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Literal Texts inspired by Food Culinary art and stories belong together. Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014.

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2 Literal Texts inspired by Food Culinary art and stories belong together. Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

3 Literal Texts inspired by Food Literature is full of famous and plentiful meals or of dreaming of them. Food is a very personal and intimate thing. ”You are what you eat”. It is also said that when you eat a very good meal, so you get back your faith in life, if you have lost it. Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

4 Texts inspired by Food Information and Library Service Students of Vocational Educational Centre in Seinäjoki took a challenging task to research and find texts in literature, most Finnish, which deal with food and eating. The task wasn´t easy and the text samples were strictly elected. There could be funny nonsense- rhymes for children, fairy-tales, folk-tales, dreams of meals, situations in life when food was important or the lack of it. The students tried to find out in what kind of feelings and emotions food and eating were connected. Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

5 Texts inspired by food Food and eating raises passions and great emotions. The images raised by fictive food tell surprisingly much about us. In literature the authors can use food and meals and eating as an allegory to describe the situations of life where the persons live or their attitudes to it. Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

6 Texts inspired by food Sadly in many books of teenage-girls food is playing a bad role and one can read heart- rending stories of anorexia or bulimia. When trying to find your own identity and control of life food and eating (better avoiding them) are a good weapon. Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

7 Texts inspired by food Our students went through dozens and dozens of”foodtexts” and finally chose some of them. During the job they became very critical and as a final result we together posted about ten samples of our textpiles to Kaisa Isotalo and her pupils in Seinäjoki Lyseo. We wanted to honour e.g. the Grand Old Lady of Finnish children´s lyrics, Kirsi Kunnas, and her hilarious and ingenious limerick-inspired verses. There were three of her masterpieces. You can even here one of them: The Pan and the Potatoes read by Kaisa´s pupils. Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

8 Texts inspired by food As a second part of the whole project pupils of Seinäjoen lyseo( mostly Kaisa´s pupils) cooked food during their home economics lessons and had our texts as their inspiration and example. Presumably at least the texts of Kirsi Kunnas were familiar to them and watching potatoes cook and dance in the kettle like in the verse surely raised smiles. “I'm sweating and steaming I feel like screaming I'm bubbling and seething I'm rattling like tea-things the pan said - took his hat off his head – and Phew!” The Pan and the Potatoes by Kirsi Kunnas, translated Herbert Lomas, the whole verse can be read at the end of this presentation Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

9 Texts inspired by food ”The Herb Soup of Ms Rosemary” was also one of the verses by Kirsi Kunnas. Hereby there was a great opportunity for the pupils to get acquaintanted with several herbs. Freely translated the verse brings for you to taste an enormous bunch of herbs like celery, thymian, mint, sage, parsley, basil, dill… - wonderful! But oh pity! The judge of flavour, Mr. Parsnip wanted to have the saffron, savory, chevril and as a final crown – the garlic! Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

10 Texts inspired by food ”Don´t play with the Food” is a book by Jukka Laajarinne. It contains short, humorous, sometimes absurd stories ”from the kitchen and the bottoms of the kettles” as he calls them. Our example was called ” The Teddybear Pasta”. It was a cute story of a bagful of teddybear pasta, who´s greatest wish was that some day a little child would eat them. They were wondering whether they would be crosted with ketchup or minched meat or a cream sauce. They only knew that whatever it would be, it would be very good and tasty. And and it was worth waiting for! Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

11 Texts inspired by food One day the waiting was rewarded. The teddybear pasta was boiled (they don´t feel pain!). They grew big and they got on them a coat of yummy ramsons pesto – so their mouths,eyes, ears, paws and tummies were all in this marvellous pesto. The whole crowd was fullfilled with joy when they were ladled on the plate. Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

12 Texts inspired by food In the future ”Texts concerning food and eating” will be used at school during the home economics lessons to motivate and inspirate the pupils. Perhaps they´ll find new ways of cooking, finding recipes in literature and most of all become inspired to examine and study the wide world of culinary art. Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

13 The Pan and the Potatoes by Kirsi Kunnas, transl. By Herbert Loman Oi olen aivan höyrypäinen, ihan kiehun ja sihisen kuin sähikäinen, sanoi kattila ja nosti hattua pshiih ihan kiehun ja kihisen ja puhisen, pihisen syljen, sihisen sähisen, kähisen ja kiukusta rähisen, sanoi kattila ja nosti hattua pshiih I'm sweating and steaming I feel like screaming I'm bubbling and seething I'm rattling like tea-things the pan said - took his hat off his head – and Phew! I'm absolutely boiling I'm bristling and whistling and hustling and moiling and all hot and sizzling it's a mad mad bustle the pan said - took its hat off his head – and Phew! Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

14 The Pan and the Potatoes by Kirsi Kunnas, transl. by Herbert Loman Voi tätä hoppua hoppua hoppua huusivat perunat, voi tätä hoppua ei tule loppua loppua loppua polkata täytyy polkkaa, polkata polkkaa kiireistä aikaa, tulta on kengissä laukata täytyy laukkaa, laukata laukkaa ei ole tolkkua millään, ei ole tolkun tolkkua kolkata täytyy kolkkaa, kolkata kolkkaa hyvä jos pysymme hengissä, hengissä, hengissä voi tätä hoppua hoppua hoppua ei tule loppua. Ouch this hoppity, hoppity, hoppity shouted the potatoes, popping up fit to split no way of stopping it, dropping it, swapping it dancing a polka, have to, dance, dancing a polka got to go higher now, shoes are on fire now galloping, galloping, off at a lollop jumping and jumping and off at a wallop turning and thumping, thumping and turning oh this knocking and bumping and socking off again copping it, hopping it, whopping it makes me spit - no way of stopping it Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

15 More photos taken by the pupils of Seinäjoen lyseo during their home economic lessons Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

16 Texts inspired by food Sources: Kunnas, Kirsi, Tiitiäisen satupuu, WSOY, 1964, 3.p. Kunnas, Kirsi, Tiitiäisen pippurimylly, WSOY, 1991 Laajarinne, Jukka, Ruoalla ei saa leikkiä, WSOY, 2009 Marttinen, Tittamari, Pastapolkka ja mangotango, Kirjapaja, 2009 Salminen, Elisa, Pullien pulla, Tammi, 2011 Surojegin, Pirkko-Liisa, Suomen kansan hölmöläissadut, Otava, 2000 The Pan and the Potatoes by Kirsi Kunnas, transl. By Henri Loman,_Kirsi- 1924/Kattila_ja_perunat/en/31584-The_pan_and_the_potatoes,_Kirsi- 1924/Kattila_ja_perunat/en/31584-The_pan_and_the_potatoes [viitattu 26.4.2014] Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

17 Texts inspired by food The Pan and the Potatoes, read by pupils of Seinäjoen lyseo Suvi Veijalainen 4/2014

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