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New – August 2013 Delegation of Contract Signing Authority The delegation of contract signing authority was created to provide written guidance for signing.

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2 New – August 2013 Delegation of Contract Signing Authority The delegation of contract signing authority was created to provide written guidance for signing contracts. The policy can be found the Legal Affairs web page. Signing-Authority.pdf

3 Signature Authority Unless you have been granted authority to execute specific contracts, you must refrain from signing anything in the name of Valdosta State University. Individuals who sign contracts without authority will incur personal liability for any contracts they sign. If you need assistance to determine if you are authorized to sign a specific document, you should contact the University Attorney in the Office of Legal Affairs.

4 New processes take extra time... Business Services and the Office of Legal Affairs are working together to review contracts. This new process will take additional time. Please allow a minimum of 21 calendar days for processing contracts.

5 The Office of Legal Affairs provides the Guide to Contracts and Contract Routing Form. Both forms are helpful in processing  Guide to Contracts Guide to Contracts  Contract Routing Form Contract Routing Form

6 Cooperative Agreements A “contract” between a consultant that possesses certain knowledge, skill, ability and expertise to perform certain functions and services. (Cooperative Agreement Form) (Cooperative Agreement Form) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) A document used to define a relationship between departments, agencies or closely held companies. The following rules apply for Cooperative Agreements and MoUs: ◦ Must be signed following the Delegation of Contract Signing Authority ◦ May be signed and submitted to Business Services through ePro as an attachment ◦ Will be processed without additional review if Cooperative Agreement form is used

7  Georgia law requires that suppliers provide Valdosta State University an E-Verify Affidavit under certain conditions.  Senate Bill 160 redefined physical performance of services as any “performance of labor or services for a public employer using a bidding process or by contract wherein the labor or services exceed $2499.99...”  Senate Bill 160 reporting requirements became effective July 1, 2013.

8 The following documents are available on the Business Services webpage:  E-Verify FAQs  E-Verify Flow chart – VSU Purchasing Processes  E-Verify Affidavit Instructions  E-Verify Immigration and Security Affidavit for Contractors  E-Verify Immigration and Security Affidavit for Subcontractors

9 E-Verify affidavits must be obtained prior to purchasing any services that exceed $2,499.99. Please contact the Business Services if you have questions.  Office: 229-333-5705  Email:

10  Statewide contracts are found in ePro through Team Georgia Marketplace portal.  Statewide contracts are also be found on the state purchasing website through the Windows Shopper Portal.Windows Shopper Portal

11 User Name: tgmguest User Password: tgmguest

12  Use Team Georgia Marketplace to expand your search for statewide contracts

13 Effective July 1, 2013  State Purchasing will begin collecting spend data from out purchases.  State Purchasing mandates quarterly audits of all purchases.

14 New – July 1, 2013

15 Category Codes  A category code is a 5-digit number that identifies the type of good or service purchased. The category code may be selected in ePro.  State Purchasing also provides several tools for selecting category codes (also referred to as NIGP Codes). ◦ NIGP Code Directory NIGP Code Directory ◦ NIGP Code Keyword Search NIGP Code Keyword Search

16 Search for digital camera

17 Codes that end in “00” are category headings and should not be used because they do not fully identify the good or service. Select the 5-digit code (not the heading) that most accurately describes the item(s) to be purchased.

18 When entering a requisition in ePro:  The Requester must select the appropriate category code in ePro.  If the Requester cannot find a category code in ePro, then an he/she may wish to use the NIGP Code Keyword Search tool on the Department of Administrative Services website. Once the appropriate code is found, the Requester must enter the code in ePro to complete the requisition.NIGP Code Keyword Search

19 Enter special requests when...  The request is for something that is not on statewide contract  The request has a contract, e.g., consulting agreements, simple contracts

20  Coming Soon ◦ New forms will be posted on the Business Services webpage to assist with routing technology purchases  Category Codes ◦ Category codes for technology related purchases will be posted on the Business Services webpage. These codes will ensure that the purchase is routed through the IT Department for approval.

21 Attachments  Documents such as quotes or supporting documentation must be attached in.pdf format.  Documents such as contracts or statement of work documents are preferred in a format that may be edited (MS Word or text format).

22  Employee and Organizational Development ◦ ePro Requester Training  Business Services ◦ NEW EMAIL: ◦ Request group training ◦ Request one-on-one training ◦ Request additional information Business Services wants to help you be successful! Please let us know how we may assist you!

23 New online Service Request Form  The new Service Request Form works best when opened in FirefoxService Request Form  This form can be used for: ◦ Purchase Requests ◦ Central Stores Requests ◦ Equipment Transport ◦ Records and Storage Retrieval ◦ Printing/Duplicating ◦ Other

24 Purchase Requests Purchase requests should be submitted on this form when: ◦ There are extenuating circumstances ◦ There are contracts for goods and services that must go through the contract routing process. ◦ Year end one-time purchases.

25  Per transaction limit - $2,499.00 The per transaction limit was reduced to $2,499.00 to manage compliance with E-Verify.  Contact Beverly Amiot prior to making a purchase greater than the per transaction limit. ◦ Office: 229-245-4393 or 229-333-5705 ◦ Email:

26 P-Card Documentation Requirements  Statement – signed by card holder and supervisor  P-Card Log – signed by card holder and supervisor  Receipts  Other – documentation required for “special consideration” as stated in the P-Card procedures manual *Complete documentation must be provided for each statement.

27 Technology purchases made on the P-Card must follow this process: 1. Prior to making a purchase contact 2. If approved, make purchase & scan a copy of receipt to 3. The Information Technology Department will reply with an EDP number. 4. Copies of the email request, response and EDP numbers must be attached to the P-Card statement and P-Card log.

28 Policy 10 Policy 10 provides the framework and procedures to be followed by state agencies regarding the use, assignment and management of State owned or leased vehicles, and to clearly state how motor vehicles shall be used for the official business interests of State, not the personal interests of employees.

29 Monthly Reporting by Business Services  Monthly reporting will include fuel and mileage reports. Vehicles without activity for a 90-day period will surrendered to surplus at DOAS for redistribution.  Under utilized vehicles will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

30 Requests for New/Additional Vehicles The university shall demonstrate the following for each new vehicle requested: 1. All current agency vehicles are being used as originally presented for budget justification. 2. The new vehicles are for additional staff or new program/unit. 3. The new vehicle will be utilized a minimum of 14,000 miles per year for State business.

31 Fueling State Vehicles (owned or leased) All state vehicles (owned or leased) must be fueled using the state fuel card.  Mileage must be recorded accurately at the time fuel is purchased! Find lowest fuel prices by  Downloading the Wex Octane app to your smartphone orWex Octane  Going to the Wex website to search for the lowest price in the areaWex website

32  A vehicle pool has been created for VSU related business travel.  The vehicle pool consists of eight (8) sedans and (1) 4-wheel drive pickup truck.  Contact Auxiliary Services for vehicle availability ◦ Office: 229-333-5706 or 229-333-7419  When traveling for VSU related business: *Coming soon – new statewide contract for rental cars. Information regarding the new contract will be updated as soon as the contract becomes available.

33 When traveling for VSU related business:  Contact Auxiliary Services to see if a vehicle is available.  Complete Car Rental Cost Comparison Complete Car Rental Cost Comparison  Contact Business Services if you are approved to rent a vehicle. A temporary fuel card will be issued. The new statewide contract for in state car rentals has been awarded to: Enterprise Rent-A-Car 803 N. Ashley St., Valdosta, GA 31601 T: 229-241-8500 Hertz 1750 Airport Rd., Valdosta, GA 31601 T: 229-242-7070

34  Contact Business Services ◦ Office: 229-333-5705 ◦  Information Technology ◦ Office: 229-333-5974 ◦ Email:  Auxiliary Services ◦ Office: 229-333-5706 or 229-333-7419

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