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Newsletter No-Nos A Beginner’s Guide Sarah Spencer.

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1 Newsletter No-Nos A Beginner’s Guide Sarah Spencer

2 What are Newsletters GREAT for? Teaching a course with multiple s (autoresponders) Upselling to other products after sign-up Survey your customers Announce a new product Building relationships Communicate with inactive customers to do business with you again. Communicate with other website owners/peers Asking for links to your site. According to Frank Girard, author of "How to Succeed as an Independent Marketing Consultant“ they're great for:

3 Here are the Top 7 Newsletter No-Nos Erratic Sending NO SHOUTING Spam Phrases No Opt-Out Option Not leaving a signature Sending to a non- permission based list BORING subject line

4 Send your newsletter at least monthly, provided you have good content. Weekly if you have killer content. If you’ve created a new product, if it’s timely, if it’s a question your clients have asked you over and over and the answer would help a great many of your customers, then go ahead and send it. If you’re sending for the sake of sending – DON’T. Look for another writer/blogger to write the article for you. Find writers Erratic Sending

5 2. NO SHOUTING!!! Refrain from using all caps in your Subject line. Not only is “SHOUTING” rude, it can also be considered spam and your e-newsletter may never get to its’ destination.

6 3. Avoid Spam Words/Phrases Here are the "nifty 250" words and phrases you'll want to avoid so your newsletter doesn't wind up in the spam filters. Here's a link that will help:

7 4. No Opt-Out Option In order to stay within the CAN-SPAM laws, recipients of your MUST be able to opt-out of your list. There’s nothing worse than having an unwelcome come to your box that you have no way of opting out of receiving it. Use a newsletter service that has this feature such as aweber, Constant Contact, or MailChimp.

8 5. Not leaving a signature Make sure you use a signature file at the bottom of every you send. A sig file is a simple way to promote what you do with every you send out. It’s how customers contact you in the event they’d like more information.

9 6. Using Outlook to send non-permission based s If you send to a list greater than 60 people, you could be accused of "spamming" people - sending unwanted out to customers. Risk: You could lose your ISP (Internet Service Provider) privileges to . To avoid this, use an software program like MailChimp to send s safely and effective.

10 7. BORING Subject Line Want to guarantee no opens? Put in the subject line "ABC Company Monthly Newsletter." It always shocks me how many marketing newsletters I subscribe to that never pay attention to the subject line. Most of us get s a day - tell me why your message is so important. Give me a reason to click.

11 Resources Want to see a GREAT newsletter in action? He uses NO fancy HTML, just GREAT writing and he gets GREAT results with his newsletter: Bob Bly: Sign up for Got Clicks monthly newsletter and receive a FREE 152-page Affiliate Masters Course to help you get your online business started sensibly and profitably:

12 Thank You! Sarah Spencer

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