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1 An Introduction to our Carton Manufacturing Business JR group.

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1 1 An Introduction to our Carton Manufacturing Business JR group

2 2 Established in 1991 by the name “JR Packages (P) Ltd.” Turnover: Started our business by manufacturing Regular Slotted cartons. More than a decade of resourceful expertise in the field of corrugation. History 22 Crores 25 Lakhs 19912007

3 3 Conversion capacity in excess of 600 tons/month. Our Quality systems are ISO 9001:2000 certified. Our Cartons are ISI certified. Have a 2000 tons/month vertically integrated paper mill quite close to our premises. Strengths

4 4 Provide complete packaging solutions under one roof. Design & Development. Our carton designs had made it possible for our customers to pack their critical products in a cost effective methodology. Strengths

5 5 36 To 43 Flutes / Running Foot C - Medium Fluted board ( Flute Height 3.5 to 3.7mm) 90 to 96 Flutes / Running Foot E - Micro Fluted board ( Flute Height 1.2 to 1.6mm) 3.7 mm 0.9 mm 50 to 56 Flutes / Running Foot B - Narrow Fluted board ( Flute Height 2.2 to 2.8mm) 2.5 mm Can manufacture A,B,C & E Flutes. 32 to 38 Flutes / Running Foot A - Broad Fluted board ( Flute Height 4.2 to 4.6mm) 4.6 mm Strengths

6 6 Have in house Offset and Flexographic printing facility. Water proofed glossy finish cartons with BOPP lamination or UV/Aqua coating are provided based on customers need. Have a fleet of 9 trucks to serve customers on JIT basis. We operate through our warehouses at Pondicherry, Coimbatore and Bangalore. Strengths

7 7 These cartons are primarily shipping and storage boxes, and always require glue, tape, or staples to close. They're more economical than die cuts, and combine functionality with protection in a single package. Products

8 8 This box style is made from a one piece blank with all four corners "cut out". The outer flaps usually meet in the center of the box. This type of box is another way to mail the product. It is extremely supportive and protective of the contents and great for books, videos or other similar objects. Products

9 9 This style is made from a one piece blank, where the outer flaps overlap the full width of the box. The full overlap box is especially resistant to rough handling and is ideal for boxes with relatively narrow widths. Products

10 10 This box style is made from 2 pieces - one body blank and one lid blank. Both corrugated pieces are shipped flat and can be assembled using stitches, staples, or adhesive to adhere the corners. It has a sturdy lid and doesn't require any fastenings to close the box. This makes it ideal for products that need a little extra support but don't want to use custom foam inserts. This style is suitable for engineering goods, clothing retail, fancy gift boxes or fruit and vegetables. Products

11 11 These topless boxes are great for storing bottles or parts containers. Essentially simply a tray to hold other objects, this style works great to hold case lots of other products. When die cut, these trays can be customized to suit the customers organizational needs - we have several toolbox styles on file that can be easily customized for a particular company by either printing or box shape. Products

12 12 Pads are plain sheets of corrugated cardboard cut to your specifications. Pads are often used to separate layers of product within a box and are excellent for unique promotional materials. Using scoring, pads can be made to fit any sort of product dimensions and can bent as required - perfect for keeping products where it is wanted to be. Products

13 13 These open tray -type boxes are ideal for maximizing your shelf space by organizing supplies, parts, magazines and newsletters. These can be made to fit any sort of organizational niche and are perfect for keeping track of important documents. Products

14 14 Shipper Displays go one step further... the same box that is used to ship the product converts to a point of purchase (POP/POS) display for the retailer to showcase the product in their stores. Display boxes can promote your product or service on the shelf (such as a counter display for brochures or credit application forms), or as a standup floor display for larger items. Displays are perfect for cd's, dvd's, knives. They can be custom fitted to fit your product perfectly and combined with our printing can make a very handsome point of sale display. Products

15 15 Using intersecting sheets of cardboard material, dividers create separate compartments within a larger box. Dividers are perfectly suited to help a product maintain a certain position or to cradle fragile objects. They can be cut to suit any sort of larger box and made to have as many compartments for padding as required. Products

16 16 This style of box is perfect for boxes that are intricate yet need to be able to fold into a size suitable for storage. Some assembly is required before the box is put into use. This style of box is great for product displays, software packaging, point of purchase displays and much more. Products

17 17 Mailers are a one-piece box with an attached, self-locking lid. Often used for CD, DVD, Mouse, HDD, Keyboard and Mother Board shipping, they are ideal for promotional products of the company. Mailers lend a far more attractive and functional aspect to your product as they can be opened and re-closed without any damage to the box itself. Products

18 18 This promotional style of box tends to be made of paper board instead of the fluted cardboard and has a finer, finished look to it. Gift boxes are especially popular with advertising agencies and promotional companies since they offer the best qualities of all the box types. The are custom and they are wholesale, meaning they look expensive but they don't have to be! Products

19 19 Disclaimer: Please do not copy the logo and trademarks without permission. We are not liable for any trademark infringement. Please note that we have excluded several of our other customer logos due to space constraints. Customers

20 20 Packaging Business: JR Packages (P) Ltd. Jayashree Cartons. Kraft Pack Cartons. Paper Manufacturing: Venkraft Paper Mills (P) Ltd. Services : JR Fuels. JR Park Inn. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Group Units

21 21 For more information on our Products & Services please mail to:

22 22 The Strategic Vision of our packaging business is to transform ourselves into a market leader in the corrugation industry by: automating our corrugated fiber board manufacturing process by installing an 5 Ply automatic plant. increasing our manufacturing capacity to 2000 tons/month in order to cater to the increasing customer demand. establishing a multi-layer kraft paper mill in addition to our existing mono layer kraft paper mill. Vision

23 23

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