PV HO 1-2. PHASELocal swimming poool Total ADH-GO Velenje:

17 Street lighting : PV lights Illumination of the pavement, where the power is supplied by the photovoltaic panels Length of pavement: 450 m Number of lamps: 13 Lamp: LED LSL 30 Pillar height h = 7 m Rechargeable Batteries: 2x40 Ah Photovoltaic Panel: 85 Wp Inverter power: 75 W

18 Street lighting: PILOT PROJECT „Energy self-sufficient STREET LIGHTING” 2 energetically independent street lamps 2 different RES: wind turbine and thin film PV module on pillar: Velenje Lake

19 Technical specifications PV panel: 136 W, dimensions: 5,49 m x 0,39 m x 0,004 m Vertical wind turbine: rotor diameter of wind turbine: 1,25 m height of the rotor: 1,1 m mass of wind turbine: 25,5 kg 35 W LED lamp

20 Municipality of Velenje and Covenant of Mayors March 2010: presentation of Action plan to the Mayor of Velenje April 2010: presentation of the Action plan to Velenje City Council and the Covenant of Mayors May 2010: Signature of the Covenant of Mayors in Brussels

21 Thank you!

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