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Wyoming History Jaimee 4 th Grade Dildine School February 15, 2005.

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2 Wyoming History Jaimee 4 th Grade Dildine School February 15, 2005

3 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Where is Wyoming?

4 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Facts Statehood date: July 10, 1890-44th State Size in Square Miles: 97,914 square miles, 9th largest state. Population: 493,782 (2000 Census) Neighboring States: Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska. : Average Temperature –In Winter 19° F –In Summer 67° F

5 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Facts Important Physical Features: Rocky Mountains, Bighorn Mountains, Mirror Lake, Medicine Bow Mountains, Devils Tower, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, Old Faithful. Capital: Cheyenne Largest City: Cheyenne State Nicknames: Big Wyoming, Equality State, Cowboy State.

6 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Facts Products: Sugar, coal, meat, corn, hay, oil, trona, glass goods, clothing, sheep. Native Animals: Coyotes, elk, mountain lions, bobcats, frogs, rattlesnakes, buffalo, rabbits, bald eagles.

7 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Governor The governor of Wyoming is: David Freudenthal He took office as Wyoming's thirty- first governor on January 6, 2003. Born in Thermopolis, Wyoming in 1950.

8 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Bird Western Meadowlark Length: 8.5 inches Sharply-pointed bill Buff and brown head stripes Yellow underparts with black "v" on breast White flanks with black streaks Brown upperparts with black streaks Brown tail with white outer tail feathers Juvenile and winter plumages somewhat duller Frequents open habitats

9 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Motto

10 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Flag

11 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Hero Sacajawea was born about 1790 in what is now the state of Idaho. Sacajawea was about 16 or 17 years old and pregnant.Her husband’s name was Toussaint. After the expedition was over in the summer of 1806, Sacajawea, her husband and son remained at Fort Mandan where Lewis and Clark had found them.

12 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming Mini-Timeline 1743--French Canadians Francois and Louis Joseph de la Verendrye become the first known whites to enter present-day Wyoming. 1807--John Coulter becomes the first known person to explore the Yellowstone Park region. 1812--Robert Stuart of the Pacific Fur Company discovers South Pass, a pass through the Rocky Mountains. 1867--Fort D.A. Russell was built in Cheyenne. 1906--Devil’s Tower becomes the nation’s first national monument. 1902--Shoshone, the first U.S. national forest, is founded in Wyoming. 1917-1918--About 12,000 Wyomingites help win World War I. 2000--Wyoming Senator Dick Cheney was elected Vice President of the United States.

13 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State License Plate Created by Jaimee!

14 Barb Austin LCSD#1 W yoming is special because… 1.Our state is the largest in miles. 2.Wyoming has a lot of open spaces for animals to run free. 3.Wyoming is special because it has the first National Park. 4.Wyoming special because Wyoming has the first monument.

15 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming Tourism While you’re in Wyoming you must see… At the top of the Wyoming State Capital, there is GOLD! Right by Guernsey there is a place called The Oregon Trail. The Devils Tower is a marvelous site. You should go to Vedauwoo it is a marvels site. You should see Yellowstone National Park.

16 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming Mining About 18,000 Wyomingites work in mining. About 400 billion pounds of coal are mined there each year. Wyoming ranks sixth in the county at producing oil.

17 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming Agriculture Beef cattle are Wyoming’s top farm product. Wyoming ranks sixth in the United States at growing sugar beets. Wyoming ranks ninth at harvesting dry beans.

18 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming Rivers North Platte River Clarks Fork River Green River Sweetwater River Belle Fourche River Wind River Shoshone River Snake River Powder River Bighorn River

19 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Flower Indian Paintbrush There was a legend of a little girl who got kidnapped.One day she ran away and drew a picture of her tribe with her blood.

20 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Project Resources Map: KME and Technology Integration—Wyoming History Slide 2 link and follow directions in notes.Slide 2 link General Wyoming State information. Wyoming Kid’s PageKid’s Page

21 Barb Austin LCSD#1 Wyoming State Standards Addressed: 4. Time Continuity, and Change –Students demonstrate an understanding of the people, events, problems, ideas and cultures that were significant in the history of our community, state, nation, and world. 5. People, Places and Environments –Students demonstrate an understanding of interrelationships among people, places, economies, and environments. 6. Social Studies Processes and Skills –Students access, organize, synthesize, evaluate, and interpret information using appropriate resources and technology to collaborate, make decisions, solve problems, and report results in any of a variety of formats. 7. Technology –Students demonstrate the ability to use the appropriate technology to access and process information applying a variety of resources to the study of history, geography, economics, and social institutions.

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