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MEDIA PROGRAMME Call 21/2009 – Support to Interactive Works ALLOCATED BUDGET: 1.979.948,00€ Global Results of the Call 21/2009 : Submitted: 88 projects.

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1 MEDIA PROGRAMME Call 21/2009 – Support to Interactive Works ALLOCATED BUDGET: ,00€ Global Results of the Call 21/2009 : Submitted: 88 projects Ineligible: 16 projects (18%) Selected: 18 projects (20%)

2 Overview results Call 21/2009 by country:

3 Presentation of selected interactive works projects

4 The Wolf in the Iron Forest Tactile Entertainment ApS, DA Developer Media contribution: € action adventure game for iPhone/iPod. Based on the animated film ´The Wolf in the Iron Forest´ currently developed by Nimbus Film International (DA) Selling points: well designed project to suit smartphone technology, game that has by it-self large international potential

5 Rochard Recoil Games Ltd, FI Developer Media contribution: € Action game in a 3D science fiction environment, designed for PC and console Xbox and PS The game complements a feature length animation « Rochard the Movie », which is being created by the Finnish animation house Anima Vitae. Selling points: quality of the development strategy, capacity to realise the project, innovation, good artwork

6 Cursed Undercity Rebellion Developments Ltd, UK Developer Media contribution: € A 3D person survival shooter game exclusively for PC Based on British sci-fi anthology 2000 AD ´Judge Dredd´. Game narrative complements feature film of the same name and same storyline, currently in production. Selling points: strong company with excellent development strategy, professional project, strong IP, good creative visuals quality

7 Brand New U Hot Property Films Ltd, UK Audiovisual production company Media contribution: € Interactive online content for website with applications, online comic and film. Complements feature project « Brand New U ». Selling points: High creative potential, innovative concept, experienced team

8 Pandemic Seize the Media Ltd, UK company dedicated to the development and exploitation of media properties in the transmedia domain Media contribution: € Interactive work for internet and mobile Complements the dramatic feature film ´HiM´. Selling points: Innovative, Pandemic is combination of gaming, narrative media and interactive technology that places the audience in the shoes of the protagonist

9 Didou et la fée arc-en-ciel (Didou and the Rainbow Fairy) Millimages SA, FR Audiovisual production company Media contribution: € Downloadable video game both for PC and internet, aimed at children 3-6 years old. Based on existing European animated pre-school TV series (Louie) Single Project support 2010 Selling points: High edutainment value, innovative as able to adapt itself to the performance of each single player, measuring the learning progress, modulating and driving the experience, and making all the diary of the game available for parents

10 Groove High Talents Planet Nemo Productions Sarl, FR Audiovisual production company Media contribution: € Community life simulation multiplayer game for internet Complements existing animated TV series and the whole Groove High environment (characters, music) Single Project support 2010 Selling points: Good potential as the series has been already sold to more than 100 countries, in accordance with the young target audience

11 The Artists Caviar Films NV Caviar Films NV, BE Audiovisual production company Media contribution: € A cross-media format for internet and mobile phones: one day in 5 cities across Europe, 5 world famous paintings disappear from 5 museum and are replaced by an enigmatic spiral. Who did this and why? Complements 5 parts TV drama (co- production with five countries BE/NL/NO/SE/FI) Selling points: clear awareness of markets and presales, involvement of highly skilled people from the different fields, kind of project that defines new frontiers in interactive media

12 E8 Filmtrip Ltd, UK boutique production company specialising in film & TV cross platform productions, mobile app development and online media Media contribution: € Interactive gameplay for internet and mobile phones. Linked to "E8" - an interactive science fiction series of 16 x 7' episodes online. Other distribution channels include TV and DVD. Selling points: Innovative project, linking a fiction series with a pervasive game. Project aimed at a core of fans, interested in science fiction.

13 Roary the Racing Car – Silverhatch Adventures Studio Liddel Ltd, UK Studio that specialises in 3D design, animation and illustration Media contribution: € Console game for Wii, the game aims at children age group 4+. Based on the existing animated TV series produced by Chapman Entertainment. Selling points: Well established IP able to answer to the need for good mainstream commercial titles

14 Sausage in Circus „Orla Frosnapper“ Game Crone Film A/S, DA Audiovisual production company Media contribution: € A point and click adventure game for PC and internet, full of puzzles and mini games. The game complements the 3D feature animated film ´Orla Frosnapper´ Slate Funding support 2009, to be released in 2011 Selling points: Right tools and technologies being used appropriately and innovatively, signicant cross- border appeal and awareness of the markets and sales revenues.

15 Eskoda Lexis Numerique SA, FR Developer Media contribution: € A cross-media multiplatform game for internet, iPhone and other applications, intending to immerse the player totally in „experiencing a total fiction“. Will be complemented by web-series, comic books and art books. Selling points: solid developer’s background, innovation, creativity, original story line

16 Ooops Noah is gone Magma European Scripting House Limited, IE Audiovisual production company Media contribution: € A game for iPod Touch, iPhone and Android. Filled with mini-games and puzzles, it aims at children 8-12 years. Based on the animated movie of the same name, currently in production and Single Project support in 2008 Selling points: interesting gameplay and scenario that fits the platforms and the target audience, experienced creative team that worked for Eidos, Disney, Warner Bros…

17 Emily the Strange – Stranger and Strangerous Dtp Young Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG, DE Developer & Publisher Media contribution: € Console game based on character „Emily the Strange“ known from comic books and novels. Complements the first Emily movie (estimated release: 2011) Selling points: well known brand, well developed and detailed concept, strong cross border potential

18 Picnic with Pie interactive Submarine BV, NL Audiovisual Production company Media contribution: € Applications for iPhone and iPad Will complement the animated television series Picnic with Pie (13x15´) Slate Funding support Selling points: well prepared and documented project by a solid company, good potential for European exploitation based on an internationally acclaimed children’s book

19 La Scénarioze On est pas tous égaux devant 142€ Telfrance Serie Srl, FR Audiovisual production company Media contribution: € A six-week event on the internet Will complement audiovisual series for internet, which will tell a story and at the same time generate scenarios thanks to its participative dimension. Selling points: innovative and original concept involving the audience at a very early stage, example of future media already well supported

20 Dot and Dash Martini Media Ltd, IE Audiovisual production company Media contribution: € A console game specifically aimed at parents and children playing together. Complements animated pre-school TV series for kids of the same name. Selling points: Natal project (motion sensing camera), game for Xbox 360 normally used by adults but here it focuses on young children playing with their parents.

21 Farewell Comrades! Interactive Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion Berlin GmbH & Co.KG, DE Audiovisual production company Media Contribution: € Interactive web documentary (interactive journey into the Eastern Bloc) Will complement European TV series (6x52´ series) supported by TV Broadcasting. Selling points: highly innovative idea of incorporating the content of a documentary about the fall of Soviet Union into a non- linear format, high quality of project and team, strong European potential.


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