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1 UNIVERSITY OF EAST SARAJEVO Dejan Bokonjic Stevan Trbojevic Bosnia and Herzegovina Qualifications Framework for Higher Education – BHQFHE“ 544464-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-SMHES.

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Presentation on theme: "1 UNIVERSITY OF EAST SARAJEVO Dejan Bokonjic Stevan Trbojevic Bosnia and Herzegovina Qualifications Framework for Higher Education – BHQFHE“ 544464-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-SMHES."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 UNIVERSITY OF EAST SARAJEVO Dejan Bokonjic Stevan Trbojevic Bosnia and Herzegovina Qualifications Framework for Higher Education – BHQFHE“ 544464-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-SMHES Paderborn, January 29 th – February 1 st 2014 University of Paderborn

2 2 University “East Sarajevo” differs from the other universities, Mainly because of the fact it is located in 10 towns, which makes it decentralized and therefore contributes to the faster development of these towns

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4 4 UES trains specialists in Bachelor, Master and PhD degree engineering programmes essential for the industrial development, as well as specialists in Low and Medicine. 13.500 Students - FULL-TIME STUDIES 2.000 Students - POSTGRADUATE STUDIES Number of employees: 809 Research staff: 420 The UES is togetherwith University of Banja Luka the largest higher education institution in RS Administration versus Academic staff 40 : 60

5 Teaching process Regular up-dating of programs on the 1 st cycle Establishing and adopting programs on 2 nd and 3 rd cycle Merging of programs Introducing new methodologies and approaches Developing new competence based approach Creation of joint programs with industry and other institutions 5

6 6 46 Study Programmes:  Agricultural Sciences  Automatics and Electronics  Business Economy  Chemical Engineering and Technology  Civil Engineering  Computer Engineering and Information  Dental Medicine  Economy  English Language and Literature  Fine arts  Geography  Health care and Defectology  History  Journalistic Science  Law  Library Science  Library science  Mathematics and Physics  Medicine  Music о logy  Music Pedagogy  Pedagogy  Philosophy  Physical Education and sport  Power Engineering  Production Engineering and >Management  Psychology  Serbian Language and Literature  Sociology  Teacher Education  Theology  Transport Engineering

7 7 Faculties Number of Courses Academy of Fine Arts37 Faculty of Economics Brcko32 Faculty of Economics Pale36 Faculty of Electrical Engineering48 Faculty of Physical Education55 Faculty of Business Economy34 Faculty of Production Engineering and Management57 Faculty of Philosophy11 study programmes, each programme has about 48 courses Faculty of Civil Engineering55 Faculty of Medicine105 Academy of Music20 Faculty of Teacher Education42 Faculty of Agriculture42 Faculty of Law40 Faculty of Theology57 Faculty of Transport Engineering50 Faculty of Technology45

8 Quality assurance University of East Sarajevo is fully accredited institution by HEARS and HEA and is the first High education institution in BH put into Register of Accredited institutions QA office and Committee Process of accreditation of study programs (6 already finished) Self-assessment reports and auditing Student inquiries/feedback New strategy and other key documents 8

9 Investments and development New equipment and infrastructure (Austrian grant (17+10 million euros), different EU projects, Government and Ministry of Education of Republic of Srpska) Innovation Center Strategic agreements with work-field Close connection between faculties and work-field 9

10 10 The University of East Sarajevo has over 130 bilateral agreements signed with partner universities at home and abroad. These bilateral agreements regulate different types of cooperation, such as work on subjects and projects of common interest, exchange of scholars and students, joint publications, exchange of information and other activities in order to improve the academic cooperation. Certain organisational units/faculties of the University of East Sarajevo have also a number of bilateral agreements signed with their partner faculties abroad. The University of East Sarajevo is a member of several university networks and international associations - European University Association; - EUA, the Network of Central and Eastern European Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education, BiH Rectors Conference, etc. International and Interuniversity Cooperation

11 Ceepus and Ministry of Education RS-40 representatives of students and staff Bilateral agreements and projects/more than 100 students and staff Currently running 12 international projects Two new Erasmus projects 11

12 12 The University of East Sarajevo has participated in 24 TEMPUS projects since 2000, two FP6 projects, one FP7 project; and other international project Developing Centres of Excellence for Research (Medicine, Transportation, Food technology, Engineering and Agriculture) New doctoral programs New preconditions for passing is one to another academic conditions Science and Research

13 BHQFHE-BH Qualification framework for High Education Contact person: Dejan Bokonjic Address: Vuka Karadjica 31. 71132 Lukavica University of East Sarajevo Main aims and activities of organization: Teaching-competence based approach Research-centers of excellence Internationalization Connection with the work-field Introducing quality management 13

14 Role of the organization in the BHQFHE UES will be involved very actively as a partner in all activities predicted by BHQFHE project Topic of the project is very important for BH HEA and we will help in dissemination and sustainability of project results 14

15 Skills and expertise in the QF field Members of our team were involved very actively in previous project dealing with development of QF in BH Representatives of the University were members of Commissions appointed from MCA for preparation of QF for different scientific fields. Team is very much involved in the process of the reform of HEA in BH (Grujic, Bokonjic, Trbojevic, Suka, Vladusic, Markovic) 15

16 Expectations from BHQFHE Project Developing QF guideline Defining sectorial statements Establishing trained groups for introducing LO and competences in different scientific fields connected with QF Piloting the developed model Dissemination and sustainability of project results Development of QF for different scientific field 16

17 Future priorities Restructuring of programs and updating curricula with Involvement of stakeholders Internationalization Mobility of staff and students Accreditation of all study programs Doctoral studies and enhancing research New strategic plan of the University Finishing infrastructural investments (dormitories, new faculty buildings, additional equipment, new Rector office…) Integration of University should be continued 17

18 18 Thank you for your attention!

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