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QUEST workshop in Gävle, 12.-13.March, 2013 STATUTORY CITY OF CHOMUTOV Bedřich Erik Rathouský Workshop representative of Chomutov in Gävle.

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1 QUEST workshop in Gävle, 12.-13.March, 2013 STATUTORY CITY OF CHOMUTOV Bedřich Erik Rathouský Workshop representative of Chomutov in Gävle

2 Introduction Name: STATUTORY CITY OF CHOMUTOV The number of inhabitants: 52 000 (twin-town Chomutov-Jirkov 74 000) Modal Split: Modal Split – 2011, Chomutov, Czech Republic Pedestrian Traffic 20%-- Cycling 7%15% Individual vehicle traffic – more people Public Transport 35%23% Individual vehicle traffic – drivers only 100% Vision for Mobility: „The real innovation in the field of sustainable mobility is a strategy which is so attractive that it permanently changes the behavior of interested parties both stakeholders and the competition.“

3 Genesis of the QUEST project 05/2010 – CDV offer - (Transport Research Center, Czech Republic) to participate in the QUEST project 08/2010 – agreement of the city council to participate (Letter of Interest) 09/2010 – QUEST team founded manager – Deputy Mayor – Jan Rehak 12/2011 – Approval of "Memorandum of Understanding“ by the City Council 2010-2012 – Workshops with CDV, Ministry of Transport, communication with stakeholders and basic points of the QUEST 08/2012 – Approval of the QUEST Action Plan by the city management and council (11/2012) 2011-2013 – Implementation of the Action Plan (11 points/goals interconnected so as to achieve the maximum multiplier effect in terms of sustainability)

4 The Results of the Action plan-Chomutov The action plan was based on the "General Development Strategy of Chomutov to 2020“, which reflects global trends: Sustainability + Achieving competitive advantages QUEST helped us to integrate the “General Strategy” + „White Paper on EU transport“  Updating the Study of cycle routes constructionfulfilled  Updating the Transport model of Chomutovfulfilled – annually  Concept and organizing the static transportfulfilled – annually  Traffic Safety: reduction of uninsured vehicles in the cityongoing  Infrastructure for vehicles using alternative fuels (CNG)ongoing tender Three year involvement in the project and cooperation with CDV helped in creating these principles of “sustainability” for the future of our city to:  manage its development beyond ordinary customs/habits (thinking outside the box)  manage its development beyond city boundaries (thinking outside the building) This is where we derived out vision of sustainability: “Using the QUEST to achieve productive changes and impulses for further innovation in sustainable transport”.

5 Overcoming Challenges  The Quest has been ambitious enough, as well as challenging, for the city of Chomutov ; it heralded the approach of all interested parties – stakeholders.  In fact, the only “obstacle” has been the language barrier – English. All senior officials are continually improving but minimal occasions exist, within the EU, for officials to take advantage and improve continually.  The culture of our municipality is shaped as following: „What are the risks of the subject cultures for the EU, in which the norm “good” is good enough?“ We ask ourselves a question in the context of “overcoming challenges”.

6 Lessons learned and benefits A.We have integrated progressing – relatively independent terms in the field of “sustainability”, this has strengthened the dynamics of decision-making process of the local government. B.With the support of CDV we used new procedures; it is necessary to determine the needs of sustainable mobility consumers. C.Statistics helped us to implement the Action Plan in terms of “sustainability”, as we had had them before entering the QUEST project. ( „The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the next one today“ – a Chinese proverb). D.Chomutov has become a more prestigious city. Incidentally, in 2012, we were invited to lecture at the “Static Transport” conference and we were involved in the Transparency Register EK (Public Consultations, section – The Urban Dimension of the EU Transport Policy) E.We have achieved a competitive advantage, especially in the sector of “static transport-reducing individual transport”. F.In the project we kept the principle of “Lean Bureaucracy”. …. and why do we recommend other cities to participate in the QUEST project? Mainly, because of points A., D., E. of the QUEST project

7 Public Transport Transport Company of Chomutov and Jirkov (DPCHJ)  In 1927, the bus service started to serve the train station.  In the 1960's a massive expansion of public transport began and also the construction (constructing blocks of flats).  Another milestone was in 1991, when the construction of trolleybus infrastructure started between twin-town of Chomutov and Jirkov. The first trolleybus pulled out onto the track in 1995.  DPCHJ, the successor of a previous carrier, was established in 1996 (shareholders - the both Cities). It is therefore clear that, in terms of principles of “sustainability” DPCHJ had become a member of the QUEST; It's leader is Deputy Mayor, Mr. Jan Rehak, who is also the chairman of the DPCHJ's board.  In 2010, the new handling/checking system was introduced, with smart cards, partly covered from the EU and government funds.  The scope encompasses:  public transport (buses and trolleybuses)  public service in the regions of the Czech Republic  contractual transport (employees of industrial zones, cyclobuses, skibuses)  other services: (washing/repairing vehicles, advertising space, TV commercials in vehicles)

8 Public Transport QUEST a DPCHJ DPCHJ has two divisions:  public transport; used 15 bus and 7 trolleybus lines operated by 29 buses and 18 trolleybuses, which have covered a total of 2 million kilometers, carried 5,3 million passengers.  transportation and regular tours; 66 buses, 34 lines, covered a total of 4,3 mil. km, carried 2 million passengers DPCHJ reflects the principles of sustainability in its strategy of public transport development. It is mainly based on:  „The General Development Strategy of Chomutov to 2020”  „The Transport Policy of the Czech Rep. for the Period to 2020“  „The White Paper EU“ (to reduce green house gas emissions by 20% before 2008 and by 70% by 2050) In 2011, therefore, the DPCHJ Management drew up a strategy of possible change to CNG fueled buses (section 5 of the Action Plan). The following were approved by shareholders; a tender for the supplier of filling stations and the CNG supplier was announced; the filling station may be used by public. The pace of transformation will be dependent on finances, with funds from the EU and also with Czech government support.

9 Public Transport QUEST – DPCHJ & own analysis According to the section 5 of the Action Plan, DPCHJ management decided to prove how effective vehicles with alternative fuels can be in operating conditions. Testing took place in the 2 nd half of 2012: a hybrid bus Volvo 7700 in public transport an electric bus SOR EBN 10.5 intercity transportation Conclusions: reducing greenhouse gas emissions reducing the operating costs of public transport will be reduced by up to 35% (2012 prices) savings will probably not cover the higher cost of these vehicles

10 Public Transport QUEST – DPCHJ & low carbon strategy What does QUEST (Quality management tool for Urban Energy efficient Sustainable Transport) provide to DPCHJ Management?  Acording to its own conclusions–the drive to have better knowledge and understanding of “low carbon vehicles”.  It is the only representative in the QUEST-team that can bring “sustainable mobility” to citizens.  DPCHJ is therefore ready for practical steps (in QUEST) at higher level of cooperation. DPCHJ, at this stage of the project, emphasizes the content of the White Paper on Transport in the EU, which also took over the “Transport Policy of the Czech Republic”. Article 4.3.6 – Energy provision for transport: Responsibility for targets/goals: the Ministry of Transport, recommendations for local government Support the construction of public power systems (charging) in larger cities for public transport. A higher proportion of energy-efficient public transport at the national, regional and local level. By changing the legislature, to use alternative fuels. (control date – 2017, funding: co-financing with the EU funds)

11 DPCHJ keeps up with the strategy of continuous improvement of public transport, that is based on a long-term cooperation with stakeholders and international experiences. DPCHJ's involvement in the QUEST project in 2010, brought another effective tool that strengthens sustainable mobility. As factual proof for this conclusion, DPCHJ is the proud holder of the top prize in a “Carrier of the year 2011“ and followed again, “Carrier of the year 2012”, in the Usti Region. Public Transport QUEST – DPCHJ & results of the Action Plan

12 „Innovation often responds to questions that were not asked.“ STATUTORY CITY OF CHOMUTOV Bedřich Erik Rathouský Workshop representative of Chomutov in Gävle Thank you for your attention.

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