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Centre For Inclusive Education Bulgaria

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1 Centre For Inclusive Education Bulgaria

2 We work in partnership with: Non-governmental organizations, Schools, Municipalities, Governmental institutions and Politicians, so that All children go to school and feel good there Children at risk are protected Children do not become juvenile delinquents All children realize that the world needs change to become more just place for all and work for that change when they grow up.

3 Centre For Inclusive Education We work so that more and more children, every day, receive quality education in order to develop their talents and abilities, to feel safe, included and valued.


5 Trainings and support for parents, teachers and specialists Researches and analyses Peer surveys and peer trainings, showing that child participation is of importance and value Social campaigns that inform and change public attitudes Advocacy at local, national and European level. We achieve our goal through

6 What do we do? Inclusive education practices Provide teachers with tools; e.g. Index for inclusion and Index early years Practical training on how to administrate inclusive education programs Child protection Introduction to child rights How to detect and prevent violence Assisting social workers on how to support families with children at risk Child participation Providing teachers with the ability to facilitate peer-to- peer education Provision and teaching of learning games and educational exercises Peer education and peer assessment

7 Our Latest Campaigns Children with Dyslexia 2010 Fundraising campaign with the book Jivko the Giraffe and its Friends Help Children with Dyslexia Children in institutions 2010 Iva Boneva speaks at the International Forum for New Ideas TED ONE SCHOOL FOR ALL 2007 National Public Awareness Campaign on Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities and Special Educational Needs

8 The Projects Safer Communities (with OAK Foundation) – Developing a working model for appropriate rapid reaction to child abuse cases on local level in 5 municipalities based on the international “Keeping Children Safe” standards for Child Protection by non-governmental and governmental structures that work directly with children. GATE (with EU) – Creating an educational model to support and to equip pre-primary and primary teachers with knowledge, skills and tools to support pupils experiencing dyslexic difficulties; to ensure educational continuity between pre-primary and primary schools working with pupils experiencing dyslexic difficulties EMBED (with EU) – Embedding Dyslexia-Responsive Practices in Lifelong Learning is an international project to support the dyslexic individual all over Europe. The collaboration of 6 countries is supported by the Lifelong Learning Program of the Education, Audiovisual, Culture executive Agency of the European Union.

9 Getting to Know! Pilot Introduction of Development Education in the Formal Education System in Bulgaria 2010 - 2012 Funded by the European Commission “Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development”, DCI-NSAED/2009/202-172 In partnership with five other Bulgarian NGOs

10 Reader on Development Training for Trainers Curricula Training for Journalists curricula Toolkits for schools Development of curricula and training materials Training of Trainers Training of Journalists Peer Researchers on MDGs Capacity Building Media analyses Press conference Awareness rising events Public Awareness Getting to Know! activities

11 “Getting to Know!” in pictures: Training of Trainers - Development Education

12 “Getting to Know!” in pictures: Peer Researchers - Part I

13 “Getting to Know!” in pictures: The Training of Trainers gives the first fruits – Training of Teachers in Blagoevgrad

14 CIE believes that children should be treated not as citizens in the future but as citizens today. Development education on global issues and its action-based approach are an important component of the citizenship. We are convinced and passionate about introducing development education to young people and we are looking for as passionate partners as we are.

15 Who we are Iva Boneva, Executive Director Stefan Yordanov, Child Protection and Participation Latinka Ducheva, PR and Communications Margarita Asparuhova, Project Manager Lilia Krasteva, Project Coordinator Stella Petrova, Finance Manager

16 Contacts Telephone: +359 2 870 20 63 +359 898 500 848 Address: 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria 60 Ekzarh Iosif Str. E-mail:

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