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GS1 DataBar Etilux 22th September 2011 Nicolas Stuyckens, manager GS1 Barcodes and GS1 EPC Global.

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1 GS1 DataBar Etilux 22th September 2011 Nicolas Stuyckens, manager GS1 Barcodes and GS1 EPC Global

2 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 108 Member Organisations Countries served Global reach, local presence Countries with a GS1 Member Organisation Countries served on a direct basis from GS1 Global Office (Brussels) GS1 around the world

3 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 GS1 is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply chains globally and across sectors 30 years of experience Neutral platform for all supply chain stakeholders Over a million companies doing business across 150 countries Over 6 billion transactions a day The role of GS1

4 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 GS1 & GS1 Belgilux product portfolio 4

5 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg One of the founding organization of GS1 Non-for-profit organization Promoting and supporting implementation of GS1 standards in Belgium and GD Luxemburg Today: more than 4900 members from all industries Full service supports for the 5 GS1 products : Helpdesk Trainings Workgroups Pilot projects Guidelines Supports (Controls, advices, …) Publications

6 GS1 DataBar General points

7 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 GS1 DataBar : What’s behind the name? 7 GS1 DataBar, the next- generation bar code, carries over 100 different bar code data elements like : - serial number - lot number - expiration dates - measurements A GTIN in a GS1 Databar needs less space (less than 50%) (01) (15) EAN 13 area GTIN, best before date on the same barcode

8 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 GS1 DataBar applications A barcode for:  very small products  Loose products (ex. Vegetables & fruits) – a better category management and a faster processing at POS An international solution for:  Variable weight products (ex. weight, price, date, …)  Coupons (ex. Date)  Traçability (ex. Lot number, Best before,... )

9 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 Advantages Use of “international” GTIN instead of national structures Possibility to make use of data synchronisation (GDSN) Better control of the best before date Less food waste and a possibility of better food waste management. Possibility of encoding additionnal data (Lot n°, serial n°…) Stocks optimization Traceability/ recall made easier

10 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 MoU : Introduction du GS1 DataBar “ As from the 1 st of January 2011, retailers and their franchise partners, suppliers and solution providers commit themselves to implement GS1 DataBar respecting the agreed implementation guidelines”. 10 Memorandum of Understanding...

11 GS1 DataBar : Technical specifications General overview

12 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 Application Identifiers (AI), prefixes( 2 to 4 digits) at the beginning of an element string that uniquely define its format and meaning. Example : AI (10) = lot/batch Data’s– depending on the information, AI have a fixed or variable lenght, numerical or alphanumerical structure. The structure is predefined or not. Example : Lot/batch = variable lenght up to 20 alphanumerical characters with a free structure. (02) (37)56(15)030303(10)ABCDEF Application Identifier (AI) structure

13 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 Example of AIs at POS

14 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 Example GTIN: Net weight: 450 gr Best Before: GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked

15 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 Size of the barcode Depending on the amount of data encoded Depending on the X-Dimension Actual size of the labels: 6,5 x 4 cm 8,5 x 5 cm 6 x 6 cm 7 x 8 cm 6,5 x 9 cm 8, x 9,5 cm 15 Min. Dimension-X : 0,264 mm 1,8 cm 4 cm 2,9 cm 2,8 cm

16 GS1 DataBar Business cases

17 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 Colruyt : DataBar on loose produce Pilot Sept 2009 with Colruyt and Special Fruit GS1 DataBar with GTIN only Objective : Increased checkout efficiency More correct price setting Schrink reduction/stock optimization No category mgmt (>< data synch) Test results : Quick and succesfull scanning at the check-out Fluent printing of GS1 DataBar Label needs to be resist to humidity, a smaller label is prefered

18 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 Colruyt : GS1 DataBar for prepacked variable weight products Project Colruyt: pre-packed products with variable weight GTIN Best Before Date (recommendation) Net weight Objective Consummer can check the price in store 18

19 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 AH : DataBar on meat (variable measure) Sept-Oct 2010 : first small ‘instore’ test GS1 DataBar with ‘instore code’ and expiry date on chicken Objective : Better product service towards customers Set promotions more efficiently Schrink reduction/ stock optimisation/ cost reduction Test results : Test is still going on, but it seems the results will be very positive Consumers react also positive Next steps: AH will set up roll-out strategy if objectives are met

20 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 Sligro : DataBar on cheese (variable measure) 2008 : Pilot Sligro (wholesale retailer) and cheese manufacturer Wijngaard GS1 DataBar with GTIN, weight, best before date Objective : Better product service towards customers Schrink reduction/ stock optimisation/cost reduction Traceability Set promotions more efficiently Status 2010: new release retail POS application software in Q2, start roll-out for variable weight products (cheese, meat)

21 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 Feile Foods (Ireland) : DataBar on meat (variable measure) Pilot : Begin 2010 Feile Foods is a meat processing company and retailer GS1 DataBar integrating GTIN, batch, price, weight, expiry date Objective : Better product service towards customers Traceability Shrink reduction/stock optimisation /cost reduction

22 © 2010 GS1 © 2011 GS1 More information FR: NL: 22

23 Contact Details GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg Rue Royale Bruxelles T F W E

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