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Product Knowledge Seminar. What is Silestone? 1.Natural Quartz Surfacing Material 2.The only surface with built-in added protection 3.A product that is.

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1 Product Knowledge Seminar

2 What is Silestone? 1.Natural Quartz Surfacing Material 2.The only surface with built-in added protection 3.A product that is backed by industry professionals 4.The only quartz product available at THD 5.A highly versatile product with multiple uses, available in over 55 colors and two finishes 6.The way to make your customers happy, guaranteed!

3 The Gemstone in Fine Kitchens

4 What is Silestone Quartz? Quartz –Natural Gemstone –Most abundant mineral on Earth –Fourth strongest mineral after diamond, sapphire and topaz –Comes in small size particles, not available in blocks or big pieces Silestone is made up of 93 % Gemstone Natural Quartz content through a patented manufacturing process The Quartz content in Silestone makes the surface extremely hard and durable

5 Silestone Natural Quartz Non-porous All air pockets are removed during the manufacturing process through micro- compression. Silestone is stain resistant, and never requires sealants. Strong and Durable Made out of 93% Quartz. Can take up to 375 of direct heat exposure Scratch and scorch resistant Low Maintenance Non-porousCustomers can clean with any regular household product or simply soap and water Added Protection Silestone has Microban Built- in, its approved by the National Sanitation Foundation and certified by Greenguard Keeps surface cleaner between cleanings and does not emit chemical off-gassing AttributeHowBenefit

6 Added Protection Microban: Safely fights the growth of microbes such as odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew 24/7 for the life of the product. Exclusive – only countertop with built-in Microban through an exclusive partnership with Microban International Built-in – lasts for the life of the product, without need to reapply Cleaner surfaces – odor causing bacteria is kept from building up Safely fights –Proven safety in laboratory testing –EPA regulated –Does not kill bacteria, inhibits the growth and spread Not intended to replace normal cleaning procedures

7 The Product Ingredients The Best Ingredients 93% Natural Quartz Resins & Pigments Quartz gives the slabs extreme clarity, depth and superior performance.

8 Manufacturing Process Using the “Bretonstone System” Begins with raw natural materials Mixes with polyester resins and pigments Using vacuum, compression and low heat Creates flat, strong non-porous slabs Product goes through finishing polish prior to final inspection

9 Backed by Industry Leaders Over 75 years of experience in working with natural stone Worldwide system of distributors and certified installers/fabricators Headquarters in Macael, Spain, with offices around the world Largest Natural Quartz supplier, with 11 production lines vs. 10 from all competitors together! Exclusive product distribution partnership with regional distributors, such as YOUR COMPANY NAME

10 Versatility in Design Leather Texture TM Stylish earth tones with non-directional veining achieved through an exclusive patented process. Texture on surface has a leather-like appeal and a matte finish Colors Over six color series to compliment anyone’s design, from solid tones to colors with veining and movement. Applications Silestone can be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, shower walls, bath decks and flooring. New Slab Size In 2007, select Silestone colors will be available on a larger slab size (129.5” x 63.5”)

11 The Performance – Comparison Chart SilestoneGraniteSolid Surface Ceramic TileLaminate Stain Resistant YesNoYes No Scorch Resistant Yes NoYesNo Scratch Resistant Yes No Mold/Mildew Resistant YesNoYes No Manufacturer’s Warranty YesVariesYesNo Microban YesNo

12 How we compare to treated granite Silestone offers predictable color consistency from sample to slab We offer a performance that works naturally There is no need for specialized cleaning products or guidelines 100% 7% Pigments & Binders 93% 7% Air 93% Quartz Gemstone 47 – 77% Feldspar & Other Minerals 20 – 50% Quartz Gemstone 50% 20% Silestone ® Quartz Granite Quartz Gemstone Quartz Gemstone Content Silestone® has more quartz gemstone content than regular stone. The higher the quartz content, the stronger the surface is and the better it performs.

13 Silestone is Reliable Stonemark Limited Warranty Facts: Warranty states manufacturer will work with customers on removing stains that may occur for 15 years. This does not mean the tops will be replaced if a stain can not be removed. Stonemark warranty is only effective if the owner adheres to maintenance procedures which include: – Cleaning spills up immediately – Not using household cleaning products (such as windex and 409) with acid, and ammonia on countertop – Using a specialized cleaner on a daily basis Chemical sealer used (i.e Permashield) is a silicone vinyl acetate, which can be destroyed with extreme heat, such as that of hot oil.

14 Apron Cards Front Description on Microban, NSF and Greenguard attributes Back Facts about Silestone Contrast with granite

15 Product Maintenance and Warranty Routine Care: Soap and water or 409®, Fantastik®, Lysol®,Windex®, or other cleaning products containing vinegar. Difficult stains and spills: Soak the area with one of the cleaners mentioned above for up to 10 minutes and gently clean away with a soft Scotch Brite® pad. A Certified Silestone Installer will inspect any problems and determine if they can be covered under warranty. Keep in mind: Silestone is not indestructible, care and light maintenance is still required to ensure the quality of the product. Cracks, chips, dull finish and dull spots could happen if countertop is not cared for. Cutting directly on the surface may dull knives. Consumers should avoid: Thermal Shock Excessive Force Harsh Chemical Skipped cleanings

16 Our Partnership 1.Exclusive Partnership with The Home Depot – not sold at any other home improvement stores 2.Certified fabricators and installers – satisfaction guaranteed 3.Point of Purchase – displays, brochures and samples available for your store 4.National Promotion – continuously bringing more traffic into your store!

17 Advantages –Helps consumers plan their kitchen –Easier for consumers to measure their countertop –Customers are provided with accurate Silestone information –Expedites process at a faster pace –Allows for more accurate measurements –Gets consumers engaged in the process Steps 1.Customer is referred to web by store 2.Customer reviews product information 3.Web guides consumer through the measurement 4.Measurement is printed and taken to store 5.Store submits PO to fabricator Product Information Service Information Tools Available

18 The Program – Edges 2 cm StandardCustomPremium $ Free p/ln.ft.$ XX p/ln.ft.

19 The Program – Edges 3 cm StandardCustomPremium $ Free p/ln.ft.$ XX p/ln.ft.




23 Color Chart


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