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Writing Workshop II Persuasive Writing.

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1 Writing Workshop II Persuasive Writing

2 Persuasive Writing Persuasive writing offers an opinion on a subject and uses facts, reasons, and examples to convince readers that the opinion is valid. What are some things that involve forms of persuasion? TV ads Political speeches Charity fund-raisers Recycling campaigns Store window signs

3 When you write a persuasive piece…
-TAKE A STAND…don’t straddle the fence -Believe strongly in your position -Find out if your opinion is supported by experience, facts, or logic

4 The Structure of the Persuasive Essay
Like all essays, a persuasive essay has three main parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Structure of a Persuasive Essay The introduction captures the reader’s attention, presents the issue, and expresses the writer’s opinion in a thesis statement. The body presents reasons, facts, examples, and expert opinions to back up the writer’s ideas. The conclusion presents a summary or strong conclusive evidence that drives home the writer’s opinions.

5 Persuasive Paragraphs
The same principle parts of a persuasive essay (introduction, body, and conclusion) apply when writing a persuasive paragraph. Fire drills should be conducted in homes as well as in schools and other public buildings. First of all, having regular fire drills at home would allow all family members to practice what to do in an emergency. This practice would reduce panic during a fire and perhaps make the difference between escaping safely and being trapped. Second, having home fire drills would set a good example in the neighborhood. Nearby families may be encouraged to have their own drills. Most important, having fire drills at home would probably lead people to be more safety-conscious so that fires would not get started in the first place. A few minutes a few times a year can help save lives. Look at this sample paragraph. Can you identify the different parts?

6 Facts & Opinions If you intend to change someone’s mind, you must provide a convincing argument. Sticking to the facts, rather than just giving opinions, is essential to building a strong case. Facts: statements that can be proved Opinions: beliefs or judgments that cannot be proved Opinion words: Opinion Phrases: Should I think… Must Some people feel… Ought Many believe… Better Best Worst Facts + Opinions = Persuasive Essay The main idea in a persuasive piece is an opinion, but the body of the essay backs up this idea with facts and examples.

7 Testing a statement for fact or opinion
Can I prove this statement through my own experience? Fact: Some physical education programs stress competitive sports. Can I prove this statement by referring to accepted authorities and experts? Fact: Muscle tension increases the risk of injury during sports. (To prove this statement you could ask a sports doctor.) Opinions, unlike facts can never be proved. They are judgment calls, personal likes and dislikes, and interpretations that vary from person to person. Opinion: Movies are more satisfying on a big screen than on TV. Opinion: Competition should be downplayed in school sports.

8 Supporting Opinions Opinions gain strength when they are supported by factual evidence, logical arguments, or both. Unsupported Opinion: Volleyball is more fun than soccer. (There are no supporting facts available.) Supported Opinion: Noncompetitive volleyball may teach positive social skills. (Experts in sports and society can offer supporting facts and observations based on experience.)

9 Can you tell the difference?
Are the following facts or opinions? Schools should allow students more say in which classes they take. Bono is a leading fund-raiser in the fight against AIDS throughout Africa. Dolphins are beautiful creatures. Many companies in the United States use recycled paper. The movie industry needs to revamp its rating system.

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