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Definition Paragraph. 16/03/2012İDB 1062 A definition paragraph explains what a term means to you. A definition explains the meaning of something or the.

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Presentation on theme: "Definition Paragraph. 16/03/2012İDB 1062 A definition paragraph explains what a term means to you. A definition explains the meaning of something or the."— Presentation transcript:

1 Definition Paragraph

2 16/03/2012İDB 1062 A definition paragraph explains what a term means to you. A definition explains the meaning of something or the writer’s personal meaning of a word.

3 16/03/2012İDB 1063 These definitions have a three-part structure that includes: 1) the term to be defined 2) the general class to which the term belongs 3) the things that make the term different from other terms in its class.

4 16/03/2012İDB 1064 Write the definition in your own words and think about wording that will make sense to your reader. Do not write a definition that sounds like it came from a dictionary.

5 16/03/2012İDB 1065 You can consult your dictionary to find out what the term means, but your paragraph will include much more than the dictionary’s definition. It will include a personal definition

6 16/03/2012İDB 1066 A single-sentence formal definition is often not enough to define a technical term, a concept, or a complicated subject. That’s why you have to write a longer definition in a DEFINITION paragraph or essay.

7 16/03/2012İDB 1067 The topic sentence for a definition paragraph includes the term being defined and a main characteristic of what is being defined. That’s a short formal definition of the term that the paragraph will discuss.

8 16/03/2012İDB 1068 The supporting details for a definition paragraph develop the characteristic of the term being defined. They may include description and examples. Also, they may mention what something is not.

9 16/03/2012İDB 1069 Your supporting details explain the characteristics of the term. Examples can also explain the characteristic.

10 16/03/2012İDB 10610 The paragraph then goes on to expand this definition, using description, illustration, and narration to develop the definition

11 16/03/2012İDB 10611 Topic sentence- states the term and gives a main characteristic of the term. Supporting details – Explain the characteristic and may include description and examples or may state what the term is not. Closing sentence – may refer to the topic sentence or may explain the importance of the term.

12 16/03/2012İDB 10612 Define: Love Friendship Happiness Pressure/stress Success Freedom Sexual harassment An ideal husband/wife A good teacher

13 16/03/2012İDB 10613 Democracy is a form of government a university is an institution of learning a cabbage is a plant a family is not a corporation a good job does not have to offer a high salary the ideal pet is not necessarily a dog or a cat

14 16/03/2012İDB 10614 Transitions used for definition: The term is defined as… is understood to be… means that… is sometimes thought to be… signifies…

15 16/03/2012İDB 10615 What is an extended definition? More than a dictionary definition An in-depth explanation of an idea A definition that includes examples and comparisons More than a description, more like a complete picture of something

16 16/03/2012İDB 10616 Draw a picture that represents the topic you chose. Courage

17 16/03/2012İDB 10617 Make a list of five things your topic is not. Courage  Something that one can learn  Something that you can fake  something that people should make fun of  physical strength  abusive behavior, violence, and bullying

18 16/03/2012İDB 10618 You can use a chart or table to list the useful ideas for the definition. A hero... IS.....IS NOT...../ DOES NOT.... Courageous Strong Unselfish Considerate Smart Careful Etc. Selfish Hurt good people Found only in the movies Etc.

19 16/03/2012İDB 10619 Tell an anecdote (little story) that will help others understand your definition of the topic. Last year there was a fight at school between an average-sized student and a much larger boy. The little guy was being beat badly. Most students were standing around yelling and hollering to keep the fight going. One boy from the crowd suddenly slammed into the bigger boy and knocked him down. He was stunned long enough for the smaller guy to get away from him. The boy who helped just backed into the crowd as the assistant principals and resource officer walked up.

20 16/03/2012İDB 10620 Give an example of a thing, a person, or an event that perfectly explains your topic. Here are three examples for courage. -A person who speaks out to shut up mean people who are laughing at a person who cannot help being the way he is. -A person who reports someone for stealing money from a book bag. -A person who says they won’t let a friend cheat from his test. -A girl who keeps going to school, being a good sister, and going to church even after her mother dies of cancer

21 16/03/2012İDB 10621 Give another example to explain or define the topic. Read this; then write yours. Courage is an every-day thing, not just something found on the battlefield. A driver who stops to help someone on the road at midnight, a fireman who risks his own life to save a person from burning, a teenager who refuses to protect his friends who are selling drugs to middle school students—all are courageous.

22 16/03/2012İDB 10622 Do some people misunderstand the topic? If so, explain why or how. Read this; then write yours. People think that courage is learned or is planned. I think courage is instantaneous. Courageous people do not think about what they are about to do. They simply do the right thing, the brave thing because that’s the way they are. Also, you can’t look at someone and tell if they are courageous. It’s all inside.

23 16/03/2012İDB 10623 Write the dictionary definition of the topic. Go to to find the def. and a few synonyms. Courage - “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery” Synonyms: bravery, fortitude, mettle, nerve, valor, bold

24 16/03/2012İDB 10624 Put it all together in a paragraph. Write the opener. Here are a few ways to begin: Question Shocking fact or interesting information Anecdote (a little story) Quotation (Go to and type in your word.) “Imagine this…” (Describe a situation.) Tell what it’s not. (Use your list.)

25 16/03/2012İDB 10625 Write the topic sentence. Use a general statement or short definition or a quote, but don’t tell too much. Here are a few samples: Courage is inner strength. OR Courage is a powerful yet ordinary thing. OR Courage is all inside.

26 16/03/2012İDB 10626 Now, write your paragraph. Include at least three of the following in your paragraph: Something your topic is not A comparison or two Your anecdote An example or two People’s misunderstanding The dictionary definition A few synonyms for the word

27 16/03/2012İDB 10627 Be sure your final sentence is a good conclusion. Repeat or refer to the opening technique. Sum up with a question. End with the dictionary definition.

28 16/03/2012İDB 10628 Here’s the sample paragraph: “Courage” Ruth Gordon once said, “Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use.” Courage, to me is an ordinary thing; it is everywhere. It is not learned, and it cannot be practiced. It is not abusive or bullying or violent just for the sake of violence. defines courage as “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain.” Last year at school, two boys got into a fight. One was much bigger than the other, and he was beating the smaller boy badly. Suddenly a student came from the crowd, boldly slammed into the bigger boy, knocking him down. The smaller boy had time to get away from his enemy. To me, that is courage, the instantaneous act of someone who did not hesitate to face difficulty. I believe courageous people act without thinking; they simply have brave hearts, stout spirits. Courage is indeed very important. Everybody needs some of it.

29 16/03/2012İDB 10629 Last Step: Proofread, correct mistakes.

30 16/03/2012İDB 10630 Unit 9, Practice 4: (Evergreen) 1. A hero.... Possible answers: A hero is not a person made of muscles, one with a brave, generous heart will be the hero for everyone. Being a hero does not mean being courageous, but being smart and being able to plan a series of actions to save others are inevitable for a hero. The rest of the practice is your assignment, due on 23 March 2012. D GUL

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