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EUropean CAR and driving licence Information System Brussels, 17-11-2010 Idske Dijkstra RDW / Dutch Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority.

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1 EUropean CAR and driving licence Information System Brussels, Idske Dijkstra RDW / Dutch Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority Operational System Manager EUCARIS

2 Agenda EUCARIS  Introduction  The system  ERRU

3 EUCARIS Introduction

4 What is EUCARIS? The basics EUropean CAR and driving licence Information System Initiative of 5 EU registration authorities in early nineties Organisation Application Infrastructure

5 Original aims of the system: Prevention of fraud and crime related to import / export of stolen vehicles Facilitation of the registration process of imported vehicles Facilitation of the exchange of driving licences System is used by registration authorities, police, customs, etc Nowadays: General exchange mechanism for all transport related data between all registration authorities of Europe Accurate records in national databases What is EUCARIS? Aims of the system

6 EUCARIS at the moment Technical information of vehicles 18 participants stolen vehicles found per year refused re-registrations 6.6 million enquiries per year Driving licence information 7 participants Treaty / Council Decision Prüm, in 2011 all 27 Member States connected Bilateral Agreements on Traffic Fines

7 What is EUCARIS Legal basis EUCARIS TreatyBilateral agreements Prüm Treaty / Council decision Police cooperation Owner / holder Insurance information Limited technical data Traffic fines, toll, etc Any information possible Registration autorities Including technical data Also driving licence information Members are Parties to the Treaty Members are Third Parties to EUCARIS

8 > System is used by Registration Authorities, Police, Customs, Inspection authorities, tax offices, (enforcement) … > Highest Authority is Participant’s Board of participating Countries > Nominated parties for central tasks: - Depositary - Operational system management - Helpdesk ICT - Monitoring - Secretariat - Finances > Annual cost sharing between the participants No profit // only governmental // no private organisations involved > Registration Authority as the national contact point What is EUCARIS? Organisation

9 EUCARIS countries pre-finance new functionalities, e.g. for ERRU Basic contribution for all connections What is EUCARIS? Budget

10 EUCARIS Members


12 EUCARIS Traffic Fines


14 New functionalities In cooperation with the EC the technology (system) of EUCARIS is also introduced for:  3rd Directive on Driving Licences (project RESPER)  EU Directive on cross border enforcement  eCall project of DG INFSO  Exchange of mileage information – Bilateral between B and NL  Tachograph cards (project TACHOnet)  Modernisation and data providing about periodical technical vehicle inspections (PTI project)

15 EUCARIS The system

16 EUCARIS generic framework/technology/basic system: authorisation, encryption, signing, logging, routing, MCI, queuing, retry, helpfiles, translation, statistics EUCARIS Treaty Technical vehicle & driving licence data Prüm/ Council Decisions Vehicle-, Owner- holder Insurance info Bilateral treaties/ File transfers Personal and technical data (traffic fines) RESPER Driving licence data TACHO net Tacho- graph Cards Mileage Kilometres and Miles data eCall Technical Vehicle data One generic technical framework for different legal frameworks PTI ERRU Technical Transport Vehicle Undertakings data and Inspection Results

17 EUCARIS Main characteristics Information exchange on vehicles, driving licences and other tranport related items No central system: No dependence on availibility of a central system Shared costs for application development Easy to deploy in the member states Each MS responsible for its own data Registration authority is gateway to other MS and its own users

18 EUCARIS architecture Closed Network NL UK Police Customs Other enforcement authorities Registration Authority FR DE ES SE NL = RDW DE = KBA etc.

19 EUCARIS architecture Closed Network NL UK Police Customs Other enforcement authorities Registration Authority FR DE ES SE

20 EUCARIS architecture Closed Network NL UK Police Customs Other enforcement authorities Registration Authority FR DE ES SE

21 EUCARIS Main characteristics continued Security: Authorisation of Member States and Organisations per service Exclusiveness guaranteed by encryption (SSL) Integrity guaranteed by message signing Use of sTESTA, the closed EU network Web client and Programme-to-Programme communication Additional functionalities can easlily be added (e.g. traffic fines) European Union: Compliant with EU requirements Network: Technology:Web services User authentication by standard Windows functionality Data protection facilitated by Logging

22 EUCARIS Web Client




26 Based on the proposed Regulation  two sorts of information exchange – Infringements – Member States communicate information on infringements committed by operators (+ sanctions) to the Member State which issued their licence – Good repute - Member States consult relevant information held by all other States to assist them in deciding whether or not to issue or renew an operator’s licence. Messages – Infringement notification – Infringement response – Search request regarding the fitness of transport manager – Search response ERRU – How

27 Serious Infringements Infringement Notification Acknowledgement Infringement Response Acknowledgement

28 Good repute of transport manager Search request Acknowledgement Search Response Acknowledgement

29 ERRU – How EUCARIS / TACHOnet Integrated EUCARIS TACHOnet Member State Central hub

30 – : Decision minimum requirements for data in national register – January 2010: Start Complementary study on technical specification – External contractor EC in contact with EUCARIS Organisation – June 2010: Rules on interoperability ready – October 2010: Committee meeting (vote) – : Adoption of rules on interoperability – December 2010: Start Development and Implementation phase (18 to 24 months) – October 2011: Application of road package: register has to be implemented – : Interconnection of registers + assessing fitness of manager – : All serious infringements in register ERRU – When

31 ERRU – How EUCARIS Software and Supporting tools  Messages for “serious infringements” and “check good repute”  Acknowledgements  Broker functions to connect to TACHOnet  Transliteration and Phonex Key service Existing User Management tool  To define different user groups and to delegate the authorisation  All updates in the user administration logged in the event-log (extra security) Existing Log Collector  To gather statistics Log Viewer  To analyse the EUCARIS logging in a simple way Existing Monitoring tool  To monitor the performance and availability of the Member States  Reporting

32 Advantages of one interface via one NCP One standardised interface between Europe and national organisations - One time installation of generic functionality - No interoperability issues (all MS use the same interface) - Resulting in reduction of costs Increased service levels - Investment in a cluster of servers shared by different stakeholders - Fail-over guarantees higher availability - Load balancing guarantees better performance - National monitoring and support concentrated Possibilities for integrated client applications: vehicle, owner/holder, DL, Tachograph card, transport undertakings ………. Combine existing and new functionalities all in one application!!! Demo: fictive enforcement case

33 Demo: Fictive enforcement case Vehicle + O/H Driving Licence Tachocards Insurances Transport Undertakings Licence number DL number Ch. of Comm. number Card number File number Get sanctions Notific. on infringements Licence number







40 Technical support during implementation Technical support during operation

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