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WHAT IS “SOCIAL MEDIA”? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. “Like a social instrument of communication ”  Mobile-based  Free time and space  Based on human communication.

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1 WHAT IS “SOCIAL MEDIA”? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2 “Like a social instrument of communication ”  Mobile-based  Free time and space  Based on human communication  Sharing and discussion  Questions and answers  İnformal education way  User-generated content  Social platform

3 From one-way street where you can read a newspaper or listen to a report on television To a two-way street that gives you the ability to communicate,too. PROVIDES US

4 Not just give you information, but interacts with you while giving you that information.

5 simple as asking for your comments or letting you vote on an article, complex based on the ratings of other people with similar interests.


7 2.4 billion internet users since 2013, more than half of these has a continuous social network 1.Tayland (12.797.500), 2.Endenozya (11.658.760), 3.Brezilya (8.791.700), 4.Türkiye (8.325.860), 5.Meksiko (7.743.220)

8 Social Media: Explained for Moms FACEBOOK : I like sleep. TWITTER : Dreaming of sleep. # tired INSTAGRAM:Here’s an old looking photo of my sleep –deprived face. PANDORA : Now, listening to “need some sleep” GOOGLE : I’m a google employee who needs sleep.


10 What are the aims ? Mostly, which ages ? How often used ? Most common social network? Computer and internet skill are related or not? The results of Information Management Department of Hacettepe University

11 the students in Turkey to find out their skills in using the Internet, Web 2.0 tools, social networks…

12 It is understood that they think themselves about using İnternet : %54 partially sufficient %40 sufficient %6 not sufficient according to the classes except the last grade, Students assess themselves partially sufficient 62% last grade think themselves sufficient about computers and the Internet.

13 time spent on the Internet indicates that: 47% 1 to 3 hours a day, 34% More than 3 hours, 10% less than 1 hour-day, 9% several times a week

14 The students evaluated themselves about using social media applications: 34% of The students feels sufficient, 56% of them feels partially sufficient 9% of them feels inadequate

15 When consider the time they spend in social media; # 40% 1-3 hours # 14% more than 3 hours # 22% less than an hour # 20% several times a week # 4% actively using the networks all day long

16 Objectives of the students use Social Media follow current developments and innovations (47%) share information (22%) leisure (21%) To learn the views of others on a particular subject (6% ​​ ) to share their views with other people (3% )

17 The Factors That Influence The Young People To Become A Member Of A Social Network Students 1.Grade2.Grade3.Grade4.Grade FactorsNumber% % % % Friend suggestion36533056,518421837,5 Surfing on the net2131173216372348 Resources691237510,5 Lessons4647,53724 Other11123700 Total68100531004310048100

18 “Which social networks/tools are used among the students? ”

19 82.7% of the students use

20 in second place with the rate of 81%,

21 The third is a web platform which was developed by Microsoft, (66.4%)



24 social media as an educational tool Information Management Department of Anadolu University The staff had a study about “using facebook” as an educational tool. The results:

25 67 teachers (30 woman-37 men) 41-45 years old 50 teachers have “facebook” %72 of staff find it useful for course announcements %62 of staff find it useful for giving homework

26 %64 belives facebook group has good effects on common interest and requirements. Most of them has good thoughts about teaching their lessons on facebbok Only one of 284 lessons is active on FB. All think positively on FB.


28 A research on Value Education Using Facebook Groups by the Ministry of National Education, Turkey sixth-graders sharing poems, proverbs, idioms, anecdotes, pictures, videos, etc. about “love” via Facebook groups.

29 satisfaction questionnaire Students indicate that: 1.Had fun 2.Felt relaxed and improved self-confidence 3.Out of class activities were more relaxed 4.Took feedback comment immediately 5.Really useful for interacting continuously


31 Prepared by Esra DEĞİRMENCİ See you on FB

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