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Mining ICT directions Maptek Pty Ltd. Resource Data.

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1 Mining ICT directions Maptek Pty Ltd

2 Resource Data

3 Mine Plans

4 Mining Execution

5 Huge Capital Equipment Investment Time / Schedule Risk Profitability / ROI goals Safety Risk Environmental Risk

6 The Opportunity Enable the mining execution components (mobile and fixed plant) within the mining value chain to access and benefit from the rich and large spatial and quality datasets that exist around the resource being mined, and the mine plan. A wide range of communication, automation, sensing and analysis technology (hardware and software) and integration is required to get the most from this opportunity Work has started in this direction from many angles, but a long way to go Australia has a huge range of expertise, experience and capability in these areas, and huge opportunities to benefit from successful delivery

7 Maptek Project Opportunities SLAM enabled laser scanners for automated machine navigation, tool guidance and mapping Augmented reality display of earthworks for design conformance – recently delivered by Maptek as the PerfectDig product Rock Fragmentation analysis Interactive, adaptive and resource aware operational scheduling and short term planning Remote sensing –airborne or otherwise –Visible and hyperspectral –Downhole sensors for drilling Communications infrastructure and performance – room for improvement

8 Communicate View results on any internet device, anywhere in the world.

9 Pathways to success Research and Development investment –Long Term funding of core development of new capabilities or technologies Collaboration with other organisations –Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing –Other technology product developers –Mining companies Skills development and growth –A consistent effort towards enhancing the capabilities of people in technical and research areas and a proper understanding of the problem you are trying to solve Partnership with customers –METS and ICT providers play a vital role in the success of their customers –Recognise this as a very serious responsibility and work to deliver outcomes for the customer.

10 Contact us Peter Johnson General Manager, Maptek Pty Ltd Ph. 02 99575554

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