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Урок английского языка в 8 классе

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1 Урок английского языка в 8 классе
по теме “We are a part of the Universe” Учитель – Ежкова Е.С МОУ «СОШ № 93» г. Саратова

2 Образовательные цели:
Обобщить знания, умения и навыки по теме “We are a part of the Universe” и обеспечить активизацию лексики в языковых и речевых ситуациях; формировать умение пользоваться изученным языковым материалом в стандартных ситуациях реального общения.

3 Задачи: развивать умение употреблять лексику в собственных мини-высказываниях ; развивать аудитивные навыки и умения учащихся; выражать свое согласие и несогласие по поводу предмета обсуждения; выражать и обосновывать свое отношение к космическим иследованиям.

4 Методы обучения: Оборудование: наглядный; практический;
наглядный; практический; метод применения знаний; коммуникативный; Оборудование: мультимедийный проектор; интерактивная доска; файл презентации; магнитофон;

5 We are a part of the Universe

6 Repeat: The Solar system The Ocean The Universe An earthquake Galaxy
The Milky Way Planet The Earth The Sun The Ocean An earthquake A tornado A flood A drought disasters A hurricane

7 OUR WORLD PASSPORT Name: the Earth Other names: Address:
Weight: Age: the Earth the World, the Blue Planet the Solar System, the Milky Way, the Galaxy, the Universe 597 thousand million tons 4,600 million years

8 OUR WORLD PASSPORT blue, brown, green, often Color: white with clouds
Closest neighbours: Occupation: Hobbies: blue, brown, green, often white with clouds the Moon making happy people, animals and plants space travel

9 Questions: 1. Where is the Earth situated? 2. How old is our planet ?
3. Why do people call the Earth “ the blue planet” ? 4. Where is the most of Earth’s water found? 5. How much water do the oceans contain? 6. What is the closest neighbour of the Earth?

10 What are the main planets in the Solar system?
Mercury Venus The Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

11 Exploring Space For thousands of years people
have been dreaming of travelling through space. Do you know the first famous people who did a great research into space exploration?

12 Who was the first astronaut?
Y. Gagarin

13 Who first invented the idea of space rockets?
K. Tsialkovsky

14 Who constructed the first ship?
Sergey Korolyov

15 Who was the first man to take a walk in space?

16 Who was the first man on the Moon?

17 Who was the first woman in space?
Valentina Tereshkova

18 Put in “ the” where necessary.
1.___ Earth is a part of __ Universe. 2. He looked at ___ sky. 3. ___ Moon goes round ___ Earth. 4. I went to ___ country in summer. 5.___ Sun is one of many stars. 6. Half an hour ago___ sea was calm. 7. He was in____ space many times. The the the The the the The the the

19 Match the words. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. a) a spacesuit to travel
b) other galaxies intergalactic c) a space station to launch d) a satellite to wear e) spaceship to live in

20 Is the Earth a dangerous place?
Every year different natural disasters happen on our planet. They destroy cities and towns, they injure and kill people and animals. Fortunately, now scientists can predict most natural disasters and warn people of possible danger in advance.

21 Guess the crossword puzzle.
1. A … happens when a lot of water come over a place that is usually dry Yungay was a terrible … that happened in Peru. 3. Etha is a … in Italy. It’s a mountain with a crater on the top A … is continuous dry weather. People suffer from heat and then from hunger as the crops cannot be grow without water A … is a violent wind in the form of a very tall funnel. It goes over the land A … is a very strong wind that destroys houses, uproots checked trees, and can kill people.








29 Thanks for attention

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