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Introduction of our company ASPO CZ s.r.o.. ISO 9001:2008 Availability 24 hours 7 days a week Expertise team with tradition Quality control, sorting,

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1 Introduction of our company ASPO CZ s.r.o.

2 ISO 9001:2008 Availability 24 hours 7 days a week Expertise team with tradition Quality control, sorting, rework, assembly of components

3 Company is estabilished since 2002 ASPO CZ providing mainly sorting, control, rework and global servise for automotive ASPO CZ is certificated by ISO 9001:2008 ASPO CZ with our philosophy gives a chance to disabled persons to come back to productive life We are proud of this achievement and we are committed to continuously improve the quality of our service to our customers ASPO CZ has its own sorting facilities directly in the industrial area of Rakovnik

4 ASPO CZ is technically oriented company with a main focus on: Production management Sorting and securization Control services Support system of management

5 Why to choose us for sorting and inspection We offer our service complete – sorting, rework, control, assembly, production, reporting 10 years of experience in the automotive filed We dispose with wide basement of operators ready for 3 shifts work Our standart is to always have a clear documentation and history of each work order We have agreed liability insurance up to CZK 15 million / 600 K EUR Upon the customer request we react and act within 2 hours We provide services that meet or exceed our customers expectations

6 Production management With more than 9 years of experience within project management in the fields as engineering, consulting, support and control of production we have established and continuously improving our strong position of successful partner for automotive producers Our strengths as industrialization solutions, organization skills and quality management are strongly supported and follow by precise knowledge of financial management which allow our company to provide and offer a wild range of support developed always to meet our customer demands ASPO CZ as regional provider of services is able to run the activities up to 100 km from Rakovnik and Prague ASPO CZ is strongly customer oriented

7 Sorting and securization We have experienced inspectors, auditors, who can provide services in your / our premises.... We have experience mainly with plastics, castings, stampings, rubber, glass, PCB, treatment of surfaces and installations. Client-specific reports are available for all projects. We also create a written and / or photographic work instructions. All work instructions must be and are approved before starting work. We verify specific product and material - results are systematically recorded We create and manage a clear records of qty of sorted parts, qty of NOK parts, tact time of each operation, etc for every project, We run a website for on-line result communication for ongoing sorting / rework. We regularly train our employees, as well as strong follow up of operators, tact time performance, compliance with the work instruction, etc..

8 Sorting and rework operation Sorting We sort and classify components that do not meet the requirements of customers by visual inspection, electrical tests, dimensional checks. Rework We are able to rework non-conform components to meet customer requirements for quality (grinding, sawing, cutting, measuring by means of sliding gauge, gauges...). All process with a minimum notice. Quality control We are sorting or reworking components on base of claims either from Valeo or from Valeo customers. Within a Valeo plant we are ready to provide our service within a minutes as we permanently have our employees located directly in the production plant We are able to perform as well a preventive control based on your and by Valeo approved instructions Securization We can sort 100% of the components prior to release to the customer's manufacturing process. Offered reliability and capabbility of our process is for us very important to avoid using non-conforming products.

9 Preassembly, Production We can manage subassemblies and assembled units according to customer requirements in order to secure quickly, professionally and cost-effective accurate service. Packaging, Labelling We can inspect - components, packaging, repackaging parts, marking and registration of components for identification - according to customer requirements. Incoming inspection We can perform Incoming Inspection control of components - random dimensional and visual inspection comparing the first sample and actual delivery, packaging inspection etc.. Maintenance of returnable packaging Cleaning, washing, storing, distributing, sticking labels refundable and non-returnable boxes and packaging. Logistic We can deliver your goods to the desired destination. Re – billing / Charge back We can arrange the rebilling of the costs to your suppliers. Reporting We can collect and store datas according to the needs of individual projects. Customized reporting is included in standard costs, unless a special preparation for the development of non-standard contracts. Reports and invoices can be provided via e-mail, fax or mail. Control services

10 Support system of managementu Partnership We work with permanent and long-term customers, so that win-win environment, and the percentage of satisfied customers is approaching to equal to number 100 Communication Good communication ensures success, instructions are fixed, the changes can be made prior to agreement, instructions and deadlines are met. E-mail, fax, phone and Internet sites used to communicate and meet the needs of our customers Responsiveness On-line supplies operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond to emergencies and we are ready to give our customers what they need. We have fixed the response time of our service requirements for two hours, unless the regulation otherwise provides our customers

11 Awareness of cost We are aware that costs are a major factor in attracting and maintaining our customers.That is why we are continuously looking for ways to improve the control processes and at the same time to reduce overall project costs, not only for ourselves but also for our customers Project structure We work together with our customers when defining specific project requirements. The detailed cooperation ensures that each project is clearly defined and understood even before the commencement of work. We are able to prepare guidance and work instructions (in the case of customer wish or not providining). The details of each project are confirmed in writing with the customer to avoid errors and misunderstandings. Quality support We offer a quality and technical support, which incluides creation of work instructions, corrective actions, - root cause analyses, work flows, evaluations and statistical analyses. We are using such a methods, which allow us to find the most problematic areas and then to take corrective action on rder to increase a profit which finally leads to savings even for our customers Support system of managementu

12 ISO 9001:2008 ASPO is certified by EN ISO 9001:2008. We provide services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of time, cost and quality. We measure parameters of our performance and we are motivated to constantly improve our offer services for the benefit of our customers. We work closely with the company VALEO Autoklimatizace since 2005, as a partner to ensuredetection of poor quality and partner for sorting / rework. Experience in the automotive industry and their direct knowledge of quality systems and manufacturing problems gives us invaluable experience. Experience in automotive, quality systems, production problems in combination with sorting, quality control, repair parts allows us to offer comprehensive services for our clients and also invaluable experience for us. Commendation: Valeo Autoklimatizace, Lego, Eberspacher,InterControl, Procter and Gamble - Rakona, MPD plus, Arvato services…


14 ASPO CZ – in its own sorting area - TOS

15 ASPO CZ in VALEO Rakovnik – CP division

16 In case of your interest we will be pleased to receive your requests on following: For information in English Andrea Kelly +420 777 900 625 Administration offices ASPO CZ s.r.o. Huřviny 67 270 36 Lubná u Rakovníka Czech Repubic Miloň Cír mob.:+420 777 321 144 Sorting areas ASPO CZ s.r.o. (formal TOS area) Kuštova 637 269 01 Rakovník Czech Republic Radek Cír mob.:+420 773 000 325

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