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Criminology Victimology.

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1 Criminology Victimology

2 Victims and Victimization
QUESTIONS: ?When did we begin to focus our attention to “Crime Victims”? ?What is “Collective Victimization”? ?What is the universally accepted definition of “Crime Victim”? ?How does the field of victimology tend to understand the victim?

3 Patterns of Victimization: Geography

4 Patterns of Victimization: Gender

5 Patterns of Victimization: Ethnicity

6 Patterns of Victimization: Class

7 Patterns of Victimization: Age

8 Patterns of Victimization: Rape

9 Theories of Victimization
Lifestyles theory-the lifestyles of some people put them more at risk for becoming crime victims Routine Activities Theory-people engage in regular or routine activities that increase their risk for victimization

10 PRECIPITATION ?Do people who commit crimes increase their chances of becoming victims? ?Are women who are raped often “asking for it” through their behavior? ?What does the NCVS predict about violent crime and property crime victims?

11 Consequences of Victimization
Costs and Consequences Victim Impact Statements

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