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Paiscanada p ourfans Please click to advance slides A collection of quotes, testimonies and awards from supporters of Pais:Canada.

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1 paiscanada p ourfans Please click to advance slides A collection of quotes, testimonies and awards from supporters of Pais:Canada

2 paiscanada p “I had the privilege of working alongside Pais in the UK and found them to be one of the most servant-minded youth organizations in the country. Their philosophy is geared towards empowering young people and churches and to making an impact into the culture. I am excited to see Pais coming to Canada and am looking forward to working with them as we transform a generation, one life at a time” Andy Harrington, Executive Director Greater Vancouver Youth For Christ

3 paiscanada p The uniqueness of PAIS workers is that they are each based in a local church (often working as part time youth leaders) so there is a natural link between the relationships they build with the kids in schools and the churches in the community. The other unique thing is that the schools are welcoming the well trained PAIS workers with open arms, because their objective is to serve the schools. This allows them to build really strong relationships with students, teachers and families and to speak into their lives with the love of Christ. Sally Start, Alpha Canada National Director

4 paiscanada p “I am highly impressed with the leadership of PAIS, and the quality of PAIS workers in our church. They have gained much credibility in the community by serving and meeting practical needs in our local schools, while at the same time, being fully immersed and committed to our local church community and vision. They carry a passion and mission that is exciting and contagious, and have laid down their lives for our teens.” Pastor Gordie Lagore Vancouver Eastside Vineyard ChurchPastor

5 paiscanada p "We find it a real blessing to be a partner church with PAIS. We are very impressed with the high quality and commitment of the PAIS leaders and interns." Rev. Ed Hird St. Simons ACiC Church North Vancouver ChurchPastor

6 paiscanada p At 13, Tracey joined her youth group reserved and unspoken about her faith. Now two years later, one of our volunteers, Rose, describes this fifteen-year-old as "one of the most outspoken prayer warriors I have ever met in Vancouver, Tracey has caught the vision of seeing God in her school." In the last six months, Tracey has set up a Christian club for her fellow students and regularly sees ten of her peers come along to learn about Christ. Rose, goes on to say, "Tracey's faith and passion to see a transformation in the people around her is so encouraging. She is determined not to stop at 10 attendants to the prayer group, but see to see it reach out to every single student that walks through that school. If I ever saw a missionary in a school, Tracey is it." One of our teams goes in weekly to support Tracey in running this club for her peers. Tracey quotes ''Pais are leaving a deep imprint on my school and the students in it.' Tracey ’ sStory

7 paiscanada p “The [Pais] instructors were always on time, were well prepared and delivered their lessons in a professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending PAIS as a good community partner…” John Mullan - Community School Coordinator, Tupper Family of Schools, Vancouver “PAIS volunteers have shown enthusiasm, punctuality, and have been great leaders and mentors to the children and youth in the Woodland-Grandview area. It has been wonderful having them as volunteers…” Jennifer Wesman - Coordinator of Volunteers, Britannia Elementary and Britannia High School, Vancouver “I trust that the relationship we have forged with the Pais Project will continue for many years to come. These young people have been shining role models for our students over the past two years we have been involved.” Sandra Phillips - Principal, Sir Richard McBride Elementary School, Vancouver WhatSchoolsAreSaying

8 paiscanada p To Whom It May Concern: University Hill Secondary, with a population of 525 students, is located on the University of British Columbia Endowment Lands. It is a Vancouver School Board public high school from grade 8 to grade 12. We have had the pleasure of working with the Pais group during the 2006 – 2007 school year and hope that we will continue to build an ongoing relationship in future years. Pais has more than realized its vision to ‘serve and support the local schools’ as it has been involved in a number of school-based and community-based mentorship roles. The students have looked forward to the meeting times with the Pais group. The students have felt supported by the outside mentors and have learned to access resources in the community. I would like to thank all the members of the Pais Project… for coming forward and allowing us to work together in a partnership. I feel privileged to have had such supportive people to team with. Sincerely, Diane Heine Teacher – University Hill Secondary UHill Secondary

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