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Event Analysis Program

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1 Event Analysis Program
James Merlo Associate Director, Human Performance, Reliability Risk Management February 28, 2013

2 Approved by NERC Board of Trustees February 2012
Program Background Initiated October 2010 Approved by NERC Board of Trustees February 2012 ONLY process with detail of what and why Event analysis training in demand Cause coding supports analysis Feedback to industry critical Updated 2/15/2013

3 Non-Qualified Occurrences reported
Event Counts Event Category Count (Total) Count (2013) Comments CAT 1 169 6 CAT 2 85 3 2- EMS event (2b) 1 LOOP (2d) CAT 3 9 CAT 4 SW Winter Weather (2011) SW Blackout (2011) Derecho (2012) CAT 5 1 Hurricane Sandy (2012) Total CAT 1-5 267 Non-Qualified Occurrences reported 1452 58 Updated 2/15/2013


5 Summary All Time EA Program began October 2010

6 Root Cause Determinations
AN No Causes Found A5 Communication AZ – Information to determine Cause LTA A3 Individual Human Performance A7 Other A4 – Management / Organization A2 – Equipment / Material A1 Design / Engineering A2 Equipment / Material A4 Management / Organization AZ Information to determine cause LTA

7 Deeper Dive into Organizational Issues (Based on Root Cause)
As of 10/25/2012, looking at Root Causes only. The “Management Challenges” breakdown. Cause code short descriptions are for those with more than 1 occurrence, and is an editable text box (over another un-editable text field)

8 All Causes for Management /Organization
As of 10/25/2012, showing all causes identified (both root and contributing causes) under “Management Challenges”. The written description is for the top 7 causes, and this is a text box you can edit.

9 Questions and Answers EA website Merlo, McMillan, Moon James Merlo
 Ben McMillan Risk Analysis Engineer, RRM office | cell James Merlo Associate Director, Human Performance, RRM office | cell Michael Moon Senior Director of Reliability Risk Management office | cell

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