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Geographical Network for Quality VERGINA Imathia, Central Macedonia, Greece.

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1 Geographical Network for Quality VERGINA Imathia, Central Macedonia, Greece



4 Members Local producers of agricultural products Manufacturers of handicrafts Wine makers, cheese producers etc. Restaurants & Taverns Hostels & Hotels Outdoors activities

5 Form VERGINA is a Non-Profit Organization according to the Greek commercial law Has 12 founders Accepts partners in specific projects Is open to anyone who wishes to be a member to be an associated member

6 A Local Quality Pact must have an internal structure and goals as the well known CVBs – Conventions & Visitors Bureau A CVB has an average annual budget of about 100.000 euro and has two staff members.

7 Aims To increase the demand of the products and services that the members of the network provide To Promote the area as a tourist destination and establish the necessary destination marketing To offer higher quality services than the competition To establish criteria of quality for its members and to control them To support and reinforce and network collective structures and institutions in the area To co-operate with similar structures in Greece and abroad in order to exchange experiences

8 Funds 48.000 euro Initial Capital (i.e. 12 founders x 4.000 euro) Partners participate in each project with about 1000 euro Associate members participate with 20 euro annually

9 Means Co-operation with other networks Use of European Union or local subsidies Collaboration with local actors such as the administration, local co-operatives, workers unions, cultural clubs etc.

10 An important aspect of the network is the use of frequent meetings in order to solve problems, bond the members together and create a common sense of perception among its associates. These meetings take place every time at a different place in order to build up the social capital

11 Action Plan I Company profile (mail forms, business cards, logo etc.) Printing of leaflets and flyers Bilingual web-site Newsletter Advertisement in special media

12 Action Plan II Study visits Festivities at its members Planning of tourist routes that visit its members Fun Club creation Participation in exhibitions



15 Geographical Network for Quality VERGINA Imathia, Central Macedonia, Greece Contact Person: Dimitrios Michaelidis P.O.Box 50282, 54013 THESSALONIKI Tel. +30 2310 282682 Fax +30 2310 282482 Mob. +30 6998 282382 Representative: Savvas Perperidis EKIMEROS Tavern, Neos Prodromos Mob. +30 6949 473798

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