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Trusted Trade Alliance An Overview. Where We Are.

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1 Trusted Trade Alliance An Overview

2 Where We Are

3 Focused Exclusively on Cross-Border Regulation and Process Optimization Acknowledged Experts in Our Jurisdictions and Specialties Process-Oriented Advocates for Clients’ Business Interests Globally and Nationally Recognized as Thought Leaders Bridge-builders/Interlocutors Between Business and Gov’t Unsurpassed Global Network of Expertise TTA: Who We Are

4 US-based established in Delaware, HQ in Vancouver, WA Focus on Business Process Consulting on Cross- Border Regulatory Compliance and Process Optimization Currently 60+ Professionals in 17 offices on 6 Continents Deep National Expertise Combined with Global Outlook TTA Quick Facts

5 © 2009 Trusted Trade Alliance LLC. All rights reserved Provide high-quality, practical advice which leads to successful outcomes for the client, realizing that a good result leads to repeat business. Always keep an eye on the global view: TTA network used to ensure that recommendations make business sense from an overall, end-to-end international supply chain standpoint. Proven integrity and a track record of fostering compliance allows maintenance of excellent relationships with governments and multilateral organizations. Provide valuable advice at a reasonable cost rather than narrow advice which ignores the larger picture and leads to hidden costs: we look out for our client’s long-term interest rather than our own short-term gain. TTA Global Philosophy

6 © 2009 Trusted Trade Alliance LLC. All rights reserved High-quality management consulting on customs and cross- border regulatory compliance, export controls, supply-chain security, and related process optimization for the private sector. TTA Network designed to provide access to in-depth national expertise as well as coordinated multi-country compliance analysis and international process optimization consulting. Advocacy of client trade and cross-border regulatory priorities at national government and multilateral organizations. Provision of extensive range of customs and border management, regulatory compliance, and export controls training for governments and private sector under Trusted Trade Institute and affiliate brands. TTA Key Areas of Activity

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