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FY Marketing Mock Presentation Dr. Vesselin Blagoev 1.

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1 FY Marketing Mock Presentation Dr. Vesselin Blagoev 1

2 2 The Task : Comparative analysis of two pricing methods The presenters are asked to compare two methods for pricing: Perception pricing with another method (your choice)

3 3 Student Seminar Presentations Teams: 4-5 people each Rotate Please note that you will be with other colleagues in the teams for the next tasks All presentations in one day The mock presentation: 18 th Oct for FY1 and 21 th October for FY2

4 Marking scheme Tasks – these sections add points Introduction – definition of topic, attempt to generate interest For presenting the first method with references to the used sources/materials according to APA Harvard For presenting the second method …(as above) For including/presenting numerical example(s) For including/presenting graph(s) For critical analysis of the two methods For conclusion (presenting your decision - which one you choose and why) Body language, voice, tempo, audience Points <= 6 <= 12 <= 6 <= 16 <= 10 <= 12 4

5 5 Perception pricing Weight Characteristics Products % ABC 25 Durability40 20 30 Reliability33 30 Delivery terms5025 15 Quality of service 453520 100%41.6532.6524.9

6 6 The Task Present a method: what does it mean? Numerical example: what does it mean? Compare two methods: what does it mean? Conclusion (s): what does it mean?

7 7 The Task Body language, voice, tempo (pace of delivery), attention to the audience: What does it mean?

8 8 Assessment criteria for the delivery – Body language <= 3 – Sensitivity to audience <= 3 – Voice (volume), articulation <= 3 – Pace of delivery <= 3 – TOTAL DELIVERY MARK: <=12

9 Hints Get the team members together and decide who and when will cover which textbooks in the library Do it. Get copies of the pages from “your” textbooks which address the topics of interest Get together at the team-tables in the Café and share the information. Share copies from the covered textbooks Decide who will write/present which one of the topics which will be marked (Slide 4). Decide who will assemble the slides into the final draft Write your ppp and email it to the team member who assembles the final presentation. Meet to present in one of the lecture rooms – just to try and improve Now you are ready for the real presentation 9

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