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Reading Portimão A project by Teia D’Impulsos. Introducing Portimão (photo by João Valongo)

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1 Reading Portimão A project by Teia D’Impulsos

2 Introducing Portimão (photo by João Valongo)

3 Jesuit College (photo by João Valongo)

4 Town Hall (photo by João Valongo)

5 Largo da Barca (photo by João Valongo)

6 With Reading Portimão, we will: rescue memories; revive them; make them part of our everyday life.

7 We will connect places and memories How?

8 1 st step: Identification of points of interest

9 Points of interest a citation or an iconographic element; a QRCode

10 Multimedia information: Identification; Citation; Brief explanation and historical data; Old picture; Suggestion to go to the next point; 4 languages

11 An example...

12 “Testifying the indigenous lifestyle”

13 “Feu Hermanos” factory “We have travelled through the city and visited some factories that, here, are great monuments testifying the indigenous life ” In João Arruda, Cartas d’um viajor, 1908.

14 In his journey memoirs, João Arruda gave this testimony about the role played by the canning industry in Portimão in the beginning of the 20th century. Only six years had passed since the inauguration of the “Feu Hermanos” factory, property of two brothers from Andalusia: Cayetano and Antonio Feu Marchena. The factory had also a workshop where were made the cans for the sardines and the tuna. The workers were almost only women. With the work of their hands, they turned fresh fish into tinned fish that were exported to the rest of the World. In 1996, the building was bought by the Municipal Council and it became a museum, openned in 2008.

15 After the work, we need to rest. Follow the worker into their home. Next stop: the Working Class Neighbourhood.

16 2 nd step: Building routes

17 The routes will be: circular 7 points of interest easily made on foot thematic cohesion

18 Examples The walled city By night A day in the fisherman life On pilgrimage Departures and Arrivals

19 3 rd step: “Reading Portimão” website

20 More information about routes and points of interest Sharing of ideas and suggestions Documental sources, bibliography, iconography

21 Thanks to C.H.I.E.F. / Creative Cultural Heritage Department of Culture of Portimão Municipal Council João Valongo


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