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Anytime, Anything, Anywhere, but always connected. A global solution for your M2M applications.

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1 Anytime, Anything, Anywhere, but always connected. A global solution for your M2M applications


3 M2M – IoT - IoE

4 Data vs Voice lines evolution

5 Remote Maintenance & Control Information Technology Security Metering Traffic control Wending &Payment Environmental Monitoring M2M vertical market segments Health

6 Power plants, photovoltaic, water, wind.... Energy distribution – switches, transformer stations Heating plants, heat pipelines, exchanger stations Energy and heating Monitoring and SCADA control Remote data collection Direct Data collection from energy meters Data communication to Concentrators in SMART metering grids

7 Water treatment Monitoring and SCADA control Water production and distribution – pump stations, reservoirs, pipelines Waste water – sewage treatment plants, pump stations River basins – artificial lakes, river flow level Agriculture irrigation, artificial ski-slopes Remote data collection from water meters

8 Oil and gas Monitoring and SCADA control Gas and oil leakage detection Monitoring of gas control stations Process control of gas and oil extraction Gas storage monitoring Remote data collection from gas meters

9 Meteorology and emergency systems Meteorology and Warning System Meteorology stations for weather monitoring Air quality measurement and monitoring Flood and Earthquake, early warning information system Industry Gas and radiation detection system Dangerous substances leakage Statics of buildings

10 Traffic control Traffic monitoring and control Intersections, tunnels Intelligent Parking and traffic systems with integrated Digital Signage Traffic Compliance – Camera and RADAR surveillance systems Mobile Internet access Busses, Boats, Trains, Urban transport Railway transport Railway station monitoring and information systems Rolling Stock monitoring and remote connectivity

11 Remote Industrial Control, telecommunication Remote monitoring and control Remote Programming of SCADA systems Industrial PLC, machines, production lines Building automation and monitoring Independent remote access Monitoring of key elements of telco networks for ISP Remote maintenance of computers and servers Backup for fixed lines, DSL, fiber

12 ATM, lottery, retail ATM, Point Of Sales Data communication for ATM and POS Interconnection of Information System of Retail chains Lottery Online communication of Game terminals Interconnection of Lottery subsidiaries 14 000 3G cellular routers for Polish lottery network Vending machines Monitoring of vending machines Information kiosk, ticket machines,...

13 Camera and Security Systems Transfer of images and videos from security IP cameras Large camera system monitoring Camera motion control Security system connections

14 VITRIKO – Mobile Data Experts

15 HARDWARE: Industrial Routers GSM/UMTS/LTE 2G-3G-4G-CDMA Dual SIM, RS232, RS485, M-BUS, WiFi, I/O Digital, GPS, etc.

16 SOFTWARE: Network Manager

17 Central OpenVPN server System for Router’s configuration design Routing network system Virtual private system with virtual fix IP addresses at Features SECURITY: VPN and policy security

18 Reference list CompanyDeviceApplication ENBW – GermanyER75i, ER75i v2Remote control and data collection - Energy distribution Pražská teplárenská a.s. - Czech RepublicER75iRemote control and data collection - heating in Prague Západoslovenská Energetika - SlovakiaER75i, ER75i v2Remote control and data collection - Energy distribution Apian Solution - FranceUR5Remote control of Solar Power Plants Eletronica Santerno - ItaliaER75iRemote control of Solar Power Plants E.ON - Czech republicER75i v2Remote control and data collection - Energy and Gas Gas Natural - SpainCGU04Remote control and data collection - Gas distribution GTECHUR5, UR5i v2 Data communication for on line Gamming terminals (Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia) Enolia Solar System - GreeceER75i, UR5 v2Remote control of Solar Power Plants Telefónica O2 - Czech RepublicUR5, UR5 v2Data communication system for data terminals Cross a.s. - Czech RepublicER75i Remote control from meteorological sensors for traffic management in Czech Republic Raiffeisenbank - RussiaER75i, UR5iATM data communication ING bank - NetherlandER75iATM data communication

19 Anytime, Anything, Anywhere, but always connected. +34 966 10 19 89

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