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Sustainable and eco-efficient development through C2C November 5, 2010, Iasi, Romania.

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1 Sustainable and eco-efficient development through C2C November 5, 2010, Iasi, Romania

2 Why do we have to learn from costly mistakes... … if we can use the examples of those who succeeded?

3 The ’70s Vapi, India More than 50 chemical plants pollute with: chlorine pesticides lead dyestuffs The mercury concentration into the soil exceeds 20 times the maximum admitted limit!

4 China – Over 100 chemical plants permanently discharge untreated waste water into the Yangtze river and ocean

5 China – Heavy metals pollution

6 Radioactive pollution with: uranium plutonium cesium strontium The ’80s Chernobyl, Ukraine



9 The 90’s - Malaysia, household waste pollution

10 Guangdong Province, China

11 Most polluted places on the Earth

12 Which is the alternative ? Sustainable and eco- efficient development through C2C

13 What does “Cradle to Cradle” concept really mean? Re-inventing the way we do things nowadays Doing things properly from the start instead of correcting them during the ongoing process or after Eliminating the waste/residue concept Making use of renewable energy Respecting the human and natural systems

14 Graz, Austria

15 BIOPLASTIC – Polylactic acid (PLA), plastic produced from renewable resources (“green chemistry”). sugar Lactic acid producers Acid lactic PLA producers Finished product producers Collection and re-introduction into the flow ::: Bioplastic production:::

16 Grinding Depolymerization Purification stage ::: Bioplastic recycling::: Purification stage ADVANTAGES: less chemicals used, lower costs; low energy consumption, almost 100% PLA recovery; endless continuous recycling process; quality of recycled PLA = quality of original PLA

17 3M headquarters, Pioltello, Milano Surface: 10.300 sqm Costs: 16.5 mil. € Finished: May 2010

18 Floriade 2012 - Expozitia Mondiala de Horticultura (Venlo, Olanda) Finalizare constructie: aprilie 2012 Suprafata: 66 hectare

19 Innovacomplex Intrare in Parcul FLORIADE

20 Traditional acceptance of governance Governance inside the government Governance outside the government C2C implies creation of a network (public, private and non-governmental actors) intended for/capable to re-invent the management of sustainable materials, stimulating the innovation system to experiment and learn

21 How do we see C2C actions within North-East Region of Romania? 1.By collecting information – how others succedded? 2.By learning from good practices 3.By convincing others to take similar actions 4.By organizing ourselves at regional level 5.Describing in the action plan how these economically and socially advantageous C2C actions could be implemented 6.Promoting the inclusion of our proposals into the national programming documents for 2014-2020 time span

22 How to contact us? Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Nord-Est Gabriela MACOVEIU, Project Manager Phone: 0233 218071 Fax: 0233 218072 E-mail:

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